Who Is Kenny Aronoff And Who Hasn't He Played Drums For?

Tuesday, June 13th

There is a very good chance you've heard Kenny Aaronoff's drumming.  If you go to his website you'll find this astounding fact: He has played on over 60 Grammy-nominated recordings, with 1,300 gold, platinum, and diamond certified records and sold over 300 million records worldwide.  If you have a few minutes(or hours) you will also find a list of artists he's played with live and in the studio.  I'll just name a few here: Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Seger, Ray Charles, John Fogerty, Smashing Pumpkins, Katy Perry, Johnny Cash, Bon Jovi, Cinderella, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and on and on and on...

You may have first heard his playing on a little song from some guy from Indiana named John Cougar:

Video of John Mellencamp - Jack & Diane

Yeah, that's him at the 2:30 mark kicking it into the stratosphere.  

He's done pretty well for a local boy from Stockbridge, MA who graduated from The University Of Massachusetts.  Now you can see him in a new documentary about unsung session musicians called Hired Gun.  It will be shown in theaters on June 29 and you can find a screening near you here.

Check out the trailer:

Video of HIRED GUN | Trailer

I had a chance to talk to Kenny on a rare day at home in California.  We discuss his upbrining in Western Massachusetts and what inspired him to take up the drums, what his keys to staying succesful are, and who was the most difficult artist he's had to work with.  Before you listen there is a NSFW warning.  Kenny swears like a motherf****!

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There. You know are we already are all say oh yeah you're in California so thank you very much for getting up early I appreciate that man although. You are like the busiest man on the planet. Just I don't. A are now this is my guess about you can air off that. You have through your many connections have somehow clone yourself and there's like four view. And there's there's the guy that does sessions in the studio there's the guy that plays alive there's the guy that takes care of the family and there's the guy that's now writing all the books. I think that's that's your secret you could tell me now that's it right. It. On a eleven identical twin brother that that's. A well you're. In good doctors they have electorate. Oh to a western match you know yeah Burke their. Yeah and exit so Joseph Johns still lives there yeah. The lives but we play together. Both abortion. Questions. Our role in high school so that will be won or we bought a blog here that they've got a virtual. So let lacrosse and soccer gear until we everybody else to be to a didn't say it honestly did what does it do AM. There will be a vote on eager are heard in a dumpster. The you know everybody should do more than me and what he's started to land right. Yeah. I know. The that is that is funny in your book you talk about Bellic sending him backstage into rooms full of people and. Yeah yeah yeah the Brett that would that would influence. On our world stage there georgians are we ordered a mellow kid sold out in DC concert in India are there enough. You will corrupt and did you can you're not. My blood goes well our career without the majority. And most papers you ever. Are. At the border. Some girl I'm on video watching tool in the actual. And you know made art argued simpler makes the people volume. You know the sugar from a policy that Zia. So all our logo. I I heard it before the show as well love bald like your norm. Or. Book yeah I sure hope so. Stay. Here. You almighty god. Upon market. Actually it may be standing here talking to. After a watershed if you order saying the bad accident is remembered. Well let me. Let me ask you from there. So it is is the band tool one of like a handful of artists you have not played drums Soria. That's for sure but I'm sure that trip that all of them and no I have not played to a handful. One that won the grand. I looked liberator. She's well they have a pretty good drummer you know. Yeah have you any. He. Lou what you're guy you're you if I. Eyes you know people listening now I have to say there there's of and I'd say yeah a 90% chance. That you've heard Kenny playing drums. Whether it's on the radio or on a record or whatever whatever you're listening to. There's a good as you've heard Kenny -- the drops to zero really literally have played with everybody the list of people you play with -- played with goes on for pages. Like. Pages and pages I think I think the world with those stats because of I was a bit as well and you know he's got a question that burger and so people who don't know the name carrier. There them. And also for the ball and this without. A mind over 300 million records sold whole. And thirteen hundred gold platinum diamond records section dominant deliberately. At the best I can do I mean. It really hard to find that those numbers out because it's harder and harder those little trick. It's not that information not available used to be I have so little. It there. The list and if the deputy to scenario. They look it's our way in nineteen ignore what you blaze of glory in Banjul. To a traditional walked out next two days. It Elton John that more days. A big Bob Seger then to Atlanta to do you Vogel an app for about war five minute loop back. I had a good read out by the way it goes to unite to