Yup, That Was Actually On Television

Friday, July 21st

Want to play a game? It's called 'Yup, That Was on Television' and you need to guess what exactly certain segments on TV were talking about. If you guess right, you win a pair of tickets to an upcoming show! Do you think you know the right answers? Listen and play along to get prepared for the next episode of 'Yup, That Was on Television'. 

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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Podcasts are always on him. Mind you schedule and WA AF. Let's play a little game still is you have the you have all the sound you have the copy and everything like that you ready to go. All right here's a new game Jerry. That I invented just for you. Because I know you loved over under the real. We also play. But Jerry Springer game we play game called Hoosier daddy. Which is the we ask questions about the paternity tests on Maricopa shore. And then I was thinking. There's so much I see on TV that aren't of those shows. There's Sony didn't terminations of games I could do. That sometimes I see things on TV I'm like that this cannot actually be on TV right now so I've created this game called. I know it's time for another edition of you have these was actually on television and if help is right now. Okay you're playing for magnetized salute tickets. If you get the question right it's disaster you're qualified to win Jerry who play along here we go let's start with Dave. David you're on with Matty and Jerry. I doubt why our Beers. I saw it go out the it's good via F. That is our ideas are old they also gave me sit shower Beers. Wooded lot at my local. Ironically you can have a sour in the shower yeah yeah yeah all right Dave here we ghost is going to ask your question based on a clip listen very carefully okay. OK okay Kathie Lee in the hole I have money gadget expert with gadgets to keep you cool this summer. And Dave remembered yes this was actually on TV. So I'm gonna play this clip and then after him and ask you about it I nearly got listen carefully. All right way you are out in the Somerset need to make sure you stay hydrated you keep cool so we've got just the gear to help you beat the heat from the author of the gadget nation now our gadget guy. Not this first with a lot of pot invention it's called the way out cop when wow com dot com. Though while cop. Okay room amazing like a brain toy that's it for us is technology that nobody has really. Done anything with the Florida pioneering on TV cutting edge. Okay days. Is the while up a cup you can Wear as a hack. Being a sixty top made for adults. Or seeing a couple with a knife and it so you can kill an adult UC using the famed Sydney cup that you're using. I'm out go BDS. To be made for adults violence and. I'm really. God and that would be I'd be days ago. Okay and basically hit it doesn't pick up specific dog got. Gupta is. On. Content. Where it really does work very well I didn't think that this is that Dave York I hang on the line okay. I don't know and let's go to him Devin Devin you're ready to play. That I'm listening carefully stood to guide their. OK then next product is the flash band the flash fan how is this tiny useless sleight of hand powered. Is it may your phone. Dean the sun. Or seat tiny demons released by Kathy Lee's satanic bloodless cult. A lap earlier. Beer got on the sun it be that the powers the let's go the flash in the flash man and black and the little fan. And looking at X and documenting this thing's gonna keep cool in the summer now or tomorrow. Yeah and he's gonna chemical that judges. Jerry yeah he collided head of the day I had Apache was seconds away they'll pay your phone you think the phone powers this thing right I hear good avenue on the net. Next to cool off this is called flash fans in the Dallas can't quite get along right on your phone. The colors go to. That's good because you know there aren't enough things drain on the battery out of I found it's not a multiple payment at the completely and it constantly find a place the plug and whether it's in the car accident whatever and only get to Cuba could plugin did bell now I want a snap but now with this. To watch. And that does nothing about the way if you see someone with a little light fan record guy sticking out his phone using it to cool self up just go punch that guy's fast you can I haven't. At any irony is that Cota is actually effect cold blooded so yeah it'll get a body temperature of Shia often leaves on a flat rock the White House. It's always reptilian it's been proven DeVon hang on your qualified. Go to Denise. Seeds in need this year up next Denise you know Matty and Jerry are you ready to play. Here we go. Okay Denise and finally and what might be the stupidest moment in the history of broadcasting TV. Amid named Gavin is demonstrating. What head. What is wet had it that way the end result of Gavin is regrettable alcohol problem. But maybe an unfortunate symptom of Gavin gonorrhea off or seeing a ridiculous looking at that literally leaks water. Don your own head. I would go to the policy. I have win had a contract in Vietnam it's no joke. He's gonna say. Jab at him wearing wet head did that. When water and it's like we will let you sit at according to the spinning wheel right here. And you pull the pins and when you pull the right and it will then what happens we'll find out so