Matty & Nick's Castle Island Brewery Live Broadcast!

If there was ever a reason why New England is one of our country's epicenters of booming local breweries, our experience from our live broadcast at the Castle Island Brewery in Norwood, MA was definitely one of them! It was a masshole's dream: there were puppies, kids, giant connect-four games,...
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Def Leppard Coming Out With Their Own Beer In Summer 2018 "Def Leppard Pale"

Beer and rock go together like beer and pizza, or beer and cheeseburgers, or beer and buffalo wings. It's a tasty combination that will stay true for centuries. It's so tasty that some bands have decided to have some beers of their own! Iron Maiden has their "Trooper Ale." Mötorhead has its "Röad...
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Motörhead Röad Crew Beer Headed to US

Motörhead have announced their Road Crew beer is headed to the US.
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Tom Brady Out-Chugs Stephen Colbert In A Beer Drinking Contest

If chugging a beer in seconds flat is part of the TB12 method, then we can all aspire to be champions like Tom Brady! During his appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert , Brady revisits an old hobby of his that he still has a knack for: beer chugging. Although he doesn't drink as much as...
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Belgian beer

Iron Maiden Announces New Belgian-Style "Hallowed" Beer with Robinsons Brewery

Iron Maiden have teamed up with the independent English brewers at Robinsons Brewery once again, and this time, they’re working on a Halloween beer.
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Beer flight

Are These the Ten Best Beers in the World?

What's the best beer in the world? Guinness is, according to more than 10,000 people who voted online. The poll allowed voters to submit any beer of their choice, so keep that in mind.
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Harpoonfest, The Pixies, Trapt, Boston Wounded Vet Run, Jordans Walk/Run For Adoption

Saturday May 20 Harpoon Fest Harpoon Brewery 306 Northern Ave.Boston, MA 02210 Saturday May 20 The Pixies House of Blues Sunday May 21 Trapt & Smile Empty Soul Acoustic Hard Rock Cafe, Foxwoods 7th Annual Boston Wounded Vet Run Start: Boston Harley Davidson 650 Squire Rd., Revere, MA Ends:...
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Slaugher, Bush, Metallica, Harpoonfest, Jimmy Dunn, Good Charlotte, and The Princess Bride

Thursday May 18 Slaughter Wolfs Den Mohegan Sun Friday May 19 Tickets on sale: Bush Friday, August 11th House of Blues Tickets on sale Friday 10AM WAAF Presents: Metallica Gillette Stadium Friday May 19-Saturday May 20 Harpoon Fest Harpoon Brewery 306 Northern Ave.Boston, MA 02210 The Princess...
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