Warped Female Brain - Is Manscaping a Sign of Cheating?

Thursday, March 2nd

Danielle once again helps the male listeners try and understand the thinking of the woman in their life!

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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Hey guys having trouble unlocking the mystery that is when it's supposed to be honest because it changed her. Did you know it's time to go inside the warped female brain. Well I don't again. If you'd like to text you may do so right now. The WA AF tech needs tax line is 97107. And it's. Here unable to understand the way the rather crazy rather psychotic marine to. Of any woman in your life works you can ask a question of team you know and she will now provide you. When a rare glimpse inside the warped female brain here is a 617. Text. I've been dating a girl for two months. We sleep and each other's house. We have met each other's families that we are going to Florida in two weeks together. And we have a great relationship. How long before I can drop I love field. Now I that. The relationships where it gets trapped after a couple months every appear comfortable in the I love you return it my be awkward if you don't get back but. You know I don't subscribe to this I'll be like security and we seventeen years before you tell somebody out there a secret ballot the serie a lover unless you're ready to get married. Young cats and Addison. You say eleven and next up engagement yeah that marriage wrong. 857 taxed my girlfriend. Sorry this is from a girl. My girlfriend. Hasn't in secured tea bag of a boyfriend. Who gets mad if she goes out with the girls up or has more than one drink yeah. But he can go out. And get banged up with his boys and no problem right double standard. She sees nothing wrong witnessed by the way she wants to marry this guy within two years is why is she like that. Maybe she hasn't insecurity issues of her own you know maybe she feels like this is the best she can do or maybe she just. Really doesn't care they just sounds like it's an unfair double standard at play here like you know he's like what's good for the goose is not good for the lunar moon. Diana you liberal in my roof do in my way maybe he can unlock the puzzle that brings her satisfaction. Where others have fail out that yes. Doing that up an elderly or and it's important to you. It's sacrifice. Here's a 97 any tax. My wife sometimes. Pleasures herself. After we make love yup it doesn't bother me. Her friends think I'm weird for letting her do this do all women do this. I think a lot do announcing the problem unlike you I'm Ben one more out but that's the issue especially are involved like if you guys have just gone to the whole process and she wants element Warren here that like I Nazi with the problem is that she's kicking a lot of the route home. To get them the deed done and that might be a little fishy bit. And what's wrong with prolonging the action for Jews and a fellow areas and where her friends doing in the room and now I think judging him back. What I need relationships. And both. That's a fine barbecue conversations to the backyard and. I've been speaking with a woman. For aren't enough for the past couple months and everything seems great were both single we both get along. That is disappearing you get a rule that opinion on serie. Did you commuters who that I. Was gonna grab the sunscreen but I'll make him. Either either way it's either way it's fun. We'll single get on great the problem is every time we're supposed to go out and date something comes up on her and last second and we never go out. She apologizes every time and then continues to call and text mean more and more every time what is going on here. This so tough because we can one of these almost every week. May be isn't she's really busy or maybe she just has cold feet about getting together. Mean she feels very strongly about him and trying to her feelings of panic but. It's just I guess it's only can do it if you wanna see your mortgage is it just sucks and people cancel last minute if she's giving you actual valid. Reid then see why she has canceled one thing. But if she's just always coming up with some excuse about all of this that are not really telling you. Why she has to cancel all that may Pinochet. By the way tax I turned up my nether regions. When presenting this to my girlfriend. She took it as evidence that I was cheating right when I was just when I was just doing a nice thing ever. While it's why why would she dig this cheating. Because he'd done the same thing. Firm however many years you guys have been together by not trimming an app that she never cared or brought it up and you never bothered to go out of the way why the switch now. Take a Bologna sandwich to go to work for lunch everyday why you all of a sudden having a Caesar salad will it would be asked first. If he guess Chris is differently Kate wouldn't what do you think should I turn this up she's going to be a little suspicious but if you put it out there had attacks. Move just think if York who put the shoe on the other foot. If she. I always have the same. Style will say and then all the sudden went for him throw rug to Hardwoods. Immaculate but yeah I mean you might site became an awesome like one all of a sudden. Boot queries to the ocean now a leading care what are those if she she she she you're gonna catcher. Is or is it didn't it's just waste you know worried about the little stuff. We stood there yeah I mean yeah this this is the woman waiting like she should not worry because he he wanted to do a little work. Narrative might compare its why. Again you guys are creatures of habit remember that hello Leandro. And drove. Being Andrew Murray there. Rules the inquiry appears. Here's a 617. Texts. What's the best way to win in the ex girlfriend back. We are on good terms and hang out a lot. But it's been two months how to like get her back. Here really want him or that's going to be the guys get back together and a year from now I like. I remember when we broke out. I just be open and I mean I would like to try to work on this we seem to be getting along well still work still seeing each other. Why can we not working their