Watch Jack Black & Jack White Join Forces For "Jack Gray"

What started as a pie-in-the-sky dream for fans has officially become a reality now that Jack Black of Tenacious D and Jack White of the White Stripes/The Raconteurs have officially teamed up in a collaboration project dubbed as "Jack Gray." The band shared a video documenting Jack Black and Kyle...
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Jack Grey, The Jack Black + Jack White Collaboration is Coming

In June 2019, two stars finally collided when actor/musician Jack Black met with White Stripes/Raconteurs frontman Jack White by coincidence at Los Angeles International Airport. To comemmorate their encounter Black, White, and guitarist Kyle Gass posted a selfie to Tenacious D's Instagram with the...
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Corey Taylor Appears In Rapper's New Song "Stuck In My Ways"

Back in January 2019, UK rapper Kid Bookie voiced his love for Slipknot's song "Wait & Bleed" on Twitter while extending an offer to collaborate with Corey Taylor . Little did Kid Bookie know that his dream collaboration was going to happen a lot sooner than he thought. Two months later, Taylor...
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Corey Taylor Is Working with Rapper Kid Bookie on New Music

It's a known fact that Corey Taylor almost always busy with a new project. Whether it's a new book or if it's getting ready to put out a new Slipknot album in 2019. Now the Stone Sour/Slipknot vocalist has announced a collaboration with UK rapper Kid Bookie. It all started when the rapper posted...
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Billy Corgan Wants to Collaborate with Jerry Cantrell & Kanye West

Billy Corgan has been on a roll with the Smashing Pumpkins bringing a (mostly) reunited band across the United States on their "Shiny And Oh So Bright" tour. Audiences have walked away amazed, impressed and blown away by the spectacle leaving them hungry for more, and Corgan has taken to social...
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Dave Grohl and David Bowie

Dave Grohl's Unsuccessful David Bowie Collaboration Set To Be Recorded

Once upon a time, Dave Grohl asked David Bowie to record a song with the Foo Fighters.
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