Greg vs Time

Greg vs Time: Episode 3 "New Beginnings"

After 18 years at 20 Guest Street, WAAF had moved in to a new studio. Besides being a big adjustment, I begin to see it as an opportunity to make some new memories. Watch the exciting conclusion to Greg vs Time below!
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Greg Vs Time: Chapter 2 "The Show Must Go On"

With the possibility of retiring from radio getting closer and closer each day, myself, Mike Hsu and Danielle share our thoughts on what the future lies for the Hill-Man Morning Show. Will it continue? What changes will they make? Will LB be alive by then? Find answers to all of these questions and...
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Watch the new Hill-man documentary 'Greg vs Time'

It's not an easy task to accept the fact that one day, I am going to retire from radio. With the fate of retirement continuously looming over my head, I took a camera crew to dive deep into the mind of the radio host to explore what fuels my motivation to continuously be on top of my game.
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