Jason Hook FFDP

Jason Hook of Five Finger Death Punch Suffered A Medical Emergency

This forced the group to postpone their December 12th show in Duluth, Minnesota.
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According To Science, Mosh Pits Can Save Lives

Believe it or not, there is actually some scientific reasoning behind why a mosh pit acts the way it does at a concert. At first glance, it just looks like loud, sweaty chaos. But according to scientists from Cornell University, moshers appear to follow the same logic as natural gaseous particles...
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Marlborough Gas Leak Prompts Multiple Evacuations

Many homes in Marlborough, MA were evacuated by emergency officials following a gas main break. At approximately 10:50AM the gas leak was reported along Leoleis drive and Gunnar drive. Although there have not been any fires or explosions, fire officials have had residents evacuate their homes as a...
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Joe Satriani called Mistress Carrie today

Joe Satriani called today! In the past, he's come into the studio, to "try" and "teach" me how to play guitar... Which he has since realized, is a GIANT waste of his precious time, as I will never be any good. But he's in San Francisco, recovering from a 4.4 earthquake. He'll be in town next month...
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Corey Taylor Stops Stone Sour Concert For Fan's Medical Emergency

No matter who is performing that night, if you decide to enter the mosh pit, proceed with caution. Although it's all of the raucus is meant out of good fun, they can get a little out of hand sometimes. One concertgoer at Stone Sour 's concert in Sydney, Australia experienced an injury or an illness...
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Weather Forecast | Weather Radar | Check Your Town's Weather Be prepared BEFORE the storm hits. PLEASE familiarize yourselves with these resources. Helpful Storm Resources: Official website of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) MA Executive Office of...
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