Tom DeLonge Denies His UFO Research Company Is $37 Million In Debt

Former Blink-182 guitarist/vocalist Tom DeLonge is very passionate about research and discovery for extraterrestrial life, that he began his To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science to aid in that pursuit. However, in an article written by tech site Ars Technica , the To The Stars Academy is over...
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Travis Barker Suing Over Medical Procedure & Bus Accident That Prevented Him From Touring

Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker has been dealt months worth of bad luck after he was struck by a bus in an auto accident , and after a medical procedure left him with nerve damage, a staph infection, as well as damage to his veins. According to TMZ , Barker's injuries have left him unable to play...
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Travis Barker's Medical Issues Force Blink-182 To Cancel Fall 2018 Tour

It would seem that Travis Barker's medical issues are a lot more serious than we thought. Because according to a statement released by Blink-182 and Barker, the band has decided to cancel their Fall 2018 tour. "Trav’s medical team anticipated that he would be well enough by fall to tour but after...
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Simple Plan

So Long And Thanks For The Stickers: A Glimpse At The Final Warped Tour

Slap some sunscreen on that thigh tattoo, Vans Warped Tour is taking its final lap across the country. Check out our interviews with Reel Big Fish and YUNGBLUD plus a full photo gallery!
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