What Would Deacon Do - Sexual Bucket List

Tuesday, December 6th

We once again ask Deacon Downer for help with morality in how to handle a tough situation! We ask Rev Rob if its ok to cheat on your wife if its a once in a life time opportunity!!! 

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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Once a week on this show or thereabouts are very religious producer reverend rob. Is kind enough to help listener who is facing a moral dilemma. During what would deacon do I love that him. And I got a lot of email yesterday. I won't mention the guy's name but it's very expensive so I old read it verbatim. I am currently a 37. Year old male. Who works for a bank in New England. I used to hook up what this girl in my old department in Rhode Island. Until I was transferred up to Massachusetts. She was very good and bad and a bit of a freak in a good way and nothing crazy and we stocked we stopped looking up because it might transpire. And she also is transferred to a different department. During the time of my transfer I met my future wife and we have been together for over five years. Last year I was transferred back to my old apartment in Rhode Island to manage team. And a few weeks after I was transferred. She was given a management position in the same department as well and her girlfriend. I used also have a bit of a crush on her computers second cousin. Who also works for the same banked oval and also works and that same department. And is a team leader for another smaller group. We've all been very casual professional there are no awkward moments or feelings we remain friends recently. At a company outing where there was some drinking involved. By lay that phrase. There is always leads to any kind of good bottled tea company well you say good stuff let's manager might say bad stuff company honing her drink companies are eroding the phrases company outing where there is drinking involved that I just yeah coming up we're drinking involved right. Usually it's gone so at this company outing myself and my form hooked up started chatting and we are making jokes about hooking up power of god and after about an hour or so when we were alone at the bar she mentioned to me hours second cousin was getting married in February. And that she and her second cousin had been hooking up over the last few years and I'm. She mentioned that are second cousin had a thing for me and that she knew that we had hooked up in the past. Prior to getting married she had a checklist of things that she wanted to do and one of them was a threesome. She asks my form hooked up to see how Lloyd if I would be interested and they would like to both took up after the holidays are over. Most likely during the weekend of her bachelorette party of the lord and just decide no one of the things I always wanted to do before getting married was to have a threesome as well. Room but it never happened. Hat and no I did not wanna pay for one is that the sympathy card he's done oh by the way every thought this is good I only make a wish. Yeah they're both pot. And my I know my former hook up is great and bad and now I'm stuck in this dilemma I wanna go for it because an elbow Obama and ought to be a lot of fun. What would he can do I'm wondering we were is a payment Shawmut bank. Please thank you guys think and I didn't throw a noon instead it's an island institute members to a bank how many backside there. It's mean. Didn't you don't have adult lamb mop up the yard man every need it and this is why the divorce rate is what it is I don't feel likes to brag about it. But I think there's a different story July the divorce rate is there. ID if you had a sexual bucket list you don't get married and just just a little bit deep it is where was the mentor in your life that lets you know that. And if you do get married guess what that bucket list goes out the window alumna this guy's like oh we were. We were joking about how could nobody jokes about hooking up you asked that. Unless you're thirteen in my thrown a line out there are those head. Why is wrong with you don't IA I I seriously it baffles me sometimes that. Because here's. Here's what I've heard women and men both said. Well it's there and it's it's a guy's nature to just wanna you know go around and impregnated everyone on American Airlines then you can't help it okay will you know that your that guy you don't you don't put a ring on I mean for me this is it to do list a couple of OK so. That's the only thing I like to do you you want that scenario out right. Are you good at keeping secrets. You're really good at hiding things because that's what your life becomes and then everything in it from there on out is paranoia so you will start the be convinced that she's hooking up with some network you'll start to you know defend yourself it really random moments and blurred out well I wasn't cheating on you with that side of gravy I was gonna pass an error and oh my god what is going on and you're gonna lose your mind this is yeah yeah. If you have a dad or someone you trust and on man go ask him. Alaska is especially if there's still marry a that I loved and go talk to malveaux Scott who's been married. Forever to his high school sweetheart and that's known you know one marriages ticker at Ferran yeah its work body. You're not always gonna wanna be there and end the double strolls in and a red dress and high heels and Dahlia well we've always had a crush on you and that's a big SATA. OK you know saying he should probably decline I just love his marriage I am what do you wanna be married because then there's the other road that maybe you should not a got married your idiot hey we've all been there we make these mistakes. I totally understand Dunn and nullify it and get on with your sexual bucket list you're saying this is a situation where he should not make it to. Posits that correct okay all right he heard the news news this is no believe that vocal lone body fits is a vault that he should stay on. What about the to a second cousins I mean see that's not a product of having that is that. Is that as I don't successes that I ended up the second hasn't future husband as a matter. And I could I just love how and that email there's certain things are just the pain himself with. You know on this is all I've ever wanted to but the normally comes once in alarm tone does not like nobody is the only bad for you when you weigh in you go plead their case do like well I never ever been a really really good. Like five years I can't I've been awesome all year. This is not the sexual Santa Claus now. It is I mean the idea that you think there's an HR issue here that this business more than any dark spots there. There happens to be several HR issues and in this in this thing our life had a nail yards maybe if you're going. Now here's a guy who says so when is light believes them in five years he's going to be so angry that he didn't go over the three of them are priced at that Arnold I've bears the attitudes. And there are here and it's that's not the attitude you set yourself up for failure you'll live in this marriage for the next five years gone I showed of a and it embodied just just get divorced now and you don't make her do which Julia. You gotta you gotta get honest with yourself that you got to sexual bucket list this for every guy out there you should not be looking for the one that you wanna marry her. Really my mom by the way in my apologies to all of the women who listen to this show whose husbands work at a bank in Massachusetts Ohio and you move better dual little digging and find out who this is.