get there. Lou back in awkward days sheet and did Willie Nelson. That was my life you just never figured that Goer in ground I had to go sit in the actual to a LA to New York. I'll read them all we see another. Well well it's 6 o'clock I was recording while rehearsing with Jon Fogarty and things first I'm used to news. Craig catalog at there I would get hard drives. There you know I have power to another studio was more reward bitten on the screens in big huge potential artist. A ball that you and was. King. But. Four balloon 7-Eleven bid from midnight to five more recorded with a bullet still. And then on the weekend part of all bundled. Out that was just you know. You know. Another. Day Jenny you're sort of we drove search scheduler but. How long. I mean are you is that your schedule still like now or how how long did you keep that up because I know you you'd play with someone and then on your off these you would fly somewhere. Yeah AM and how long or how do you maintain. As a drummer which is you know which is very fizz yeah now. Well. Well. Some of the genetics in the others as you know. I should practicing. They are today when I was eighteen they're graduate school. Deferred action in Rio de. Seven days a week. Actually from fear. Because I I had inside there was no what I grew up there was no stock would messaging and so nobody teaching rock cruel world and so are so. There is no mentors so hard rock drummer whose English school of rock. So. Should still look percussion from the ball in the orchestra. Of what weighted shares of course and training hard. And we go look at moving very. And you know and all. I let them in and training as a jock. Gave me the it was familiar from it was short so over the top. Bob I have. Church and change what is. I'm trained to be to work or would drop. And never give up its in my DNA also. And indeed the court Gerri you're cute. Because this surge started with the precautions when the Boston should be or should we award was in the hours from my house I got my ass kicked by Arthur prep then. Basically. And that is. The number of Bernard what are what are Booker came seven wait I believe it could be successful. Book club right now. About seven ways but it I I would start I would you know put that in my first book but I would. Already leapt out 300 page in the session the bench in the existing book sectional dog tool I'd get so much. And the publisher says that he. It's getting toward your. And let god what do you just one outlet ever say or are. Pretty good. Everything. As little. What did you prepare. So we had a lot of up. And I would walk would have liked that book and that book is about. Really is about. Are you living your life lovely guy on the I mean went oh and the car got to that was I thought well why did. Why would I want it works so hard as you know Greg awards party when they graduate college. I want my first you have that you and it works best you can and we'll work. You would build. You have ordered wearing regular street and I was afraid to fail I was afraid your. To those rebel because if you later among these Asian questioned not that good. I'm not that good what practical medal and I literally replied I just spent my whole life trying to get. Like to be great and I have to say a lot of these greens I wanna be put up a little like trying to be. It's great that can be is an idea is. I just let jacket and went to global war is about to ensure that I was like oh god. Can you do this big android. Yeah. Got an early things from the border is strong so that's still on the that's social on the radio via Perry in 35 U I everywhere now all part of the illusion that I knew that was gonna happen. And I bet I'm done. State cooling. Do you practice to be. The great at something like that simple will be on radio I didn't know I was really complex and really. Had a lot of fear of my point is that we hear from me to speak for eight and stay great look like you're vital to this I just won't die. So that's sort game multiple things. Oh you did your life where you're dying in this life I mean and French and we'll all die physically but. And the population here what a book could get off your book and boy that'll give a thought what you've gone through what. All this Satinder. And everybody's got etched in everybody's been blue collar import some people accuse others. The band is just what you like you would not only letting yourself down. You're letting everybody you're in society that we could you take care result. You don't take yourself. Soviets particularly. Popular. I mean I'd get that hard core body and that you got a boat late Shah would you correct it'll that was Alex. Put it looked capable. In your book won't. Well if you could buy. Puck move our shame on. Chill in the world what you saw it or you're fine yeah let the thing is that they get it to. Alia. I know you don't like. Yeah action in it that's it at all but you bloody. Your level. Everybody get by united by being like if you're saying. All our weather and light like dying. Formalize. The book is that bad and being very hard core of the current order of Richard than to. Molly have to borrow because time. Is the most precious commodity and you only have limited time so I know it's saying don't waste it. You know that you only have there are limited booking on this planet you know so so make it happen I understand it in you mentioned lock earlier oh and how much to you