Here Is Every Rock & Metal Funko Pop! For The Rocker In Your Life

Is there someone in your life with excellent taste in music, but you're not sure what to get them for the holidays? Look no further than the ever-growing collection of rock and metal Funko Pops! They are small, affordable, and can be placed everywhere from the bedroom to the office! If there's an...
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"Don't Fear The Dark" Teaches Children The Kick-Ass History of Rock & Metal

If you are looking for a Christmas present for a kid that doesn't involved so many complicated toys and gadgets, then we may just have found the perfect stocking stuffer for you! A mixture of Dr. Seuss and Ozzy Osbourne, Don't Fear The Dark is children's book meant for the little rockers in your...
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13 Perfect Christmas Gift Ideas For The Rocker In Your Life

Chrismas shopping can sometimes be a real pain in the neck. You have to go to the mall, find a parking spot, battle your way past hundreds of other shoppers, find the gift you're looking for, pay for it, wrap it up, and hope that whoever you bought it for likes it. Because if not, then that would...
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Stranger Things

Eleven Gifts for Every Kind of 'Stranger Things' Fan on Your Holiday Shopping List

Holiday shopping is hard. Maybe even harder than the blow of discovering that your significant other/friend/whomever you watch Netflix with has binge-watched the rest of Stranger Things 2 … without you.
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