Stow Five-O

Thursday, December 15th

Greg reads the most recent police reports from the dangerous town of Stow, MA!  This week vans are being abandonned!

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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And go to a found. Nobody is ever smoking Merrill. But we're still 50 this week and look. At that terrifying crimes. That have occurred in my home continent of still Massachusetts. Born and raised. A troop count me. And that is courtesy of this though independent newspaper and the public safety report. From the east though Homeland Security Department and Merry Christmas all of this though Homeland Security men and women. Are you ready yet take a look at what happened on Monday December 5. At 1:46. PM. A collar at the union church reported. An abandoned van with a trailer. The van police responded the van belonged to the owners of that your after all was O. Kenya it's a happy that the problem there's an ordinance and so on we have an unattended Trout I tell it like that but I'm not I'm just not gonna go there you're right about people. Particularly the work on the street blog there's no plans the thing you know I don't often and in the bad. It's golf it's called see something say something brother. That's what I do well back in town that was pulled up in a black pickup truck I thought we thought that literally there's one of those there's a that at 4:42 PM a caller requested to speak with a officer regarding receiving harassing phone calls. Probably those not on the no call list you know what wasn't in style of bill collector. On Tuesday December 6 at 509 PM. They blocking and requested to speak with a officer regarding an email about someone asking him for money title. Of my. I really didn't contacted me. And it's threatening to knock me out to my wife if I don't pay up. But foreigner from Africa for gold mine. I have no idea that I had indigenous roots in Zimbabwe ignited the on Wednesday December 7 at 11:38. PM we have a report of suspicious activity. A caller from great road. Reported hearing a dog crying and a woman screaming how are you an exact address was given the police responded no one was home and nothing was her now. Is the owners watched a movie and left to get dinner maybe it might have been television I had to do about that I don't know that's and a okay that's a good. And on our screen and care. And on Thursday December 8 at 12:51. AM an officer found two bicycles on police and bill. Bytes bytes were taken back to the station they couldn't get. Yeah and the kids had to walk home user who played him they are playing in the form and I understand why it's an awesome and simple advice and I think kids and the trek five miles an hour later reporter to use walking on the street yeah. Strain used to seem to be doing something later taken they were an eyesore. That scenario of a 12:21 PM. A color from arbor Glenn drive. Reported that he received an obscene phone call from an unknown number are people still making obscene phone calls for an active I mean you could pick just Google the number like everyone else does these days now. At 2:47 PM. It right there rights or they. On Friday December 9 at 8:25 PM a caller reported that her neighbor's dog had been outside for over twelve hours on an owner that's not that's not a right now. Didn't you know I'm cool. On Saturday December 10 at 1:38 PM caller from Harvard road reported that his wife. Had lost her diamond ring. That is our hotel room and other that's that's the that the hotel that day and I don't know if you know they go to the act conquered both now one at an at a rotary because of the but he thinks she left it somewhere it wasn't law have. I mean that you have to claim. At last that the general what happens in men's wedding bands that go ahead call the cops on him that a look at some of these have been in my line there pats. 11:15 PM caller from Taylor road reported a suspicious man wearing tan pants and a backpack. And wanted had not had stolen off my back. Locking down the road knocking down the road and pans and a couple of I had finally. Finally on Sunday December 11. At 4:52 AM a caller from middle most way reported that someone ringing her doorbell twice. And they area they were in the middle the area was shocked. Okay our very. I'm her neighbor's wife and Oregon was heard screaming under drought has been and here's that Annan announced his attacks somebody says that place is called the concordia. Motel are not ideal route you know. All right well that's a look at. The terrifying town that I live in stow Massachusetts and still 50.