I know you work so hard and use your so discipline from just reading about you watching you play and stuff but. How much is luck involved because in the business in the music business there's no formula. It's it's like you're here today you're gone tomorrow. Or something some kind of flew local GP around for their years so what I mean how much do you think in your career. With all the. Very very very little you know what my job I talked about like your saw The Beatles were. A college starting off my book. It's a well right now it's kind of a didn't like what he's done. Will you eat is a you know I sat on the beat the eleven years old on the potential but hit a portrait here Larry if he. I'm playing well all in Rangel are wearing them that TV show gets old joke. That in years later my dreams came true but this didn't happen by actually. I mean it happened. We are that the falcons called you gay social relevant. At the moment in my life tried to be great let me choose the fifteen years later. I was so happy Google it and guys at this Lucent deal was all that was available at the call storm outline what Ed now at record. Aaron. A bloody it'll do seven charity arm and showed bright and playing you know Obama. I've learned how old should be big guy that can that can they can do shows like. That don't make mistakes and are what we. Right he's agreed to all the ball great. I believe you make your destiny and you know. I talked to distance let that are successful. Lot of movement got is kicked like I did a lot of laws should they are not scared. It's the war to come back and stand back up our. That becomes successful stay successful. Ed reported that its. And we couldn't go to Al. If you would. Like woe is me it should church are. The spotlight with the crowd going. Is that cool you're going to it. You've got to look at those opportunities is the best. In fact the most well waited well. Getting your kick it doesn't like it when you go over. But man that's how you grow so that next time you go to your escape through it okay. Or am I know what to do. About it. Greatest running back and football. Does scorcher. Great. Oh bulk important act kicks currency horrible about it. You know you get the ball five times in old ones and then you get to charge them. You wait at some point or one what would play sub districts over the median where it should mean delta between. You don't take on the fact. He's O is looking to get in the end zone. In light you always try to get him into that so great business they're great people. They make their destiny luck okay here's mine may be. Graduate I'll get to choose from Serbia orchestra. Play that tape would. Took me four year terms on the book yet that they were going into the all bought an ugly year for four years obligation and a bit or. Denied denied denied strike three you're out. I went back again. It got it seven percussionist. The whole objective of the program I did it. As far as I did great in angle coated with a graduate college five years of college and about. In the Jerusalem to the of this I say go startled when it. Well actually you're out today warriors trying to make it musical the idea ever but back India or. Forty years starting. School the billboard across the normal school of the American parenthood. In classical music and go back there and house paying rent 67 book well. You know what they're trying to make get a record deal being abandoned ownership. Why is little luck might mean I would move to New York shouldn't and so it goes this guy Johnny cougar there are part of this guy just because they're. Let this teaching me shook called. MTV. And the radio and you ordinarily you wouldn't expect. When surely an army. And you are being The Beatles don't get in Mecca Saudi or fortunate. Our addictions are a lot is in Bloomington Indiana. And that's what this guy lives. But I have addiction. And it though I'd be an additional practice that record. The memorized every let John wooten Johnny cougar what their job now jumped to record them right every. Edna drumbeat what your position there dubbed. So the arc is in he was. But that's about it that's it now. That's right place right time and right might I've made I think maybe I made it acted immediately edited. Everybody who is anybody. It's good you know you'll hire somebody that the data as opposed to the interview and why oh why. Well I'd made. My destiny by an overlord unit check out this guy security or is battered as low flow. And it was because I built a reputation. Of hard work. You mean hard work and pushing it pushing everybody that I can share. Thought may might opportunity. And let them say it. And you can you give me an example I mean Yuri gave the example of trying to get in the via sellable when you really. Really like guys here ask him like you had a job. Or you were playing lives and I was like holy (%expletive) I'm really a blocking opera house. Well yeah what awards after five weeks here and to jar. Gone blurred John Mellencamp took go to bed. I would like. Have these guys look like me. Into big bear that was good or the world editorial. That was making records. And we record our way to make a record in five weeks. I told everybody outscored LA out in the so called. I was so happy in five weeks and got got dumped into today. Because they didn't have the right here because I didn't know the purpose of the drummers for artists like John Mellencamp began his solos on