Valentine's Day News - The Number One thing Newlyweds Argue About.

Tuesday, February 13th

A recent study reveals the number one thing newlyweds argue about. The morning show crew discusses!


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. The meal was stuck in the in the offices morning during a meeting about Adam. The fact that she is a craving to have some alcoholic siders every single morning now after Friday. I'm but he was also she was a is also talking to me about this information just in time down things day. About the number one thing. That newlywed couples fight about. And it's not what you're saying is CEO we did two relationship related segments or week. And we a lot of different complaints from people who had recently gotten married like yeah in the last six to twelve months for Eric this really surprised me did you think it was going to be sax yeah or sex related or lack of sex ha. Something Z along those lines I thought it was gonna be money. And if you ask if you had to guess if the big ads she'll what would you guess if you had to guess about the number one thing that newlyweds by about. And don't say whether or not the new Star Trek series is worthy of the month of Tennessee try to verses Star Wars. Always Larry parable adult if you don't like Sox yankees yes terrible I'm now what does that money because it's people are constantly that that's why a lot of people we've discussed this on the show but. A lot of people who are in. Relationships these days Disco was separate bank announces so that they don't add their money is their money if you're household account where you contribute equally to or would it be determined. And you have your own and a now we need to mix everything it's meant. But. A text there says a 617 text or on the tax line which is 9717. Says it's gotta be the toilet seat. I know it's not what does it is kept upward are kept down here and involved against some known an indirect way though. If god is great and I just say yes the coolest thing the newest invention because we are just redid the Barack term. Are you touched the toilet seat yet Eric automatically slowly. Moved to yeah. Any definitely paid for that. Here's a text that says what about the in laws. Yeah. About. Yeah that aren't that that's like a super new thing I feel you RD know whether or not you know you have an Intel. Oh relationship with their in laws I think that we we discussed this the other day as he may have been yesterday have to act like you like the analog exploited dating but then once again very fair what about. Tax there is suggesting. That it's. Where that Tex go when to have kids and is the number one thing that newlyweds. But don't attack before you get married I love all these. Lot of unhappily newly married people protect it here's a 978 Texas says we fight about who gets in the shower first that's the side. As I understand again yet getting together that was great when they were dating a beast and Elena. It's odd box. Let's see lazier us. Am very should I or not the couch. Being a slob the seventh seventh or text that's from oracle and social media six on the contacts that somebody's liking an ex girlfriend does their posts and instant hammers on the night that that's that's about it. Here's a 781 Texas says burning might Turkey pot. Kitchen bitch that is that's right at the sticky pop not birdie Turkey five via they're trying to caulk around. The number one thing Daniel told me this morning that knew who his fight about is. Household. Chores brackets who is doing though washing of the clothes and doing the dishes and doing all that crap that's the be done. Last Ling is a marriage health act they surveyed 75000. Couples and they found that overwhelmingly. The biggest thing that they find about as newlyweds is who is going to do which chores. What gets cleaned buying homes. Whether it's dishes dusting or laundry floors of windows at setter out. They say that a and the next thing they fight about most is what the other person's definition of clean. Time to think. You know are about chores. And you know what is reasonable. As far as splitting hitter who gets what depending on your schedule that are that are what's gonna solve this problem what the robot uprise right yeah because the robots can do all lower as a solvent. Problem for new by the way. Did you see speaking of the robot uprising. Did you see that terrifying video that I tweeted yesterday when the robot open the door yes I did not skiers. Crap out of view there's this video from. Boston robotics Abbas the dynamics be able. Of this robot and the robot is in Harlem. And the robot approaches the door and the robot has no hands. To open the door so the robot somehow Solomon's. One of its other robot overlord its name and the other robot. Comes walking over with de hand device. And that opens the door and they rushed through the door to kill the human beings on the other side I had I. The video I'm gonna have an essential I added to kill human beings on the other side but it's an absolutely terrifying video. Some atomic to defeat great field of you have checked out by anyway all right number one thing. That newlyweds by about. Is household chores by the way I also aside information for those of you might be getting married tomorrow be careful. Couples who get married on Valentine's Day. R.s 37%. More likely. To get divorced you know I won't his your wife's pain in the Anthony you got married on Valentine's yeah I'm married yeah me. As that. Yeah I don't know it mean yes it's probably mostly visited the female who is insisting the Miriam on Wednesday it also may be that. You're rushing it to try to time and out of Valentine's Day color or you think that's been that's gonna remember that Valentine's Day your anniversary. Though. If holiday wedding people think you're saying she's married boss and his parents are married and he'd just right. So if you are considering getting married on Valentine's Day Dan you'll be 37%. More likely. Do get the Boortz. You could believe he'll male voice mail message. And any of those topics or any other topic and we're gonna play aerial Mel voicemail messages back. It about a half an hour. The mill voicemail number is 6177795463. Here's attacks from a female. She says yes I'm a female and yes I am Greg's age. Six a share a point out that she's senior citizen age seriously. Life's too short. Clean as ego who cared does what the writer who does what enjoy each other the message from an old woman who. Okay is if you're picking your close up for your carrier urges dropping them where you take a mop. Got a great kids do at all surprised and it is you know be counted not a reason it's ultimately it's don't have kids and it's hard day's other fighting about the list. Turns into one of those the other person it's like the LB method of getting out of work the other person tries to do something your like. Did you you know it it keeps cracking up just yet to put it put down let me do it now over what. Overload the dishwasher regardless so pure program to do do issues credit you can't heat up that much corned beef and cabbage and a small pot can aegis that he needs just. Backed away from this I will do it now ranks. I'll do a lot of times that's an Athens is that one of the spouses just decides armadillos rather than about right that's called compromise. That's of necessity is the mother of all invention that's that's you stuck since this thing you want to help. And now I'll just take care the way I feel about these things as a man. It is if fuel avoided. And ignored for long enough. Somebody else eventually does and that's that's why is he just ignored pearl on the left these evenings DO showdown. It's a test of wills creek that's yeah. 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