relationship to Don don't have to jump through million who spoon. As LB likes to sank just teller they like I wanna be with you and upset. My girlfriend of five years. Is upset with me because my mother and my siblings have to move in without us well yes that's tough. What should ideal. Sit down and talk about it establish a timeline establish some rules and boundaries if it's truly unavoidable situation. Hopefully she'll understand it in approving the same thing if your mother online moment you know nobody nobody wants the family there but it seems like there's a real necessity here are so. The counter channeling your mom your siblings sit down with you are significant other or just map out play and Billick OK listen. It's it's likely to be for this long this is what's gonna happen we'll reevaluate at this point what are your concerns and just talk through it that's the problem is people don't communicate. And don't go through the top left for in my dressing yeah her acts. The bottom right under the boxers or. 978 taxed in my fantasy is to have my wife tickle another girl okay. My life. My life is not into girls and all is there a way to make it non sexual number excellent. Know anything that involves another person is mostly community sexual picnic or hey you. I don't think you just wanna watch away if tackle another girl she laughs. Think there's a thing and therefore at the we'll finish it's. So you could just feel like taking you just do this for me. But that usually doesn't play and fifty cents a Hulk. Let's see here's a 774. Taxed we're going inside the wards female brain. I have a friend that I visit frequently. We get along really well. She's always teasing about sexual things and showing me her undergarments while she is still wearing them yeah. Does she want that the sounds like caller around on don't get guys. It's been like yeah Johnny. Women like Tutsis here at our champion out there it's. You know they they get fun and having some kind of power over you where they know that you want it eats -- not gonna give it to him not to just be like are not. Yeah happy birthday to me that there who I'm. Danielle this is 617 texting on my wife of ten years. Recently decided that she'd like to get a tummy tuck and a do you lift. Due to having a few kids her body is still amazing. I told her she doesn't need any work. But she is insisting on it I don't think it's the best idea financially as it is 151000. Dollars. You could look at the financing it talked about the the congress you know have the money conversation Gergen again at the a lot of money. But it's an image thing and you know women's bodies get. Racquets after they have to yeah absolutely wrecked and then what happens ear you think she has a great body now five years and now that's like honey wanted to keep up with yourself. And it did that extra Skinner on the stomach is that especially if she's had a C section if the scars not a great place he had the flap of skin and a little bit of that he can't lose. So maybe see if you can do it in pieces see if maybe can take a tax return to the Tommy tech this year. Boob lift next year. But it's just it's a self esteem thing in and she's gone through enough to produce those children so now she wants to take her body back now a child on. He knows there is what you're saying what do childbirth PLO's our videos and listen you know look at look back and how much money you spent on beer out an all out Brent yeah. The right. While I'm Elena said dean care since. Let's see my girlfriend gets are uncomfortable. When my acts like mine instant grand. And only likes the ones without my current girlfriend in it. Now of course my family also likes my taxes IG's yeah what do what do I do about this. Just held their family off with a I mean if he has or any other phone lines and that he's tough. When you split up if especially now in the age of social media it used to be that you broke up with somebody. And you never saw their family again unless you were a local and you bumped into them like the supermarket or something. Now everybody's connected like I think I'm still friends with like annexes. Cousin from like ten years ago that people are just connected the people just like the picks and just tell your act like did not knock my girl doesn't like baton you know you're not with your accident to worry about hurting your axis feelings were about your current. Here's a 978 taxed 34 and she's 25. She wants to settle down but now she is saying that she needs to make more time for her friends yup. Our time together is may be one week one night a week. Ended day during the week. And she gets mad at me when. I ask simple questions. I'm about what her plans are for the week. Is it worth trying to continue or is the age gap a factor here. That's a factor that I want to settle down twenty fact jail. Not couldn't imagine that not only not being married the person I was eating at that time has run I'm very different now but just because I feel like you so much life toilet. And no people hours Calero settled down but I wanna do this kill. And if you're in a different place than she is with what you want for the future then you need to talk about it benefits not short talk or don't waste each other's time if here's. Ending one night and one dear week with someone you're not in a relationship. That is called needing yeah that's right yeah. Senator is more time right there street c'mon man you know in my wanted to echo what she's doing on the Evan writes yeah. Here's 50 wait Texas says Greg I give you permission to take the rest of the day off you sound like guests now relates. Good morning Greg overseer at the radio station making everyone else sick Scientology I Ocalan who. Here's the Texas says Greg you sound like asked today by the way Danielle said you're. It's because mrs. Opel meter and I was was was mocking me yesterday all of us so you care about what I say about you know you're part of the has to come in north so that I made fun of him that I had to show up here. You know I had to show up we see yesterday were saying that I would have never taken that they offer something like that your internal age is starting to match the size of your hand serve this is Andrea hello