Throwback Thursday - Jaws

Thursday, June 21st

This Thursday, the guys throw it back to a movie that made everyone change the way we thought about the water and swimming!

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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always online and on your schedule it WA AF. They say put the past behind you they say don't look back well day. Probably don't have the budget cool. And their past. Right we got to go back your pals Mattie had nick do and there are about that takes you want to walk down memory lane does anyone having more content you might wanna bring a witness or some place. It's throwback Thursday on Matty admit. Now that's got to give my ten minute rant about how Peter what was done underrated. No by all means please. This back there they. Brought you by stone floored now hiring a full time certified automotive technician. 7500 dollar signing bonus visits don't import dot com for details or stop by to apply nick. Yesterday. In 1975. This film was released upon the world. And much like its titular character. It chopped down upon our very souls changing the way America thought of the water. Changing the way we went to the movies change that we thought of summer which by the by today's first day of summer. This may DVD. Actually is credited as the original. Summer blockbuster as Alan referenced in the Al questions you protestor arguing Witten had no idea I said my I think he seminal the all time summer blockbusters Star Wars but the first one technically is since. The first whether or lines around the corner. Where everybody had to see. Here are the facts. Star Wars usurped jobs. As the highest grossing film of all time at the time. So yes jaws was the go until Star Wars against it but people credit jives with setting the template with how to make a summer blockbuster correct so. I mean this film is so incredible. It's still holds up all its. It's the only thing that dates this movie is may be. The occasional mechanical shark shot otherwise this movie because it takes place on a fictional Martha's Vineyard. Named what Stanley. I Ferrari's islands. Amity island and many. Otherwise everything about it basically. And it's a vacation land so could almost be today just don't have to Smartphones thank god. What I love about it is the you know we all think the shark we all think of you know the kind of blockbuster aspects of the iconic John what the first since Seoul Korea iconic John Williams theme is beyond our movie podcast we do next John Williams comes up. So much as to Spielberg but com. The naturalistic style with which Steven Spielberg should this would like to CNET always think when I think of job I don't think of the shark. I think of the town meetings team we snakes the camera into the meeting everyone's arguing it's all natural sound in the Quinn puts his fingers on the chalkboard to scrapes fingers on the chalkboard like that scene. Leading up to quit. Scraping the chalkboard. Is so well executed. It sets the scene with notes Basra dialogue use you feel the tension of the town it tells the whole story and then the other C I think it was them singing show me the way to go home Omnia boat. And I. Industry you bad Spanish city. Crippled and Ronnie. Spray. Because. Our Avery is seeing daughters but they sailed back to blows and you'll have a long way Jolie's he lets all think is. But tossing missed it's it's incredible what added to it. A couple of things about jobs it's. It's a movie that's terrifying it's still scary you know it makes you think you know and the advantage of having sharks all over and around Cape Cod which drives everyone. Insane and it is actually kind of scary. It it's funny it's incredibly well shot it's a beautiful movie they made a study this movie. For days. Believe it or not a block a big fat summer blockbuster like jaws when I mean why keep data film school there. There are shots and tricks that Spielberg pulls off in this movie he plays tricks with perspective. That you don't even realize until somebody points out you go oh that's why I have this weird feeling right now without even. A line of dialogue or emotional Q pushing me in a certain direction. And the acting is tremendous. It's just it's a near its again I talk about those movies. There's just a small lump them. That are the perfect movies it's Gilbert's got two of them yeah jaws. And raiders of the lost her. Those are both of them are practically perfect movies. I ask you this goat Spielberg movie. Ridiculous question. Mean he TE gonna who you think about that as it raiders are just a series on our. Might say. Driver I'm Saving Private Ryan or. Schindler's List some people might say well my daughter's attention and enthusiasm that I mean those are masterpieces. But you could watch jaws annually couple times a year my tomorrow do I'm Molly says that jaws than scariest movie durst who she was a kid into. Can you imagine if you're five in this came out or eight. I never did ads for like alien used to terrify me as a kid but aboard a couple of years prior and I see this a bit like a few I'm not go to the ocean. My mother wouldn't go to pool. And Azumah Johnson she could barely think about out now 781 is a great text nick on the IW of Texans niners have one it's one of seven that kind of talks about. I think is a good summation of the power and skill. With which Steven Spielberg made this back in 1975. My kids can't get it if there's no cell phones they just don't understand. But they loved this movie. You know it means that speaks to kids don't connect to a lot of things that are back then but if you see your kid down and have them watch. Does I I pretty much guarantee. About it aboard an accident analogic. No I have made him what's close encounters of the third kind though cause that's rice there are gonna over the obvious so I'm okay. I'm gone back to re watch causing cash and making the weekend so let's do that just watching it. I'd just never seen it not a binary watch OK that's the weekend assignment but we will be remiss if I didn't rapid jaws. He got to play great line from whales sing along simulated. I think it was at that. That person you gonna need a bigger boat sometimes I think in Winthrop they did it a couple of years ago they screen jaws while you are in like those rounds who moves oriental water digest movies yes you know why don't know why your want to actually I actually did that and Arizona on held off some guy had been moved out of school that Alan and Narragansett actually sponsored because that's the official beer. Of jaws because that's where it is like Marriott is actually done like. Tubes in little man made lakes Alamo draft tested it where they had a manmade lake in Texas you only drank Narragansett and taxes and watch jaws that's now that's what I call going home you just sit there should be. Everybody come on everybody. He. The move. OK okay to ma I had. Z. Home. Okay. Yeah. Only you ran a good.