you what you pull it to see if there's any walk. What and when I had new bit. Yeah. Well definitely it's not our. This is national television entities. To. I'm tired national television disguising them like adults without pads on and they pulled a better wanted to work done over makes all aimed. And I didn't. Meanwhile there are guys out there that have written books. Yeah I acknowledges the guy that can help you artists struggling. Comex may be people like that it did data that is of those guys and it is a so it cloth that you put in water and then you design your head and it leaked out of that keep people as we could've come out that now we don't have face cloth right. Now that that technologies' commitment iso let's go finally to we have one more duel more guide GM Jim you have to play. 010 site says Jim all right Tim with a TU we go to him. OK Kim the gadget guy expertly demonstrates how to makes no homes. With a no easy snow cone maker what are the steps to this complicated tech gadget. Is it a what ice admit that's the button. It could be what the ice over your head chanted prayer to the nordic ice god the war. Or as it's being asked Kathie Lee to stare at. Water until it turns to ice. I would say hey hey. I was next to wanna make a snowball and. And easy snow cone maker we put some ice yet. And then you move to put competitor like that and we can make. Yeah. Countertop is what it's okay. Wait wait wait so I didn't islanders are you telling me. That doesn't take ice is presented to small. And. Has pressed the button it's very complicated Jeanne good job bureau forgot the science of the scenario where I was actually I do CGI so we have. Line one it was his name every Devin din niece. And Tim. All on hold all qualified to win we will spin to find out who won stint as I am omission. That'll be your spinning music because we just played a game called yup that was actually on TV. And we hurting horrible segment. Which they did ways to keep cool with clinical gadgets. I'm not talking about how they can termination to snow cones I know it's very complicated and body well he wouldn't talk about it as Roswell Rafa technology yes relief to technology. We have Dave qualified. Devin. Din niece and Tim let's spin the wheel and see who won tickets. To the mag I salute. This Nigerian performing arts center. On August 8. And on the goes and it's come up on. Number three that's. Hey let's talk the news. And it's your why. Hey congratulations. And yeah you value like your rock and roll. I'd get right Erica rob collier love this show today is criterion performing arts and her New Bedford August 8 the mag by salute. Four members of black crows they're gonna play. A bunch of good rock and really gonna have a great time and I'll see you at that show. So I'm Nimitz hot be sure put like a wet towel lying ahead the league's watered down idea got Barack apparently that's a thing that were able to do in this day and age. I don't think you don't mind I don't hang up we got to take information where you're from Denise we called in from I'm gotten out. Perfect love it all right well talking a minute you hang on. Again her tickets and show fantastic they're gonna kick ass. And hopefully. We'll get the the coming here in the studio. And that being nice yet yet we're trying to make this happens there's a huge black crowes you know make up their right that's right I heard him I've converted them. Senator Chris don't. Yes absolutely. 50 techniques to Exxon said. The kitchen ate ice cone maker that thing wasn't as good and snow in snow cone maker wasn't as good as my snoopy snow cone I love this. That they don't want to close kids cooking things like I don't think technology cooking but it was like the easy bake oven yet easy bake and really. Yes you'll put that do little little pan and out the conveyor belt would put it under hot like ball none out and let their kids Jerry Wright because that you guys and have always joy dead red I know it's a bit get another thing became modern rock how well the idea at all hot light bulb could transfer heat until late on big product and make it big is yeah incredible technology nest is as easy bake ovens and how you guys and Chelsea cooked your math. That's an outcast when it's fantastic and we noticed and not not to mention bill wrong coast stuff pre dates you. I mean just that I hate the kitchens places they chopped trying to raise and they smiled a lot of coleslaw let out a way. Not only to have I miss those things as Toronto products and missed the pocket fisherman. Because it was important that you had a fishing rod that you could keep your pocket. As you never know what I've got to need to Castro what about the switch blade home. You have on NASCAR all my goggles are my favorite as another all those things that they said. We can't have Combs who looked like to explain how kids are going to be shot by the thousands abide by police now the threat that what the way of a lawn dart I'm afraid to say. I told him of Forrest is in the seventies the cool move was. My brother's friends that were in the short shorts. And the pulled up high tube socks. And they would keep the big plastic comb in the soccer I. Yeah I am not an easy to fed and had hundreds of sites to the feather thing you've got to bring us some pictures and Yahoo! map on which is why everybody's hair staying Clegg stinky feet. Actually it was a horrible I'm really was.