What Would Deacon Do - Tattle Tale Tenant

Tuesday, November 15th

We once again ask Deacon Downer for help with morality in how to handle a tough situation! This week, a man wants to know if it's okay to snitch on his neighbors, if they get to do things that he can't! 

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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Involved and. Every once in awhile on this show. I have very religious producer reverend rob the deacon downer the master pastor is kind enough. To share with the ale listener who has found themselves in a bit of a moral dilemma advice. From a higher power and here's the email that I received yesterday. For what would he can do. I will read it verbatim. I am a 28 year old guy living in South Boston. When moving into my Condo. The landlord made me sign that the only other person living here. Would be a girlfriend or a spouse. For the past six months. The guy above me has clearly had four people live team hit its place. I feel it's unfair. Since I can't have paying roommates. And I think I need to tell the landlord about it. What would it. They can build interest saying well the man. And everybody's already owns apple at my. School I. A lot of people a lot of what would deacons who happens to be allowed whether rap or not we're out of that whether to have somebody out enough and then what tough. It you know. While they say. And I've experienced this firsthand a man's home is a squatters castles and that's who are you know the actual in my situation because now hearing that I go well. Is he charging these people and then you know taken that to pay his or is he like sub letting his apart a I don't know this one's really really weird because if he's hoping people out. And just let him crash on a couch till they get up and running yes I feel totally on their feet again yeah I feel totally different then. And I am also experienced this firsthand. You get a place you say well that little tiny office and meet me as a signal an end to all of that closet could definitely. You know little tiny boot time and India have some people of their you make a little bit that though you pay Iran and that is totally different situation where. I hesitate to say go right to land lord if you gotta knowingly ignored. You've got to know what you get into there and my hero my savior Jesus. He's kind of adrift there right enough so many young age we don't know what happened thirteen to 3333. See him walking around alive at all by twelve disciples. Those guys are probably start again until well could you imagine the last right whoever's living downstairs below them and probably you know banging on the scene along with the Brohm goal what do you guys do an up there because he's washing their rooms beaten you can't touch might be with army gale and I always want to bestsellers she's. Proud of you joining me enlighten they're making a ton of noise so I'd like to think my savior. Would be okay that's always wondered that they play. Credit card roulette with the path that DL last supper I. Ma picked up the victim without excuses constantly the govern those content poses an VIP yes I know the guy. I so what do you think should do is should this guy totally in the order now. Does it give it the guy above him might be doing some ice is what you say dad I. Our callers they lease agreement as you know militants to say well most of the time if you go to a place like that and you know their typically the same. Style apartments I am kind you know there it's all one bedrooms in this apartment complex. The deal landlords usually put in my case if you do have somebody move in. That's above the age eighteen and whatever you have to let them know because then they get the charger V. So this guy could totally be running a scam making the tide though. Which in knack of how do you know I I had until hesitant. To give advice to go see the landlord why you can stop this guy and the hall. Stop now and see if he's gonna sit here and I know everybody hates when I do this in their own cynical around here. But I believe that he you know maybe he'll be honest with the and you can just have a an old fashioned you know face to face hey man you should you really be doing that maybe less conscious weighing on him. As long as he's not like Dana Carvey son and he doesn't like to it's not a good at talking to landlords as payment card these millennial Arnold I'm not really bad that our rights well go talk to listen to talk to people in the hallway find it you'll get out this get off your FaceBook and start talking to people when incidents. Hippies and walking up and down the stairs go away what's gone on I need to find out your life going whatever happens in the mind your own beeswax that's what I say minor on me as well yeah you check him out of legs feel a lot there Netflix at eleven and I nab and party upstairs and down here is the pounding and that's true music one in the attack Libya. I didn't talk to you name is that is what would he can do.