Heroes That Hold the Super

Hola Bitcholas, 'Big Dummy' day here in the Mens Room and it truly owned up to it's name. It's not so much that people got a lot of questions wrong, it was more how people SOUNDED when answering. Hard to explain. Ah, but we always do our incredibly scientific Men's Room Poll. Today we made you a...
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Aquaman 2

SCREENSHOTS: We Will Have to Wait for 'Aquaman 2'

A release date is set for Jason Momoa to return to the sea
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Metallica, Tool & Black Sabbath Helped Inspire Jason Momoa's "Aquaman"

Before Jason Momoa came along, everyone liked to rag on Aquaman because being able to communicate with fish didn't seem to be that impressive or helpful as a superpower. But now that the king of the seas took a dip in the pool of badasses, let's just say that audiences are going to be wet and...
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TODAY IN TRAILERS: New Aquaman Trailer < A Tweet About Captain America

So the new AQUAMAN (aka - Wave Of Thrones) trailer came out... Video of AQUAMAN – Extended Video – Only in Theaters December 21 And that's no ordinary trailer. It's an extended trailer, too. Giving fans a niuce juicy cut, not just a ittle taste, but a big ol' bite of what's to come when Rock 'n...
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 Actors Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Patrick Wilson, director James Wan, actors Amber Heard and Jason Momoa attend attend CinemaCon 2018 Warner Bros on Tuesday, April 24, 2018, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Watch New 'Aquaman' Trailer Starring Jason Momoa, Nicole Kidman

Check out the trailer for one of, if not the most anticipated movie of the year, Aquaman.
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