the radio beat Google. I didn't know that. I didn't know I did that skill set child plays are guitar. You looking for me to promote good ideas along with the other guys advance to cope with great part to make. That song and number one hit why does that does so that was going to be you know. I was more practical or so and the producer back then there was no vote goes so you have to be the way. A song from the beginning and with Procter and covered group private parts not buckle up. Everything that would be perfect if saddle your group that was well arching and they were that was our jeered. There than what departure they want poultry and I still like that. Well people sending filed the money to me the record drums articles studio I'd give me cakes from Lee. Old takes no ad. I'm beginning to add everything perfect you know that by round the field and you reported. I would not bad guys. No matter what I'd play blundered Byrd seated there at opal in India so in all the what the bad guys itself. Reported John closely of who. Lou that the chat Obama will tell. All of the deadly mutate because your soccer playing directly go back to India and I told them not go back yeah it will not go back. But I'm not gonna go back I was mortified and so I scrambled electing to come up with a bit sort. Oh yeah we'll just that would be beneficial to vote much aware of a global warming and just gave them do trooper that Hitler by what well. You in my obsolete Robert Wright and goes well yeah will he get it one loss I would say here. Some of the Cold War and other session that was planned by. Solved or it might be no word from them get better and albeit opposite of that and Gilbert of me getting better and you're drummer and you don't have to trade you know strip on the floor just Seko. Any sort of book right there I am sure that. Paintings that did this you refer her eyes. They were there I'd go back there except a regiment of it out today so that the wage parity. About bill brought in a slump today I'd become a vegetarian. And really being out really get focused on your game you know just. Even I mean that would heavy kick from just south of me anyway and moving. Just as the pinnacle moment in my life I'd. Wimbledon since. I will not won't let alone withstand a warm equipment and my goal. Was to make the next record it took a year and apple won't even started the next record. Most of the work but it never made life and that got fired jarrah got despite all the art should move. Yeah our I didn't realize that this record what good will should be dropped again lonely out it was. Was this the only Jack and Diane on yet and that's the most difficult records you've ever made all the work done real. And it is the one true grammys. And the listeners that was the record at large mark rear. Of the boat if we weren't sure he'll check. We'll also wrecked gawk. We could go to do with it I don't present and so that was. Reuters. In the what. That's like Giles but nobody died in motorcycle crash. It was a power wheels off the week every week. It was not fun. And so. All but what date. The PG we're recording next. In the studio in them Miami and job kept urine or we kept hearing that. Or what led to a machine their global program. And so. Though it looked. And one day. A good production target called usually came in without this move what got machines. Multiple rocket that Natalie. Immediately triggered huge that we're being lit led lights. It is triggered so I grabbed that they would guard yeah. Well let me program at least sort of being part of the songs so basically over it might be. In your demand or. Do it you know how to you know back and you'll machine to a new you know you end up to promote. Yet still the old saying thought let me. Finish start. Will program it or go back into the beyond lounge Wear formal bombed out talking drum machine and be like my machine aren't so big it is. A and I get a call and job was to either get if book you know we have to control. And they did so on the ballot a bigot would bloody rich say I hate that it shelves are you. Well the web like. Oh what is. You know. All day getting. It will read that you Jason being courted and vocal bu law will. So they control the that you've had any big what you shouldn't Pedro that their job by that god you know. On the supplement. What didn't have put Jahri John's school. A blog about what made. Me the most competitive what the progress that's what the booklet. So that we Judd we push each other almost hitting it as like you really competitive. I wanna go big and of that as it. John. Georgia war are all. On this truck. To blow being more powerful louder than any other shortly. So any solid combo on the radio before. Being down in dwarfed. In any article about it you'll after rescued beaten down the floor. And you go to song that would break that there have been you read by Michael Jackson was home only. The me. I mean they're. I that tiger. And probably not like what are so good in god we hit the actual while the guitar you know we can. Do governor. By talking weren't that popular. And boy I scoreboard here aren't. You podge a great using word that's okay that's. That why you guys know I love it blocks. I'm I'm really well I'm I'm a big hatred there have been some. Will collaborate. Red Sox they had it so. Change or Felix told. So he'll in the work we did it and it won't be as Litton minimal. All our instruments. Actionable part and what you do. At least at the actual trial very loud and Richard bailout plan it. There are gonna come out with a partner maple or shall I start out well this book I am entrance. And there are tries to build it low stories this. Under the control who finished by the relished or that warmth against fox. Bomber. There is a good day on the beat fired again. And I walked out to go Willy the Jenny or might you got 43 to say you're clearly walker should. 