Purell Says It Has 'Dramatically Increased Production' on Hand Sanitizer

The company behind Purell says it has ‘drastically increased production’ on hand sanitizer to keep up with the spike in demand following concerns over the novel coronavirus. Read on to find out how the are handling the situation.
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Tito's Warns Consumers Against Using Vodka as Hand Sanitizer

We shouldn’t have to say this but as anxiety over staying healthy and practicing good hygiene and proper hand-washing during the coronavirus outbreak grows, some people are turning to Tito’s Vodka. Here’s why that’s a bad idea.
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38% of U.S. Beer Drinkers Say They Won't Buy Corona Amid Coronavirus Outbreak: Survey

A sizable swath of America’s beer-drinking set say they wouldn’t ‘under any circumstances’ buy Corona beer amid the coronavirus outbreak, according to a new survey.
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CDC Releases Graphic Showing Best Facial Hair for Face Masks Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

In light of the recent coronavirus outbreak, the CDC is taking extreme precautions and addressing forms of facial hair. The graphic is essentially a “dos” and “don’ts” guide to facial hair when wearing a face mask.
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People Are Confusing Coronavirus With Imaginary Corona Beer Virus

(WWJ) One is, arguably, a mildly refreshing summer drink that includes alcohol. The other could kill you. People, let's keep the two apart. This comes up because numerous outlets reported that Google searches spiked for the phrase "Corona beer virus," after news circulated about the deadly...
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