The Straight Line - Jan 10

Wednesday, January 10th

It's a special off-season edition of "The Straight Line Extra" when Marty Hough talks with John Force as he is presented with an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Northwestern Ohio.


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While commander MRI dot com my name is Marty how cohost of the straight line here on MR and dot com myself and Doug Herbert. Would take you through another year drag racing starting feb eight when the NH RA winter nationals blast off. From Paul Mona and we cannot wait for it now you may be asking and talking to listen in January. Well when you have the opportunity to catch up with the sixteen time world champion you go ahead and do it is actually what he's done something really cool. And that's earned a doctorate degree. From the University of Northwestern Ohio and on the telephone line what this right now is the sixteen time champ. John force congratulations. Doctor force. Well Marty. Yeah it lets them use that it. Center right you had no way the university there. And Liam Ohio it was an honor for me. No. A look at those things. That our data mart where they had a great video produced. Accomplishments not only when it championships and driver Robert I was there and my daughter Brittany champions this year. We're nature area have been a course. Courtney was there are about like or it was just a moment of recognition appropriated. Send my accomplishments are probably on the racetrack with a report it didn't strike over the years old batteries cart. They've lied so. We'll stay melodic. You don't like you wanted to have a chip up burnout. That old apple it was pretty pretty cool. It cool couple of months I mean not. Eat you come away with a funny car championship with Robert hite. Eat your daughter Britney wins the top fuel championship and you become a doctor here hugged all within about three or four months so that's a all the caution accomplishment. The darker thing came out where it ought to be oh but it was an opportunity. I would really. If I got an education debate during the school universe there. And and and thanks in what they do I mean it's not you know it's not just motor sports we have Parker's original employed workforce. Not just motor sports. That they do there have been no. You know I got Earl raced carts. Ride it could be a mechanic. You know you can work fabrication. Builder in in shops and not just on race cars all parts great. On site and drag race and erotic art that it a little bit nervous bank. But but they also teach how to build engines on I don't rooms. And then it goes on and on the biggest leaders working on the big transporters that we are on the road. I'm a little bit of everything and you block. They've got an area that treat men and women. On on make up. And and and and and stop that we are. So but it won't we should show. You know what make up all this proper cutlery and then hit it I'd I'd like daughters. Wide bailout. Bill's probably ask well they're displaced urged US. And dorms are the students over. Just short like thousands to. But they just had everything it shocked me. The people out. Jeff Jarvis president in your plan. The net US and middle aged is everywhere and unrest. And an an arms. A place where you create an exercise in. So I don't ruin that golf courses Pete I'd got a little bit everything so it was an honor for me at a real education we will be armed or people from there. And that's really cool speaking of education's. I eat your daughters and starting with actually and Brittany and Courtney who wanted to prerequisites for them. Becoming pros. At what they do ended a drag racing was that they needed to go to college that was that your wife Laurie and and New York beauty tip them is that they needed to graduate from college first before they did that. They've done that news you've got to see the benefits of of getting a college education. Oh without a doubt that is number what I'm a straight number one always believe in god departure military in the country and our great black but. Right on the top that list was in the moment. They are so many things Smart by their nature which you alert in the long run when you look back on it. A lot. They work well and as a kid an education that's that it did you don't mean you need this proposed change in the technology. Even on the race cars computers. You know the Internet the whole world most agent bought most analysts it's well Robert gets ready for college graduate absorb our girls. I struggle but did not like at all I spoke out. Most part thousands students looked like in this room on the photos were unbelievable. And kids and you know aged from outraged better. Bennett women. You know preparation and not just drag race in NASCAR cart proudly represent. There are some forever. What worked in management marketing PR but women are working on race cars in our sport and drive and race. That school is really gee I never had that opportunity. I had to learn. My teachers work the people in the boardrooms across America. At soccer and auto club Jimmy Page last. Was bunker with a piece of paper Sanjay. As a spirit of the contract. And never quite never changed. You know so things are reservists. The billionaire owns old world industries that if you liked it contract. Any reason