Who's iPod is it Anyway? - Summah Jamz!

Wednesday, June 21st

It's the first day of Summer, so Mistress Carrie joins the boys as everybody shares their most favorite Summertime melodies. Who will be playlist-shamed? Probably everybody.

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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Podcasts are always on him. Mind you schedule and WA AF. From time to time we'd like to have our music director and friend the great Mistress Carrie come in and we allow her access to our music libraries and since today is the first day of summer. We thought we would play another round. Of whose iPod is it anyway summer edition. Yeah. Another late in the game let us know not my. All right mr. as Gary. I guess we give you access to our or minus cubs that summer songs and I am an AH a high going into your underwear drawers full personal and there don't mind. Oh at this kids. And you pulled two songs from each of us yeah so we will play one of those selections now. And you have to guess whose iPod it maybe now have these platelets yeah have a much. Our opponents I was just gonna say yeah aside from maybe a holiday playlist or like. Super sad break up or super missed out to romantic play less like we don't make mixed tapes for us and each other tomorrow but don't really we really by soundtracks right. So summer playlist and summer song summer jams those are probably the most. Readily identifiable these are the ones that you probably have the most emotion tied to like you can hear some assigned yes I was. Blank I was here I was there I was at this speech I was he had that there are a lot of lot of easily olfactory. Attainable members whatever stop with the words just get some play on a while since you got a good night. I had did you hear that Mac apparently had a wild go home I don't happen had to pass the dramatic I'm finishing regular. I started telling people are doing lines from taxi driver like I was an Italian made it big. But that road unnatural emotional because it deprived yeah yeah. Yeah that's exactly right it. Was ironic thing that's happened I honest I my favorite summer sun. And Tony seventeen is comedians need. Women's movement. All right did hit the first selection. So easy. Oh easy. We know it pisses. This is summer jam. This is the ultimate for me one of its minds Manning's. This is 1985 USA for Africa soundtrack I'd like to dedicate this to the great great hill. Fifty turnaround of Bruce rose show here doing wrong. This is called trapped. He came up that summer of an eighth grade and when I hear the strains of this song you picked right back to that summer I was born that I'll shut up stint he hit. Zero songs are all about love. There's not. Usually mean how hard they're shaving your producer. This content for summer and Hogan's well I need like a big heat and needs some poppy seeing him elected kicked him out now. Oh yeah. Kerry rule or not rule to a summer jam or favorite summer song it has to start rocking the 32. Yeah. A party fine and mirror and you know magic. There is not the same thing as. Fun Matty that gave me the atmosphere of this city in an Alley drinking after it it's got fired NASCAR. On his second how I should actually be gotten really got your ticket blah and you have a kick and. We'll we'll go about all right Kagan factors in you cannot now there is that these are now I really don't act I really don't wanna limit like it's like. I don't know it's a pit area. But this is another one that is personal to me are you ready for the next on I don't think so I'm still leads to I don't know I don't. He had. Obviously its next. There celebrate new. 56 birthday today forever yeah. Being a god who. I get them. Rated. Part of neighbor to. This is just winner. They can't miss. Swimmer. Djokovic into the full. Team. So hair metal this is still late eighties. You still don't know you're driving to a beach open that a friend. Who's got a fake is suing him by the packing and he is gonna go get crushed watch in the waves would no checks at all. Now that I am old enough to have a daughter's seventeen that's on as decrease how high it is creepy. So I mean an NBA there in Stanton and sixteen and Pastor Wright I technically. That's not why we look good on why you looking and you know I question I don't know. Well just basket. He would do is be able to speak in Louisiana. I'm I'm getting a lot of love for trapped by the way on the tax on your lies I am now that I love that's on Matty you're all set those two are not some right there with you. That's right contacts. To dreading the next and I estimate. I don't hear them talking in Chelsea. Alluded yeah. I don't receive good design DJ jazzy Jeff right now roses and I've been hurt himself along yeah I don't know. I'm really okay. Some are you okay. I oh my god you. Golden Graham your favorite cereal it's kind of cliche right yeah. It's such. As it's supposed to be irons yeah I mean you want your son about being trapped under the hateful gaze of the woman you Bobbitt doesn't love you. When your eight or no this is several lot of danger disagree citing get summer alone. You know a lot of time last limited ahead of last. True but