Boston Sports 101 Podcast

There is an endless supply of topics Bostonians love to discuss while out drinking at a local bar: sports, movies, Tom Brady, tv shows, relationships, Tom Brady, food, beer, society, Tom Brady. The list goes on an on!

That's where we happily introduce to you the Boston Sports 101 Podcast! Starring WAAF's Uncle Buck, Nick Stevens, Matty Blake, Jerry Thornton and George Kipp, there is nothing off-limits, too-taboo, too stupid for the Avengers of Boston Sports!

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Boston Sports 101 - Fenway Memories

Tuesday, April 3rd
Everyone remembers their first trip to Fenway Park. Cheering on the Red Sox, chowing down some Fenway Franks, sipping back some beers and taking in that spring...

Boston Sports 101 - The Legacy of Rocky

Friday, February 23rd
Since the release of the official "Creed 2" movie poster, the guys of the Boston Sports 101 Podcast look back on the entire "Rocky" franchise and predict where...