above blue depth when overall you know. I've read as. Much. And end up. It it it just. Clock stops America maybe be education I've got. In the market street tellem storage entertainment. And the baker family. Stop me so much about racial like NH RA. They'd talked so much. You know people in and I would negotiate sponsor would do a lot of work. And they are the forums. I love those people and and an a and the growth the minutes or it would mark you know right now we are going in the right direction. Adobe and should have an opportunity here well I'd grab this opportunity to get our act up on Saturday and suddenly top network our car. About that and out but much more. In this in this great country we live in the world's changed so opportunities that are ripple strips of those. It go to Greece and execute want to Mark Gordon and ripping paper it says you have knowledge on an idea. Bridget are to teach our. No doubt about it. So besides getting a doctorate degree what what else you've been doing during the off season champ. Robert art works seven days a week. You know what don't we have a lot of changes. Our course right I said your back lost money lost people. You know my daughter our doors are opened employed at lap speed that. To me if they ever want to come back. Because our freedoms family. Aren't gonna make mistakes right or. But what I look at as we put the band back together ratio went chip chip the cover art optical. Moto was what I need Butler for me and then my daughter Britney and offshore energy are. I'll tell I don't think most energy our upper years of being at a major back aren't Robert Chevrolet picked me up LAPD report. And and of course Pete. You know given that. You know given near Wright certainly put it all micron. Britain rejected parents are advanced auto parts I don't trademarks or operative and are still cholera. Bit under the pressure commissioner Robert have been drilled in Ottawa and red carpet last that he was common Coke. And struggled just make children cockpit crews. Luckily erase but what you look at Britney. Was on her shoulder which you have the best. QB Brock like obstacle oil. Alan Johnson's lead that charge prior years and and column so. Allergic to jump horse race and try to get more people got fired more money situation corporate America are all wet or not dead yet at seven which job you. And speaking of change as some news coming out of John force racing this week is Brian karate comes from across this treated Don Schumacher racing over to hell about Danny hood. On Courtney is advance auto Chevrolet talk about battle written. That's not a real great car we brought it Thompson and an aunt and then he'll do it. And a credit to right now. You know we kept our company allied air a couple of years are now wish you well or which democracy and opportunity. Like others that I couldn't get. Stated as I always regarded as a human. You know. There had been restarted race and with decreasing terribly bad jelly and raised brought up by. But Indian couple on the road karate. Working with inaudible Ohio and at at and without actually that banker guy and end of that and all the way. Are they became best of prince. I always wanted. You know karate optical. Are as we had to make some changes. I put my game together here go to one or race that was not project which John John shape restore and back. A leader microbe and I know this. And are brought a cult at. Ever empty spot. You look at party talks and border with Brian and all worked under Alan on. Republican bill another top seed order in pretty satellite. Pick ups and sponsorships. Didn't like I have big. That make RT it was. Why would Robert. On the racetrack it's in Arabic as our great state. And ordered the checks are get an opening here on our products and minarets in top fuel. You know what another game which we put off now for awhile. I get money will be prepared jar of Austin proper amount. That's going to be a driver error of all your longer but it art they are about to correct. Up at parties like the next generation students to racial Robert and in our girl's salt. I got an opportunity act from the direct but the problem back Kurt. Ought to drop the extra eye opener and Iowa straw. You know a lot. No complaints it is a lot of stuff going on will be it will be at Pomona. On our. And coming up on February 8 it is the 2018 launch of the straight line or word. Pitching hard pop play as well myself and Doug Herbert all season long bringing you the latest in any Jerry news reports and interviews just like this one. With doctor John force champ thinks so much for the time would really appreciate it congratulations. On what happened today it UNL Wei chin that good luck in 2018. Will be watching Korea. One of regular red green strip all the investment teammate he's got a built for. Vegas. He did at Charlotte he gets I am excited about it I just tell everyone while our American flag. Notably and go to the races stricter art Whitner heard you know spans the third. The biggest last best teachers I ever happened to be a lot of down I went out on top. Forget the men and women please fire department and the military men and women that keep us America's strong out this great country we Lebanon. And I love that American black argued. So Omar team. Thank John for joining us on MRI and dot com.