Throwback Thursday - Lincoln Assasination

Thursday, May 31st

Matty and Nick throw it back to the good ol' days of rock and roll.. and then they throw it WAY back to the Lincoln assasination.

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We can't Virginians 37 WAM. Podcasts are all is I'm. I'm your schedule at WAA asked. They say put the past behind you they say don't look back. Well today. Probably don't have a bunch of cool. And their past angry after the fact your pals Mattie had nick do and there are about that takes you want to walk down memory lane does anyone having mark can you might wanna bring a witness or some place. It's throwback Thursday on Matty admit. You just grab some moments ago about. Your life enjoying a shark named Tripp watching your son after golf practice yeah my life is currently heading to the Boston symphony. To see a friend. Five do you like at tonight's performance of on the town of Broadway musical. In my there well they could not work that way could she get the free ticket to go out for solutions that these. And though Broadway at the pops and I need to column change diapers and put to bed. Wanted to do in the body sewage. She you know I'm about to swipe straighter process monitor what a sincere stuff by the nine and I have a little lobster roll. I need article claims nowadays I go first to you when he we also that a GRV Solis are. I mean are you OK let me that they don't because I'll butt up we're talking about moments ago yeah originally I was gonna talk about this. I was gonna talk about the fact that tonight you mister Rogers and I like you know the documentary coming out theaters next Friday mr. rogers' neighborhood and I feel great program mister Rogers it's you I'd like it's going to be short airing on PBS I thought I'd be so nice you know bring little Fred Roger like the celebrities talk about. The impact that he had hosted by Michael Keaton mr. Pittsburgh himself makes all the sense in the world so let's gonna give you good deals. That's think it now you know what season to. Of the toys that made us just came out on Netflix. And maybe I should watch that because that's gonna give me some more serious doubts he feels. This series is so fine it's another new episodes are about like go. And transformers. So I hit it puddles deep dive I can watch it with the kid goes to you know what. Now now that we stumbled across this little bit Matty. This whole idea that on YouTube you can watch this man on this game show from the fifties the talk about it. The fact that he was the last living witness. To the assassination of Lincoln. On this game show. Where I've got a secret yeah which by the way sponsored by Winston cigarettes a justice EA games has sponsored by cigarettes as though host just ripped to but it's a plant guy next door ID 60 man it's written everybody on the show smoking is. Everybody says everyone on TV used to smoke and drink on my god and between commercial breaks you know they're all doing. During an. Leo IL port job that took delivery. Listen to this this is crazy so this is does this Alan. Gene Weaver. No as the name I believe it's Alice lever know Alice from yes it was a woman who played Alice on honeymooners on the honeymooners speaking to this man. The last witness to ever see Abraham Lincoln assassinated the fourth theatre 1865. Yes. And twenty dollars not sixty dollars to gonna go to Jane meadows team I don't think you can it gets caught up. We may usually helpful so I've whispering to Jayne McCarron. Ali I'm not. All smoking would be if you have ever been president of the United States. Ever president is man. On you. And handling. It was Abraham Lincoln yes this is so surreal something to do with Abraham Lincoln. What this day pleasant thing. Was that a pleasant thing you saw her Batman. I know you did you know. That way it was clear that there would be that had anything to do with the president Lincoln's death I didn't. Fortunately it didn't seem all witnessed the shooting presently. Time equal the nervous laughter for people think like there's no way this adorable old man appear onstage. Actually saw one of the most atrocious moment in American history is incredible that I saw Lincoln shot while articles by Samuel. That someone that is is in and then been on television on modern and that connecting those yeah period didn't make sense of what an I Lanka was dialogue unreal well. And then mine is is easy nick. On this day. In 1948. My favorite drummer of all time in many others. The great John Henry bottomed. And was born and this clip nick comes from if you get the dvd I first saw this and How the West Was Won that. Zeppelin now boxed set came out you know and early two thousands. Right there is a video there's a series of like outtakes and rare videos. They did a little torn X 68. And no one knew they were in Europe they knew that this super group kind of quote unquote super group because Jimmy Paige is a very famously came from the birds and very famous the New Yorkers make it you know he's a great session musician but no one knew Led Zeppelin at this point so this video is a clip from. A Danish radio. Show. Gave. Contests to go see this new band Led Zeppelin so what you see in this video the visual makes it better but there's these Kyle you know students kids. Sitting around the zeppelin. And Led Zeppelin comes out and well hosed them away and you could see the kids like looks scared and John Bonham is in the back he literally looks like. The market. It was like an animal he looks like your animal the cameras hairs congress didn't listen. Guys. Do a lot of minidisc. So now it's loves you yeah. Yeah. The bug and you'll. You may have is hey you are Julian moreover winds blow. And stern. You were very close. Having birdie of the day John Henry bottom Dodd's territory in 1980 born today in 1948.