Watch Brian Johnson Return To The Stage To Perform "Back In Black" With Muse

Emotions were running high when Brian Johnson announced in April 2016 that he was stepping down from singing with AC/DC due to serious hearing issues. Guitarist Angus Young said of Johnson's difficult decision, " It was out of our hands ." Recently Johnson has made a surprise onstage cameo with...
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Bruce Willis Gets His Revenge To The Tune Of AC/DC In "Death Wish" Trailer

Bruce Willis - badass An awesome revenge flick - badass AC/DC - badass Feel free to check off all three of those badass things in the new trailer for "Death Wish," a 2017 remake of the 1974 original film that starred Charles Bronson . And what better way to take on the world with fiery explosions...
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AC/DC's Brian Johnson Walks Away From Car Crash Without A Scratch

Brian Johnson of AC/DC is a big car enthusiast. He's got a 1965 Lola T70 Mark 1, a Ferrari 458 Italia, a Bentley 4 and 1/2-liter Vandenplas, and a whole lot more rare and exotic cars stashed in his garage. So now that he has stepped down from fronting AC/DC due to hearing problems, he has had more...
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37 Years Ago, AC/DC Rises From The Ashes With The Iconic 'Back In Black' Album

On July 25th, 1980 AC/DC had experienced one of the most pivotal moments in their band's history with the release of their best-selling album Back In Black . Earlier that year, lead singer Bon Scott died after drinking a lethal amount of alcohol, a loss that would ordinarily shatter any other band...
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31 Years Ago: AC/DC Shook Us All Night Long With The Release Of "Who Made Who"

What do Stephen King and AC/DC have in common? 31 years ago, AC/DC released Who Made Who as the soundtrack to King's film Maximum Overdrive on May 24th, 1986. It was the first massively successful album since they released For Those About to Rock We Salute You in 1981, especially with hits like "...
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