Who is The Who?

Hola Bitcholas, As a parent, there are all manner of small, magical moments you get to enjoy with your kids. Some, you have to manufacture, like taking them to Disney or some comparable bullsh*t. Other times it's a moment when your kid discovers (and appreciates) something YOU enjoy. Case-in-point...
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Eyeballs for Sex's Sake!

Hola Bitcholas, Today we talked about death. We talked about poop yesterday, so why not death today? I'm not gonna go through all the different answers we heard today, but I wanna take this opportunity to express the "power of attraction". Case-in-point, a guy called in who used to be a security...
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Don't Look Up. (No, Seriously. Don't.)

Naturally a few idiots out there plan to stare at the eclipse today even though they know you're not supposed to. Here's why you really shouldn't . . . Staring at the sun for too long causes a photochemical reaction in your retinas that can kill the cells. But you can't feel it, because you don't...
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