38 point twenty wouldn't like I know. You wouldn't put it. I think once they are sure all right sure don't look at it will be angry people will look at me I'd wait. What way. Question. That should terrible insult that the popular as it was. All right I'll play this war plan that would. Up the drug everybody goes around the globe try to get it may be able to all my schooling and education. Dudley. And at that moment. That they'd be something. It made me say played it straight beat which just started 18 little later so instead of blue blood borne. It was black bar over the that should have been that was programmed in the book ratios steal it from myself. Just astounded by the considered suitable against rebel no doubt about. And then I do that you play at all the certain. All jets to millionaire yeah. Oh got hit record who would you Russian. Football and it was given that some input. Did you know you can play a big play the court so it. And then we have a number one if we didn't know though because blood ties them and that we should recording. I thought I bought the Vietnam and came back out by Dan I'm done I did it two weeks later I remember Lou. The situation to visit my mom would go to that it was yeah it was my girlfriend and I'll just take wouldn't you get a call jobs. We're not done. Bogart who are not Warsaw. Two guys got fired now we go back until late. This is true guitar players arms and John. And we have to look at right. Oh boy you insulted jar that live to enjoy them. And Olympic you know we're not done. And that was like say eight you've got to go back to Vietnam rise in Akron dead and then it quickly became one it. We're not it will give people great you were in LA recording her children. Just it. Let the record label content goes. Yet it should be. It should be well heeled and our two guys in the door. To get kicked in yet. On the sidewalk. We either should say to opt. And then somebody could play hurt so badly. And it where it took off like wildfire and index you know sighed again and we got the what was shown records everybody look at route. Wouldn't you should should try to spread. Two songs from the top there at the same type jacket guy and Edgar so bird. As we ignored now that slowed that record. We that you can you directly. What dribble that maybe yeah so. So so it can and I'm guessing then because my next question to you would was going to be. Well who's the most difficult person you've ever work where and how is gonna guess Bob Dylan because. I've seen Bob Dylan deal with his band. And he's pretty tough on a book for when you're just told me I'm guessing it's it's going to be Mellencamp. It looked up. Well at the Bob Dylan heard I reckon Bob Dylan. That I did that under the red guy. And out. I'm Bob May give them that they're within thirty days we're seeing here by Jimmy bought they've currently. Was. And but it was done. Jim Colbert country both are at least two jury comes in catching and shall lecture will. Take any popular and I should be that would be overly. Are we ever talks and that. Four days of making the record the four days we were spread out over there before. And it was like every day is different group of guys that we vote on the record. And I every song. They've got Bob and should be in look argue that he's so. There are talk about it and communication to a big pillow people. Thousand that. An example communicating by not saying anything one I did then don't do that thought he'd argued a bad mood by. There are only so. What animals in. A jar was because we're like Brothers. So I was trying to get. And very demanding that put them down for a dessert ride and prop manager out like you know (%expletive) or get out the crime. Part of that are you guys like me or. We're good enough. That pushed me so yeah jealous but he thought the war was put. The whole situation we'll talk about where I was that might guide you go to that. It didn't form. Trying to clean my Chichi Bryant can write my coaches. That you know trying to beat my dad I will. I would have liked go do it. It was always fun but you know. And that's what made me Gloria now what. Like has there been an artist or band that has asked to work reviewing new. You had to say now and not because of scheduling because your Connelly I don't know if I wanna get involved with us. You can play real hard play with everybody it's on the weather legends or whatever new brand new the business or where you play with everybody. Has there been anyone like that. Well never say though that anybody. Bob. I've made choice is not to be in this band member and that's bad because since that debt and is a better situation remain all of now I get well in the their territory that was once well mentioned it. Where I didn't really you know put my regular. Look. You can talk other people like it can't talk to me like that I would make your records and tour what you had diaper. I got a little more about the business and you do and you try to talk me got a well let's