I reading my gut that we know this is. My math. I went to have what you call a deep hole from Christmas. It's on when you compare. Push ups. I know this day. Okay. There you know what this is Mistress Carrie. Ride my motorcycle to the beach porn music like you know like that you know I mean. Yeah totally herself. Last. Oh yeah like it they're the band called smile. And this one song hello Michael came out and like 199596. I was on the WA AF street team and and dragon AAF man up and Hampton beach every weekend all summer. That's it your plan out the window that was actually pretty dull moment then yes I gotta tell staring at the sun by smile and you don't like about that song if you are gonna work in Iraq station that is like. Vintage tea cruising AF Hampton beach I'll tell you that it was. So would you not say that you could have either heard my glam rock. Pieces. Wing trash and I heard a seventeen. Cents a that you're angry years 89. Or whatever he knows a couple years before that scary that I almost in a shipment date yeah. And you were too much of what was it doing it. I don't think that law. Avenue to note that whatever it may be fewer planes so much man I wish I could. Kick this Maryland outside the democratic opponents like that crappy way to earlier Greg eels. Yeah yeah. I supposedly. And those weather cools off these are a little beat her book. A lot this guy I can't wait he basically puts his past me that who live marine accurately yet again and I give us unless you had. It is funny if you just XPS fifteen these songs actually on our summer please explain whose iPod is dogs are on the grill. News. Want him OK we'll. Be out rock and a little bit here. Little bit. It's. God blazes indicated he. The bus. And. Do you believe these images mom and shop under ten it. And that's pretty good legal area is running it could soon hit the iron back Matty. That explains. Yes please socket I'm 19770. When you're. I have. Basically is as it is even thought out. Well and my father had this eight track and it's one of the first summer sons and I just I in his car. Right now in the summer turnout this. On its introduction confession yeah. My old man I love everything PGs in game. Word of god he could walk home from work in shadow dancing by Indian. Five seconds and Carl and I can't hit he's no. I can't. I'd be like eight years old Briton lines. Went. Let me when he loved cooking. Thai united and excellence and others that's it you know what. Yah rock child. Yeah that one do better than the Springsteen to shake 'cause it was opting in light and fun for some and that is already there were people like I was listening to that song. I was pulled the tab off of the year I could smell the diesel fumes there were people with on shaped tubes everywhere thinking about. Seventy's kid I just you're summer like aren't there might go ahead and it. Might regimes. Well just raining shirtless. I get that lawless province who. Stick mad Gregg will then. Palestinians. Like an Irish step dance and hot he needs a nap I dad who is that is that Leary is is to hell and asked AM all right OK and you. The body rock band and gym but it adds some sorrow again that is around yeah it was I'm I'm really up. Well you know whoever his business men. And her hearing. There is. This would be hey you're the bomb on him. This season. Maybe you're doing on the baton and Jack on the. The wild right. Then the car and turned it into yeah I am. It fell over when I saw presumably. He feels that Flintstones. And has become. It's. You shine again he's seen. You. Became a more it was more hey. Hot seller in 95 that was our number one all summer after bat men. Bratton wrote while I was listening to smile staring at the son you're with that right now. Out about the truth yeah actually might have larger media I have UConn. Her assure you up. You know why he got Heidi Klum and he made babies and there you have many many baby. Carey's I don't know I've got it got. By the way you lie you're really cool seals on this into the monster head cover of crazy. Change your life all of us on the begin to Angel. This afternoon. Yup I'll wait a minute yeah. Carrie Lee yeah yeah yeah. It is now all been through it can be cognizant that it makes fun. Oh yeah yeah. I. And doesn't think so yeah and you. Among them is. A conversation. That he can't trust me and it adds I. And then on the books and he's got turned down his. Is announcing in night you even know and show. It's. Something funny thing wanna tell. Not unless I'm anything crazy I don't. I'm PC power I. I don't know listen. Yeah. Well I can't comment now on leave them. Yeah people thought you. We are. We are gonna go out enjoy a little yeah and it'll be damned. How many babies are going to be born before Christmas because of the song. I'm nick tells alone is responsible right. And ice in a bump into a million is pregnant that I don't think I have now made them look what that does that at the well done and wow yeah there is known area persecuted pandora apple or Spotify that would dear here I know. I'm doing the winner with the weirdest I'm gonna vote mixed kissed by why don't matter we. It's just G day and she and she and she and I. Okay.