Today in Trump - Space Force, Ever Upward!

Wednesday, March 14th

As President Trump reveals his idea for an interplanetary defense corp., Matty and Nick take an opportunity to merchandise!

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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always on him. I'm new schedule and WA AF. Every day there's one thing you can count on. Bomb built this something we're talking about trust and I'm Smart person and we serve at the pleasure of the president jag yes Matty and at present a day in trump I give myself. And they class act and an intent. On Tuesday Donald Trump was talking to Marine Corps service members. And he who is talking on a script as he's apt to do neck and talking about defense. The future of this country. And how his mind was trying to wrap itself around. What the future of the American Defense Department might look up. The united straight Gerard. I went down to you move through our president and lays down and it's arson. And how it's not really serious in the us or what a great idea maybe we'll have to do that space is a war fighting domain. Just like no land air act and city. We may even have any space force. Develop another stage collapsed with the air force space sports. Yeah you're heading north chase forward straight starts at times I do. When we have to take on those big bugs. Like starship troopers. Just know DJ he's got a can level. Oh. You're always right Jack that it's here yeah Russia. Mel not Russell. Reported restrict or start your career. To a ridiculous start earlier books. What the draft those football players that he's usually starship troopers that football game that we are when you're oh yeah. Maybe that's Ramon goes on the space forceful policy. Maybe the ex FL it's just a front. The new space force that drafted elite athletes to be able to come back our enemies of and outer space you legitimately. I first of all of you legitimately suggested I love this that we would have something called space force it's Smart out to you why OK Smart that was it. If Don Cheadle does starred in movies they're. Here's the thing I've haute are very well liked. Can't show this like how Battlestar Galactica start we started space sports. That we actually create the sidelines. Then they get the code to crack our defense shield of the blow us all up members that are out there taken jobs and zero gravity you've ever my. Rambo three started 9/11 things you and I and you prefer she laughed and he got by you guys pretty a must do to you again here comes. DJT's write this here's why. Our very own Hilemon on the Hill Man Morning Show. I heard and the other day he reported a story. About this dude bought property on the moon. Yeah in this story your eggs from the flu BI and an item on but wait it's legally binding he bought property it will because no one's claimed it. So we spot selling out he sold like twelve million dollars with a realistic on the moon and nick your question. Has the answer and it buy homes authority was it exactly so what's gonna have a space is the further we go out Ilan mosque. Other can deal well well well well look you don't on that America we all now we got Mars. Right right eight and it's gonna get ugly it's gonna get ugly really fast lasers and he pointed. Mean so I am all for this cup is a visionary on this one space sports I wanted to. Space force I hope it's called space forced to now are passages. And I have a deep hole on the Family Guy thinking movement record sure. Good drop good story as Clinton is great work that he's actually a course that you can. A again. Peter is the last minute the best lays in noises and thank you and you have trump doing actual laziness as Dodgers looking king did down yeah the bing. I think this is fantastic now people are actually taking this seriously next. The proposal. Experts are now trying to figure out what it will look like. Space force yes and probably fly budget shifts like Richard Branson's spacecraft. Spacecraft on a picky calls that. And how fast and Armageddon laser get it up. That awaited maybe big press a button being being able and you checks being being being being we had our beautiful marine standing there they re really being there on the today. Bottle you know the map being being being a little math on a big big big big big big thing. Little mouth bottom big. And agreed being used as a bing. In June the house armed services committee proposed the establishment of a space corps. A new bridge the US military that fall under the command of air force in the national defense authorization. And the AA. So this is this could happen. And they can have a pretty quick hit listen Elon Musk is our descendants who. I'm just swore. Elon Musk started sending stuff on to Mars so it's gonna happen fast you know we'd better opponents they've. At some point yeah but it honor our species definitely. At its party already happened. We're looking at the past we look Mars our own past navy. We came here in Indy after some sort of disaster. Found earth it's gonna happen all over again you'll test and. It held tight to me if or are you saying that we are a species are like a sub species from the creators the engineers. That's up to meet the assault saying. Those are some big giant brewer meet the waxy bromide is dude came here like cracked himself open and have been a river and then here we are you don't may be. I'm open to all possible I think that is can theorize it's the end is giving quick second here. Right by the way. Space fliers. I will idea. Did you that's. Hold on that how you and your brother make T shirts yes OK I want you to join space force he JT. I want you in the American hat space force with him pointing you can't wait to sell three of their outline all I know that front then go file and great. I can't wait. I would do it ever I have to do against his own survival almost became a Boston cop and did. We're here your skills are perfectly applicable. Forceful. I mean considering the average astronaut only has to train eight years to go to outer space. Training stimulate the I thought Rex sort of saying. Rat me out right we're thinking about arming teachers who are we gonna do is arm. Radio hosts that were almost Boston cops zit get outer space. Boom. Space forceful. Me. This is one of the greatest things he might actually as the vice president ever to get space force of running. And coming haven't sexual porn star coming from the other man that thinks OJ is innocent. Stuff Freeman juice man you've been here he's gone on long enough I ever. What you think you mean of course I ever affect the OnStar. We don't read much. Allegedly. I imagine it. Now what happens if space force goes rogue they can hold the whole planet hostage but its nukes and lasers. Lol gonna do is probably take over those desert planet's. I which 1% of budget trick trick jock who are yet to mean whatever looks like Afghanistan and Iraq has taken over. Cinema check out there admired and that's all reduce conflict that we don't wanna Rihanna just keeps an troops. I'm going to say strips. What I would call that space force members. Forced to tears. Team awesome. He must united states of moshing. And we will dominate space because we're we're not just the United States anymore no more like a whole have you ever seen a Star Wars movie from India. On YouTube crap. Rush in put out any Star Wars movies we dominate space their imaginations. So we had dominated real life. All I cannot believe that I hitched my career wagon to one of the craziest people. A lot of that sentence. Google YouTube Indian are Indian Star Wars. They're from India and they made like rivers a Star Wars and you Tommy we're not gonna dominate space. Okay great. Today who dominates us TP. 978 I want to share. Possibly have to it's almost Jaafari Stevens if you're listening. Donald Trump in the Uncle Sam pose pointing his finger I want you for space wars we'll sell. Hundreds about but I don't want. Brand.