Bay State Rock

LISTEN TO BAY STATE ROCK EVERY SUNDAY FROM 11 PM TO 1 AM. BSR, hosted by Carmelita, exposes the best of Boston and New England area music, no matter what the style. If it's good, you'll likely hear it first on BSR at WAAF 107.3 FM . Thanks to our superb sound engineer/producers Brian James Wanders... Read More

Mike Hsu

Mike Hsu grew up in Natick, Mass on a steady diet of Casey’s Hot Dogs, Corrado’s Subs and WAAF. After graduating Natick High School with a major in bad attendance, Mike continued his education at the now defunct North Adams State College where he learned the difference between beer and bong water... Read More

The Mens Room

The Mens Room was born one evening in a dark bar during an argument over tater tots. Months later, after all jail time had been served, all that was left was the community service. In a fortunate turn of events the judge sentenced the crew to an outreach program for troubled alcoholic loudmouths... Read More