Stow 50 - Napping in Public?

Thursday, April 19th

A look inside the horrendous crimes in Greg's hometown of Stow! This week there's a Nap Savage on the loose!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Knowledge and pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And now he terrifying crime. Crimes that have been walked in or palm didn't. Following the man and woman intent of the law enforcement. A caller from pool didn't drive. Reported that he squirreled. It was in his home on the dangerous streets of the great Phil's hometown. Create caller from Bradley lean and reported that a red light. Was on his front line. This is still 50. All right a brief look. At the terrifying crimes. That have been either walked in or called and to my lifelong hometown. Security force still police department over the last week courtesy. Of the us though. And Bolton independent newspaper and the still public safety report from still law enforcement are you read thank you all right. Monday. April 9. At 3:23. PM. An officer checked on a car. At the sergeant farm conservation area not a bad place there was an individual. Taking a nap. All. Not a map and not evade and snapper ninth aid do you get public it get taken out of public jump in Stowe. Well what about during the sports can take what during this knocks this is awesome is it now if you're in sales is is that. What you sales persons thing where you're on the road in the US like you know what are your. He had no call scheduled for the day be can be hanging around the office and the boss those we have no call scheduled for an eagle on the map and in AM conservation area. On Wednesday April 11. At 807 AM. A caller from circuit drive reported that a fox was in the neighborhood. It was not acting strangely. An officer advised the woman that it was not uncommon. For fox to be out. During the day night. Right yeah as outlined in Lebanon animals can go out during the day to places like in the middle farmland it's a blind and it means OK there's a we just heard there's a comment conservation area in there now there's going to be animals. A text there is referring to earlier guy as now savage yes this is I think just randomly maps of areas that's right at public property of snaps snaps I got pulled over. A drive by napping. I have ever like what's deal with taking in now. At 323 in the afternoon like. I'm thinking eagle home where yeah it was a long drop like a cross country proud of what it's what do I got a good for. Yeah I mean he was doing sales had meetings it 679. All night you mean or are you mean I'm part in the mornings and and then you know and then me and immediate near and I didn't have another meeting to elect. 430. And Daniel like you know what and my mom and one fort night when it pumps or an attack not just ten more minutes yet. At 12:30 PM. A walking and reported that she found a dual oaks. On her home on April 7 on the home yes the egg yolks all over the home on labels undersea did you do that because Daniels on the I normally don't you use the L the old. The eight year it's are you oaks signal Eric there's no ads as you'll know that's despises regional. It's not a deal could just jokes on this and joked just the your exit gore made handled right currently is the whites the flotsam and on grounds out late. Though it 6:27. PM. The still fire department responded to Packard road. For an outdoor burn. Well yeah and it will be permitted fire was located all was OK I'll catch fire and Cabrera the paper on the yeah. Not a hundred per 905 PM a collar on Gleason bill road reported that car was going he released slow. The police responded to check the area and the car was located in followed in the we're no violations observe. All those driver the exact very good question if I Aetna I Thursday April 12 at 9:32 AM. A caller at the community gardens on tunneling and thoughts and your crazy reported that an owl was stuck in the net. Hole played well as a Brokaw that it is yeah yeah that's legit. I mean again you know he a bid by ideology. Police do not know. Who was responsible. Soledad. Flatly that that Joseph. At 9:52. AM. A walking and reported this is the best call the week as far as seriousness. They walked in reported that her brake line was cut. Why has options that are advised the individual. Events going on ask him how lots I was I don't know watch your back home cover brake line. When I remember that he is secure that it was our neighbor an average. Poorer cousins. As the map here if news is Lleyton. Sounds like you might be some kind of a domestic originally our Ari does want somebody come home. About one of those series and I'll I'll look in the rare broad generic keeps sleeping with the down the street. On Friday April 13. At 1101 AM. An individual flagged down an officer to explain that the trails. At the wildlife refuge weren't dangerous. All my god apparently they were branches all over the bills my guys yup yup she's here. Down a flight out right it's not isolate your red flagged down. That's like an emergency situation and so was in the street flagging down or not there's a branch and a trip I can't step over the branch. Just haven't. Announced yet and just Vasquez and yeah yeah. Is it the same in Stowe and in Worcester. It's very weird to me. Act. You know like I like when I drive to work in when I go home dolls and their branches all over that are like on the edge of the road. And branches are down in people's yards. From the storm that was what how long ago was it six weeks it's wild it's just bizarre. That people just don't go move the bridge. LB correction is not the same in Stowe as it is and I just wanna sign the record straight right there at 8:27 PM a caller from great road reported that there was a verbal argument over eight custody dispute with the dog. Low level people have custody disputes. To slit your kids don't have an. They don't have kids that doctor to yeah right no no relation to the brake line cutting. All and then finally on Sunday April 15 at 11:12 AM. A collar on maple street reported that an alpaca was on the side of the growth. Well they have got knocked her farm member of the did was open or not the first. Contact with the owner was attempted the alpaca jumped back over the fence and all was OK applied. The so out. That it is a brief look at the terrifying crimes that haunt my very dangerous hometown community as though Massachusetts.