Andrea. I think I've yeah yeah. I'm married again like the second time are you like couple months. Well I had I had the Norah O virus the Niro virus is LV calls it and now I have and I had some kind of a bronchial. All of right you rat out I've got legionnaires' disease I would much prefer. Would much prefer this than he then the horror of the stomach flu that clarity yes. I want to come out quick and that gentleman called then about it Blake Lonnie at army act in a blue dot on yes. I would tell him that he most top. Do it are really at candlelight and expect slight change here drastically. I had the comic act done. About a year ago I worked out that might not where I want it be that they greet each section and it just wasn't going away and I'd had that. My confidence in and it a 100%. Now you mean with him though the other guys are now putting out OK I was gonna to be a W yeah. Larry I. It's really is the grassland. And. I found this is the final eight texts. I found it deep texts on my wife's FaceBook. Messages. Of an old friend from college yet. She said that he did it on his own without her encouraging it yeah. Should I believe there I would say what was the rest of the conversation along I was at peace on the message that you Wear product sent pictures probably sell whether or not there was some course. On it's gone back and forth you may benefit until look that in depth. And a kitten and solicited. Sucks if you're a woman is it's like dude I really didn't like. In you know a guy guys that haven't seem to like some chick randomly send YouTube nick wreck -- but I didn't I didn't even ask for this she just threw it out there. It's always gonna seem to. Honey I just gave myself on him on the onion and you know I'm a parent I mean. That's crazy my girlfriend here's a 774 attacks my girlfriend gets wild in bad. When she drinks. But sober. Everything is back to normal and how to lie get her to get wilds when she is sober. Probably not gonna yeah I'll start around him he's uptight. Only comfortable doing certain things when she's junk might be. Not secured just not comfortable. You know doing those things normally when your drunk it's like. I'm right so right. Game on now yeah I had partner bottlenecks in the next. This is this is Christian hello Christian. They got his longtime first thank you. Got a question for being on a simple simple. Our own size female brain yet on what program here. I got a neighbor girl that I grew up less you know the majority of allies should look in the extort me until they're best friends growing out. Two weeks so hard it was so he is such human toll. Our neighbors and more times you have always wanted to trying. Nick Mubarak itinerary knew where. You know fewer than Ku where you know Howard PX if it did happen in part like lately she has the boards are now by. She's been telling me you know like. You know how is sleazy doesn't hurt god. So I don't know you know it's my time to make mover. And a few security weird after. You can't let that situation play out on its own don't ever be the impetus for someone breaking. Because when it if someone breaks up with their significant other Florio you and it doesn't work out with few then they resent you. And then now like C I gave up this amazingly even even though she says he's lazy and one not so also got back you know like. I gave up a solid long term relationship to give this a chance that you didn't do XY and Z and now you're right he jackass is knowing I resolve itself on its sound good point. Hello Andrew. Hey Greg how idea what's Andrew. Hey hey. Question we're all it. My belt but it I've been going up I probably on all ten months now. And we had no bite you know we really nice. Girl she's hit pilot often grow. If she is if she lives it's that elegant body. But at that she's like living and breathing rate. Oh well yes but not all I gotta look at what's what's your car. I say we out of the blue last night we are we at low lit and again she out of the blue. He ever around and midnight last night that we have to talk yeah it was. It was a leaked out of the Lou kind of thing I've never at attic yet at. Any like that are not things. What do you think what do you think there's Avnet dot. I I don't think it was out of the globe usually nothing usually comes up and aplomb usually the person's been sitting on the conversation for awhile and just hasn't found the right time to bring it to. Everywhere is like at midnight. Yeah and we have the tock is like setting our person in that setting the person up for. I talked that is not a good time now. And even if they say we at the top it's not all bad it's a bad bill bad right like I hate on people throwing out there and -- like you know we needed tock. That I'll be at work until 7 o'clock tonight so maybe we should grab a drink after that it's like you're gonna let me see here. All. 740 and then just do it at 7 o'clock in the morning trapping him wrong. Lesbian here so anyone taxed. My girlfriend who lives in the main. Wants to move out but not break up okay. She said it's just because she's never lived on our and think she should yup but she is definitely cheating on me right. I don't think so I ate dependent teach expect quick and let us know your age. Because. I've I've seen friends that have been in that scenario you know preference who lived with and boyfriend. Where they at the first time they move out of their parents' house and moved him in the boyfriend Alec and a break up the I'd want my freedom and an appellate I've never lived. By myself I've never had my own place my own apartment my owns the Jack with your own space is very important things so if your. Especially if you're in a smaller place I had her three guys to get away from getting away from each other is very important hire they do you need it cardinals crap in her own area casino I'm tired of ray open with the door open every day naked yes. Here's a telling C here's a text that says what Andrew's girlfriend needs talked to him about is how it takes him 45 minutes to get to a point honey stop and explain how the album and then I guess nobody else story aspect are right. Well that'll do it for today nice job everybody that is inside the awards to female brain here.