Black Sabbath

Ozzy Osbourne Fans Launch Petition To Grant Him Knighthood

He's been the Prince of Darkness for the last five decades, but now Ozzy Osbourne fans have started a petition to grant him the official title of "Knight." For musicians, the honor of knighthood is granted to those who have achieved great success in their contributions for music and...
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Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo of Metallica perform at the Fox Theater in 2016

Watch Metallica Cover "Sweet Home Alabama"

The band also paid tribute to Black Sabbath in Birmingham
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Watch Metallica Cover Soundgarden, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Black Sabbath

Metallica have established themselves as one of the biggest and influential bands in the world. But they always make sure there's room in their setlist to pay homage to other iconic artists that have made their mark while paving the way for future artists. On January 16th, Metallica performed an...
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Weezer Releases Surprise Cover of "Paranoid" by Black Sabbath

Weezer went viral after they released a cover of Toto's "Africa." Now the band has gone all-in with the release of their surprise covers album. Featuring their "Africa" cover, The Teal Album also includes songs from Michael Jackson, Eurythmics, TLC, A-ha, Tears fo Fears, the Turtles, Electric Light...
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The Recording Academy to Give "Lifetime Achievement" Award to Black Sabbath

The Recording Academy has announced that Black Sabbath will be the recipents of the "Lifetime Achievement" award at the 2019 Grammy Awards. Along with Black Sabbath, the other artists to be granted Lifetime Achievement awards at the 2019 ceremony include George Clinton & Parliament-Funkadelic,...
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Ozzy Osbourne Meets The Fast Food-Themed Black Sabbath Tribute Band, Mac Sabbath

For over 50 years, Ozzy Osbourne has had such a profound influence on music and culture that he has inspired multiple generations of bands that we know and love today. Just like how the New England Patriots always enter the field to the tune of "Crazy Train," Ozzy's influence can be seen and heard...
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Metallica, Tool & Black Sabbath Helped Inspire Jason Momoa's "Aquaman"

Before Jason Momoa came along, everyone liked to rag on Aquaman because being able to communicate with fish didn't seem to be that impressive or helpful as a superpower. But now that the king of the seas took a dip in the pool of badasses, let's just say that audiences are going to be wet and...
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Ozzy Osbourne Baffles All By Living To Be 70 Years Old

Ozzy Osbourne is a rock n' roll force of nature if there ever was one. He helped kick off the heavy metal movement with his band Black Sabbath. He has indulged in nearly every vice known to man. He has one of the most successful solo careers of any artist. He had a hit television show on MTV. And...
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Ozzy Osbourne of Black Sabbath performs at the United Center

Black Sabbath to be Honored with Cross-Shaped Bridge in Hometown

Black Sabbath is being honored with a ton of recognitions from their hometown, highlighting their contributions to Birmingham and heavy metal as a whole.
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Ozzy Osbourne of Black Sabbath performs at Ozzfest 2016

Ozzy Wasn’t Allowed to Have Fun on Black Sabbath Tour, Wants Solo Album with Zakk Wylde

Get the highlights from Ozzy's revealing 'Rolling Stone' interview.
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