back which you worked. Wouldn't musician. You don't work I don't work for you. Your your tour manager. You can be replaced right most likely can't be replaced. He baggage area out here at art darkened me like yet. You work truck rule I've learned that relatives that won't remember back that broke out literature was so readers instead. Lived in the general them aware of the rock stars. Today it worked well. Don't get to formula that. Being booed Oliver I realized. Exception to that. What happened in 2005 I talked about in my book should change and all the sudden you like for example. Record label. Or managers people on the vote. They don't count on what to do what you should hire what clothes should Wear yellow get well. I you know what. I'm that guy right. It would help bring more jobs that oh well they sure can tell somebody arm bands they're itself. You know you worked for hours or Katie Terry are you or your regular. Admiral Levine on our they've Aaron Levine very young when you work in right wherever I think she was the band type of person. But the but but maybe supported. It's up to the artists to say this is right. Wait we wait. Are there. Doug Doug Morris I imagine. I'd work with them lies. But I have a good feeling it's all about Katy Perry. You know what it argued that note as a matter where that package you know. Sort of between our managers are there and it it was sold out of reach parents. That person. Well or her sister. It is to let her and talking to report report seven. And that person start to feel like they're more important than the brand and lately been here from the artist. You know they see the interaction between nourishment band and and they may. And there are more important. Because they're making decisions and they're telling the bad what to do so they are to do more important. And actually you know works also. Everybody in a bad like dentist disposable. But you know actually kick Charlie Watts out of the vote goes to its earlier or is double themselves along with the other debate. That's a big difference right there at oak musicians are way more disposable. We'll go to more moderate as I mean you're not in the seat you know in in the band like. We're. We're on the ticket Kimberly. At the school let the bad. The manager and tell these guys look at duke rape child torment him to a government. That the band like the. And you and you know you you weren't Jon and Mellencamp spanned also Europe. Your are you still a member like an official member of the Bo Deans. Although the boat. And the boat is a little hurt but you know now just Kurt. First of spoken gentleman in the housing you know will admit to this it treats you like tour with respect that the Fogarty. Yeah. Drink too much respect it hit bad division. But he really hours and he treats me like it came. You know. Major respecting our goal you know he's now in the world could this problem any. You know it and he gets all. And the leg broken. What that was a little bit of a different by the way because they are going to a lot of thought I was inside there but you know tries and well respected me saying do as well where. They'd do who what was. And and baiting. Treated me aboard in the band aid you know treated well problem in the. We're Ross does it that's your your your valuable commodity. I mean you are someone who gets he was like guaranteed to get the job done you're like the you know so it's yeah what is it that they are your rock star. Like among the rock stars to me. Like a lot of people may not know who you are what you look like they've heard your music. But among the the people you play with there everybody like seize the want you to play. Wear them so you're like the rock star inside the rock star community there. Your car in a minute not bragging at the Nazis. Had a journal it's time now. Esquire berg in this great article. Off and and the the title genius. I would item like my new book straight. And it went like their most famous drum you'd never heard. I can't thank. What you believe it would take. The most famous on the you've never heard of everybody knows me big audience at Iowa the glasses are we at Iowa you have got. But I'm not like. Like favorite like the die hard aren't in the know bet that they are changing. I mean do I will call talking at the hired gun movies right. Right and all the stuff you're talking about the traveling in the and fighting and the dealing with managers all that's covered in hired gun and there's so many people I think Roz on he put it best in the trailers so there's like twenty people. Move like mid all the music you're hearing on the radio. You know there and. While the that we're here to our people make it and that's what he's saying. Normally but gorgeous wife just probably eight and close. A lot a lot like you're lucky men so. I am looking at. Hello my third marriage folks there I go. Well what exactly perfect and. Well like like everything else you talking about you had to try multiple times like with the ES oh right and it's not about luck it's about you know. It's about discipline in the. What about it. The book of you never all of Libyan refugees in fact my dad mom. In my dad are here the ball real yet if those samples of course you know. Didn't move just a cup is that he smokes and we'll put it. Well mother or my dad here's what are we want to go bought another drawn in new York and an adult male. And I'm the chairman and shut all three