Fan Gets Ear Bitten Off At Eagles Of Death Metal Concert (GRAPHIC)

No, Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield didn't have a rematch at the Eagles of Death Metal 's recent show in Toronto. Police have confirmed that two men were involved in a physical altercation at the show where one ended up having his ear bitten off . One Eyewitness said of the incident, "Some guys...
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Vince Neil Of Motley Crue Gets In Physical Altercation With Actor Nicholas Cage

According to footage acquired by TMZ , Motley Crue singer Vince Neil recently was seen getting into a physical altercation with actor Nicholas Cage outside a Las Vegas hotel. It is reported that Cage decided to physically confront Neil, who had allegedly pulled a woman around by her hair. "We're...
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Marilyn Manson Punched In The Face At A Denny's

Birthdays are supposed to be a happy day for everyone. Well the Pale Emperor Marilyn Manson didn't exactly have much of a happy birthday while on tour in Canada. After doing a show in Lethbridge, Alberta, Manson and his entourage decided to head out at 2am and dine at a Denny's restaurant. At some...
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Axl Rose was Late because of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose has garnered quite the reputation of arriving hours late to his own shows. According to reports from a radio DJ in Tampa, Florida, during the "Use Your Illusions" tour, the reason why Axl was late for his show on December 28th, 1991 was because he was busy watching...
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Viral Video: Alabama fan comes in like a wrecking ball at the Sugar Bowl

Oklahoma beat Alabama 45 to 31 in the Sugar Bowl on Thursday. And a woman in the stands was caught on video diving across an entire row of seats to fight a group of Oklahoma fans. Then someone on YouTube improved on the video dramatically by syncing up the dive with the chorus from "Wrecking Ball"...
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