Linkin Park Fans Speak At The Boston Chester Bennington Memorial

One the one-year anniversary of his death, Linkin Park fans from around the world gathered together to mourn the loss of one of rock's greatest voices. And although many of them saw themselves as big followers of the band, the profound effect Chester Bennington's words had on them were strong...
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Chester Bennington Memorial Boston

A public memorial will be held in honor of Chester Bennington one year after since death on July 20th at 3pm and July 21st at noon at the Soldiers and Sailors Momument on Boston Common. Attendees are encouraged to bring posters, pictures, candles, as well as guitars and small speakers to play and...
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Top 5 Things NOT To Do In A Mosh Pit

Concert season is upon us and if the band is playing loud and fast, and you're really into it, you may be interested in jumping in the mosh pit. Although it's all in good fun, moshing can get a little too rough and rowdy sometimes. So before you decide to get in the pit, here are a few suggestions...
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Marilyn Manson Orders Fan To Remove Avenged Sevenfold Shirt Onstage

It's unclear if there's a dress code implemented at Marilyn Manson's concerts, but if there's one thing he doesn't want to see, it's a fan wearing an Avenged Sevenfold t-shirt. While performing at the Download Festival, Manson invited a group of fans onstage. However, he ordered one fan to remove...
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A Public Memorial For Chester Bennington To Be Held In Boston

As we come closer to the one-year anniversary of Chester Bennington's death, public memorials and vigils throughout the world will be taking place on July 20th, 2018. With Boston being one of the many cities paying tribute to the late Linkin Park vocalist, the memorial service will take place at...
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Public Memorial For Pantera's Vinnie Paul Announced

The family and record label for Vincent Paul Abbott ("Vinnie Paul") has announced a memorial to be held in honor of the late Pantera drummer. Vinnie Paul: A Public Celebration of Life will be held at the Bomb Factory in Dallas, TX on Sunday, July 1st, the day after his private funeral. RELATED:...
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Artist Creates Portrait Of Dave Grohl Using 725 Rubik's Cubes

Attempting to solve a Rubik's cube is one thing. But arranging the colors in a specific order to create an art piece is a task entirely on its own. But that didn't stop Australian artist Giovanni Contardi. A former Rubik's cube world record holder, Contardi managed to twist all of the colored...
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Tom Araya of Slayer

Fan Gets Kicked Out of Slayer Show & Tries to Swim Back

Slayer are touring one last time, and they’ve got Anthrax and Testament in tow, so naturally, their final dates are bound to get a little wild. Enter: Slayer fan Chris LaRocque. RELATED: 4-Year-Old's Dreams Crushed When Told She Couldn't Attend Slayer Concert The fan rocked a little too hard during...
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