artificial intelligence

Alexa is Weirding Amazon Echo Users out with Her Impromptu Laughter

Alexa is starting to weird out Amazon Echo users with her laughter … because she’s not laughing with you—she’s laughing at you.
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A Computer Learned How to Solve Crimes by Binge Watching CSI

This feels like something straight out of science fiction, but it's real: Scientists at the University of Edinburgh have trained a COMPUTER to SOLVE CRIMES. And it's really good at it. But the way they trained it is the best part: They had it binge watch "CSI". And after 39 episodes, the artificial...
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Artificial intelligence

Nerd Talk: Let's hope Artificial Intelligence always stays this dumb

What’s up with the all this talk about artificial intelligence taking our jobs? While AI combined with a childhood of watching Terminator 2 leaves me a super skeptical adult human, the current robot threat remains small.ess just give up and hope for a Wall-E future where you get to be rotund and...
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