Stow Five 0 - Verbal Argument

Thursday, February 16th

Greg reads the police report from his dangerous hometown of Stow, MA!


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Send more I'm always I'm. Pin on your schedule at W. May I Until it. At the terrifying crimes. That have been reported. To be still Homeland Security force and are now available for review. Via these though independent newspaper. As we get in this though five though and look at that what happened in my home town. My life long home town still Massachusetts. Over the last week are you ready yes all right. On Monday February 6. A caller from Robert road. Reported a verbal argument between a man and a woman filed. The articles on 1205 AM yeah I wouldn't do that I've that same call next week from Wednesday of this week about a wage gap who. But if you can if you were. That's it hasn't put out if you can hear and explore it's a pretty loud. No thanks those open yeah I wouldn't go in winter I ever did arguing in your own home and we would have your back amenable bills you're battling a month you make it there's no tomorrow and Valerie bush don't don't that don't holocaust or any deep yeah he's a loser to shut. On Tuesday February 7. I'd I'd really love when this happens. There were no incidents to report. The entire deck. Not a single walk and not a single thing now if you're a Boston Police officer you're listening right now. Immediately go to style that there was not a single thing they entire the entire. Yeah so what happens that the police station do you begin the buffet when it would be ordered attorneys and millennia ago. Right in the quarter that got another one on Wednesday February 8 at 9:51 AM. A caller from North Shore drive requested an ambulance because she fell on the ice in front of her home well. She was not hurt but she could knock it up well on top of the hour drama. It's it's the ultimate in Lebanon. Excuse me I'm not hurt if he did his campaign may have been a passion and I thought enough and I. And not hurt but hey you know that yeah no balance at the. I feel like that was me after the poppy Gejdenson pain and yeah. At 1:38 PM a caller from walnut ridge road. Reported that there was a sick wild Turkey and her back door the things can be aggressive but that. At 3:11 PM several callers on maple street reported loose alpaca is all I can guarantee. HL packages keep getting out that farmers union written out yeah I'd like the fourth time here and that it. 8:28 PM. A caller from Baldwin drive reported that her next door neighbor was putting marking stakes into the ground. But they were put in on an angle which caused them to hang over the colors drive what I asked. It requested that the police speak with a neighbor. Because the polls needed to be straightened out so they would not be a hazard to her her family. During the stakes were honored neighbors owned properties of the issue was a civil matter this year honest. They're leaning on her proxy paragraph he goes up into the sky and down into the ground so it's invalid. The only G a short time later that caller called factory port that the neighbor was hammering the stakes again. And her son was outside screaming at the my god seriously ill post those rebels and that's a nasty neighbor in battle right there from all day everyday. 11:10 PM a caller from meeting house lane reported that two young men were standing in the parking lot looking around. When they saw the collar they turned and left a lot oh the police responded the young men were located they were hunting Pokemon. Haas bill and that's still out there are still there the cubicle literally the only two people were playing man doesn't mean that it. On Friday February 10 at 1008 AM caller from high street reported that individuals. Were going door to door. The police responded the individuals were located. They were out preaching. Well no we don't allow them to know. Witnesses. Preaching and annex. War. And Sunday February 12 a caller on. Great road. Reported that the highway department plow went past his home and had his mailbox I'll do well that's outrageous accent there at all levels plug I didn't even know we hit it probably because guys are guys know exactly what they're doing. You guys are awesome. At the look at. Look at the very scary place I live in still Massachusetts and still 50.