According To Science, Music Streaming Is Bad For The Environment

This could be a bombshell if you're a regular user of Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, Amazon, and Apple Music, but research gathered by two professors shows that the maintainence of streaming services has a large negative effect on the environment . Kyle Devine, an associate of The University of Oslo,...
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10 Rock Songs For Earth Day

Back on April 22, 1970, we celebrated the first ever "Earth Day," which is acknowledged around the world where we, including school children, are taught about the importance about environmental conservation and "going green." On this day that we celebrate our planet, many rock artists have written...
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1Thing: A new Boston startup is eliminating plastic waste by making reusable bottles for household cleaning supplies

In an effort to curb the amount of plastic everyday Americans use, a Boston startup is finding a way to make reusable bottles for home cleaning products. Started earlier this year, ThreeMain sells aluminum bottles to customers guaranteed to last a lifetime . Instead of returning to the store on a...
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Boston startup Rocketbook looking to save trees with sustainable notebooks

Every year in the United States, about one billion trees worth of paper are thrown away. Boston-based startup Rocketbook is looking to change that with their sustainable notebooks for the digital age. Their notebooks are re-usable indefinitely, and unlike a laptop, they won’t run out of charge...
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Boston GreenFest: 11th annual sustainability festival at City Hall Plaza

On the first weekend of August, the 11th annual Boston GreenFest will be taking place at Boston's City Hall Plaza. The three-day fest aims to create a sustainable world by empowering its attendees to live green. It also strives to create a green festival through not allowing bottled water on site,...
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Portugal. The Man

WATCH: These Musicians Do 1THING to Help the Environment

Musicians share the 1THING they do to help make the world a greener place.
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