Gillette Stadium

Best Moments From The Patriots Send-Off Rally

If you've ever wondered how dedicated New England Patriots fans are, just attend a send-off rally at Gillette Stadium and you'll see fans from all walks of life. From kids skipping school to adults skipping work to even our four-legged friends, thousands from Pats Nation gathered to wish their...
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Matty & Nick Go To the Patriots' Send-Off Rally

It was the rally of all rallies as thousands of New England Patriots fans gathered at Gillette Stadium to send off the GOAT and company to Houston, TX where they were face off against the Atlanta Falcons in the big game. Check out Matty & Nick's adventure at the rally below! Video Categories:...
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Backstage tour of Guns N Roses stage

Today, I met "Opie" aka Dale Skjerseth, Production Manager for Guns 'N' Roses. He manages the entire production, staging, lighting, sound, trucking, staff, buses, everything! Here's what we know. 125 touring staff 125 local staff 20 production trucks 16 steel trucks x 3 (they have 3 sets of steel...
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Guns N' Roses Prohibited From Performing Past 11:15PM At Gillette Stadium

It may seem a bit childish, but when Guns N' Roses comes to perform at Gillette Stadium on July 19th and 20th, a curfew will be in place. In the past, GNR developed a reputation of stating shows hours past schedule. Ironically, both of their shows in Foxborough, MA will have to end early. How come...
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