leaders (%expletive) all we have it negotiate well. I'll never forget what the chef but he goes. Would try out of London elected obviously know what you're doing music and it shouldn't notice sub a little bit more before you have all the multiple relations. They do these things that you rocket do. He busted out there a nice idea yeah and I. Yeah. I don't all a little departed well it sure that I was mature and are sure you know that. You look at you right to you know a lot of welcomes for the next 35 years I would think that model and welcome back you're. Kind of what I did grow. If you. I would live like a lock door like legged puppy dog hopeful we'll get alcohol use and it's gonna go boldly go out there. What about all that other guy that you that are. He is so great that hopped out of the other are you and I spoke stage of all personal there's gonna light on boulder. I didn't look happy go lucky go wherever you know. And soda that would curtains on their way you know. I like my life now homeless and I'm an adult were you know I don't want going well and yet not. Well he's perfect you know we you know quite some time it worked although do (%expletive) and guess what folks what. That's what the file that little relationship is right our I've not figured out. You know I always say I I always say this you know being in a band is like a marriage because there's there's a lot of give and take Islamic compromise. You know there's there's fights you know there is great Lola and stuff like that so. Yeah and and you've had plenty of practice that there at two. Yeah. Is it brand but it doesn't get ramped up here soon but. Was left who's left that you haven't played with. That you really would like to. Well our. At the band I would like to do. That made this is web based but I would love to go but I played them about the gourd corps would stay. We jet back well and and on base could be called true. Most stings a pretty good as Butler and you know. Oh that's right let's say you don't need any base yet he says he's pretty dead if of course they would be the bad. Wow. Eight and got back we don't hear anybody else that would be an easing. Soviet days and I'm jet back. So bad. That when he plays were the singer I don't even look at. I mean every in your back those. There is so brilliant. I'm so blown away by everything he goes to simplicity. This whole situation. Well that bet that would be bad. I would have to have you ever talked to staying or are just back about that. I didn't throw them a bit too humble to mention that he didn't guys aren't like our they'll have told Jennifer I don't. We're alleging go to player would you. They're numb. What I did carry you know that there. At a party after party but does not bode Korean art in invited people literally holding court with. Spielberg and how it goes on the problem log me. And I did that thing you do that's right yeah you're India the U the one meters. One under. A as you are you could have been advantage. In looking good and I'm a talker talk about that and wrinkled but stay in the crowd of people at oracle short court cocktail party and me is can we weren't cheap and woke. I killed at the right and so. In the Bible peace in the picture of me staying in my life I'm. Talking about the financial blow it like my head spinning those those children so. Intense and there are being in the party wouldn't need that they've heard me Ed Crockett. Newburgh. And they're well. I'm pretty good pretty good for kids from stock average. Yeah. There are UMass grad pretty good men and Purdue get all right well Kenny aired off thank you very much for taking the time see. Seek any hired gun. Coming out in theaters on June 29. And I'll get that information appear on the site and then also sex drums in rock general. It's a great read a lot of great stories and then you've got another book coming out anything go via. There's the bell and 2018. Probably and that book is you're gonna be more self help book and how to help people. You know get improve the life no matter whether. Right and now I so I notice you're at hone your home now I'm assuming. I'm home an Albert all the I'll be writing my book and a session coming up I'm gonna go to Europe and we albeit a the sonic blue pushing loved playing chose to go to the band at their kitchen. Our second album and abruptly soon. It's actually include our president he'd know would there be any given more problems for Eric gales Walter Trout is that the super good at the partially orbit and then ooh yes and both being coming up. And out of a documentary are starting. With they'll Kodak endlessly what the codec so CEO and yes I. And yet so still busy as ever. So we can't get a rare moment at home which is not if he's. And having a meeting today it was. Echoed that guy and what are ultra this year create the be all over the place that would blow me up. Awesome awesome wife received take the time a you know being your read being at home and and good luck on the new book and looking forward to see Nina. In and hired gun and then coming around the area and you know if you're in the across the area all loved what I'm up here in the studio wouldn't you know. Mark I'll go my life and HM embarks. Now would be fantastic because it's been it's been a real pleasure talking human nature of what you're great while I appreciate life. Yet to carry our radio you expect a key to our our secure ever used to Kenny banks meant. Bar.