Black Sabbath Ozzy

Black Sabbath's Debut Album 50 Years Later, The Core Of Heavy Metal

Many consider this album to be the first Heavy Metal album.
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Evanescence To Start Recording New Album In Early 2020

In a recent interview in Mexico -- you can watch below -- Evanescence lead singer Amy Lee opened up about the band's upcoming album. Lee talked about how the band is just getting together for little band camp sessions and that they're not trying to compelte the album all at once. Fans of the band...
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Stone Temple Pilots

Stone Temple Pilots Announce Acoustic Album & Tour

Get ready for new music and a tour from Stone Temple Pilots! According to a press release from the band, Perdida will be the band's first ever acoustic album that drops on February 7th. It's detailed as a "deeply personal album that weaves introspective lyrics and unexpected instruments together...
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15 Years Ago: Velvet Revolver Goes Full-Blast With Their Debut Album "Contraband"

There have been super groups off all kinds throughout the ages of rock. But there will always be one Velvet Revolver. It was the early 21st century, Axl Rose was all that remained of the original Guns N' Roses as the rest of the original lineup had parted ways. Then in April 2002, at what should...
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25 Years Ago: Stone Temple Pilots Releases "Purple"

Riding off of the success of their 1992 debut album Core , Stone Temple Pilots were on a roll. At first, there were some critics saying that the band were late-bloomers when entering the grunge movement. But by the time STP released Purple on June 7th, 1994, those comments had fallen on deaf ears...
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25 Years Ago: Soundgarden Becomes Known With 'Superunknown'

By the time Soundgarden 's 1994 album Superunknown was released on March 8th, 1994, flannel shirts, greasy hair, and the rock genre known as 'grunge' had taken over the world. By this time, the grunge pillars like Nirvana , Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains had already released albums reaching platinum...
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25 Years Ago: Alice In Chains Releases 'Jar Of Flies'

When Alice In Chains first hit the airwaves, life was good. They were one of the biggest acts in the country, they put five singles from their latest album Dirt on the radio, and they just rocked the faces off of everyone at one of the biggest music festivals in the country, Lollapalooza. All of...
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35 Years Ago, Judas Priest Releases "Defenders Of The Faith"

In the fall of 1983, after Screaming for Vengeance going platinum and a successful tour in support of the album, Judas Priest journeyed to Ibiza, Spain to start working on their follow-up album Defenders of the Faith. “35 years of DOTF! post your favorite songs maniacs” ------------power 2019 #...
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31 Years Ago: REM Releases Their Hit Album "Document"

On September 1st, 1987, R.E.M. wasn't sure what to expect when they released their sixth album, Document . They have only been together as a band for six years and their highest-rated song didn't go beyond the No. 78 spot on the Billboard Top 100 chart. Especially when the rock radio airwaves were...
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20 Years Ago: Nu Metal Goes Mainstream with Korn's 'Follow The Leader'

By the time Korn released their third album, Follow The Leader on August 18th, 1998, they were confident in themselves as artists. But what they were unprepared for was the explosion of the album's success. With currently more than 7 million records sold in the U.S., and over 14 million sold...
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