Matty & Nick

M-F 3:00pm-7pm

Matty Blake and Nick Stevens are Bay State natives who, after extensive time away pursuing dreams in entertainment, have returned to settle the score. Because this time they’re playing for keeps. AND it’s personal. Basically it’s just gonna be a really fun afternoon show.

Blake, an accomplished actor/broadcaster, and Stevens, a successful voice artist/comedian, bring a host of talents, passions and ideas into a format that loves to resist change!

Both passionate Boston sports fans and pop-culture savants, Matty & Nick love to geek out about the things that turn their dial to eleven, like... Tom Brady, movies, beer, music, Tom Brady, current events, greasy food, golf, Tom Brady and all things Masshole.

Countless hours spent together in audition waiting rooms, vision questing a show they would hopefully someday do together, has come to fruition. The mics finally fell into place, and now they’re combining forces to show Boston radio a good time every afternoon. Or at least have the same job longer than three months.

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