Throwback Thursday - Jackson Five & Star Wars

Thursday, December 14th

Today's Throwback Thursday features one of the most iconic movies & singers of all time!

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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are all is. Are you schedule WAS. They say put the past behind you they say don't look back. Well they probably don't have a bunch of cool. And their pass to react to go back your pals Mattie had nick do and there are about that takes you want to walk down memory lane this. Anyone having mark can you might wanna bring with us or some place. It's throwback Thursday on Matty admit. Come back. Altogether there. What's on your docket. I mean it's a no brainer what I would be thrown back to at this point the mean. You know a lot. Normally I'd be angry but with the big. I've actually big premier. I just got text messages from friends. Sadly though he's sitting in already seen waiting mr. Kerry will be seeing this movie is twenty minute she is being. He took the nerd much while the last Addai is out. No spoilers I said that but when you're seeing it tomorrow morning at 1130 to make sure that I see it before the show mostly don't noticing it don't. Keep. God the Kennedy out of Canada now I don't know whether to return well and got a lot there. Into. I didn't do it guys will be choking on crotch savers before this night is no you don't have a good skywalker trains are and then it comes up he's been sexually harassing girls all of the guys had him to hash tag yet I do right that. You're so I don't know why you are you kidding me I can't wait that's not only thing I'm really thrown back to. It's omnipotent. It's everywhere. It's the dominant dialogue if the event movie of this season. Of the year really and the reviews are phenomenal. But more so. I'm sharing this today because I found an awesome piece of sound I want to share ideas now. Everyone remembers their first movie everybody remembers the most fun I ever had in the movies and of course. People were kind of you know fear of age you remember where you were you saw Star Wars so I was doing some throwback Thursday net scouring today and I found this. Yeah. This is a guy who went to see Star Wars in the theater in 1977 with his mom. And they brought a tape recorder and they heard the movie was so awesome. That while they tape recorded the audience reaction this is literally like the first person to. To release its audience wait wait diesels. Okay this level falling asleep you back yeah. Okay. They're clearing the path blue. Lou picked up the photon torpedo. Page after the death dark and all that bother pepper up. If you build it. Now a little bit like the original version of everybody filming everything is shared on social media with a cell phones notice everybody had the ability to clap and yells to his cousin known as getting any action about it. I sorry you leftist and pickup of our I don't that he decided that we heard and preserve. We couldn't hire trades go to tell yourself because every time out at the movies out sleigh and six play in it. Leans crazies. Friday evening and Hyundai there literally unheard of moderate and murder than an hour dump them all back with the popcorn candy. Annie I Fossum Nowak I'm excited to an amazing I can't wait to see your hair your review tomorrow maybe that's what Leo he's got to review yeah of course I heard it was important that we four hours of review and to me. Yeah that's that's the bottom of Oregon is a Star Wars tape. The all star or sit OK I'll mind my dog back Thursday is a several moment and just happens via my birthday on this dates. In 1969. You know Ed Selma and invite you know introduced us to many great artists. And on my birthday in 96 and I wasn't born yet. He walked out introduced us to this young man who proceeded to melt. All our hearts and our faces by doing so well. Don't like we're gonna change. The Jackson 5 that's right Michael his Brothers from Gary Indiana on this state Aggies into nine Edsall and introduced the world to them and out. It's sad when you hear that actually makes you crime was announced I think about I just the other night. I was home and they are running that documentary about a concert that never was. You know that dark matter last won the laughs this is it yeah. And you know if he isn't as cool this is is is is ghoulish shell of a human being and yes he could still saying yes he can still dance beat you know he's doing on that. Don't eat it yeah. And there's like ghoulish masks base right any system may see it and you're like. You hear that and you see that little young boy and your site alt breaks your Hartman and happened. We discovered Jackson 5 and Gary Indiana with a theory yeah. I think about it I. But justice is just it's heartbreaking it's like when you listen the it. Stone Temple Pilots now or whoever audio slavery is like you love it at the detectives decided that they were really special and he hoped would just like one of a kind talent there's just not I. Yeah I've never heard anything close to it a senate select them we never we may never experience anything like that voice like that and what he grew into. Aside from all of the the today it difficulties. And questioned her versions and how soon. Let me like 561 point five. Humans out east on oil and control was the one thing a lot of children have looked at me yet again ironically there's a really cool video they did together those. You remember that song they did together. Don't know it was like out there and I guess space retro. Rockets on rock uh oh we have what was he gets paid a shock addict. You know I. They're Shaq announced data show us state of shock was the song that the jacksons did in the literary tore her jagr got it is due to someone in jail and so on a TV show that even shown that was Janet Jackson was good times good young lady she fled the daughter they get burned by the iron and more with the big do you run the name of market. I got it. With a lot of rappers often talk about how that was like their first crossed opportunities in line now Willard character and it was. Yeah Janet Jackson little girl. Jennifer and government scream that's screened this random. Stop pressure in mis. Hits it and there it.