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35 Years Ago, Metallica Strikes Twice With 'Ride The Lightning'

After Metallica released Kill 'Em All July 25th, 1983, they set the bar high not only for themselves, but for their colleagues as well. With bands like Slayer , Anthrax and Exodus hot on their tails with new albums of their own, Metallica took the next step forward to stay ahead of the competition...
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32 Years Ago: Metallica's Cliff Burton Dies In Tragic Bus Crash

As Metallica skyrocketed to stardom in the '80s, prematurly losing one of its key members dealt the metal band an enormous blow many thought they would be unable to recover from. With albums like Kill 'Em All, Ride the Lightning and Master of Puppets already massive successes, James Hetfield , Lars...
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Hip-Hop Fans Listen To Metallica For The First Time And Get Hooked

Reaction videos are all the rage on YouTube. Ever since the Fine Brothers reacted an online franchise with their REACT channel, suddenly everyone is jumping on the bandwagon and recording reaction videos of themselves. A common reaction category is with music, and a trend within this sub-genre of...
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Watch The Touching Story Behind The Guitar James Hetfield Had Made From Metallica's Old Garage

When you see James Hetfield's new guitar "Big Carl," at first glance you'll see a cool-looking guitar. But it turns out that there are multiple layers of history and memories artistically embedded into the instrument. Named after 3132 Carlson Boulevard, the garage where Metallica wrote both Master...
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Late Metallica Bassist's Hometown Declares Annual "Cliff Burton Day"

Now, thanks to a fan petition, officials in the musician’s hometown, Castro Valley, California, have declared February 10 “Cliff Burton Day.” Metallica shared the news on Instagram with a photo of the certificate, thanking fans for honoring Cliff's life.
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Metallica Celebrates The Announcement Of "Cliff Burton Day"

After Metallica fans in Alameda County, CA petitioned the board of supervisors to declare February 10th as official "Cliff Burton Day," to honor late bassist Cliff Burton. Now that the proclomation has passed, Metallica celebrated the announcement by thanking fans on their Instagram account for...
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Metallica Fans Petitioning For Official "Cliff Burton Day"

There are a lot of ways fans will honor their favorite artists, legends and cultural icons. Some give them awards. Some get tattoos. Some will create shrines in their living rooms dedicated to them. But Metallica fans in California are fighting to commemorate a holiday in memory of late bassist...
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Father of Late Metallica Bass Player Cliff Burton Has Been Quietly Donating Royalties

Ray Burton, father of Metallica’s late bass player Cliff Burton, recently spoke with Alphabetallica, and the conversation revealed much about Cliff’s and his parents’ characters. For example, the interview taught us that Cliff bought his parents a house after Metallica gained some success. Knowing...
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29 Years Ago: Metallica Releases '...And Justice For All'

With three consecutive knockout albums in a row ( Kill 'Em All, Ride The Lightning, Master of Puppets ), Metallica was banging on all cylinders. They expanded the realm of thrash metal and ascended to new heights with songs like "Fade to Black", "The Call of Ktulu", and the instrumental "Orion." On...
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