Mike Hsu

M-F 3pm - 7pm

Mike Hsu grew up in Natick, Mass on a steady diet of Casey’s Hot Dogs, Corrado’s Subs and WAAF. After graduating Natick High School with a major in bad attendance, Mike continued his education at the now defunct North Adams State College where he learned the difference between beer and bong water. After receiving his diploma through blackmail and extortion Mike moved to Richmond, Virginia where he spent most of the 90’s not sleeping. Upon his return to the Commonwealth he had to relearn how to be a Masshole by swearing more and using his car as a weapon on the Mass Pike.

Luckily, his WAAF Rock-N-Roll Air Force credentials helped him land a job reading the news in the afternoons. That’s where you can hear him, from 3pm to 7pm droning on about foodporn and Star Trek. Plus, it’s a good way to help you pass the time on the ride home from work!