Stow 50 - Fox On The Run

Thursday, January 18th

Greg reads the most recent police reports from the dangerous town of Stow, MA. featuring a report of a fox running around until the police were called and then it ran back into the woods!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Send more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And now the terrifying crime. Crimes that have been walked in or Paul didn't. Following the man. And what that time of law enforcement callers from crescent street reported after chicken what's missing on the dangerous streets of Greg hills home town. Very dangerous place that I have lived most of my fifty years this is still five. By the way. 8000. Obscure reference text messages on George can stands as answering machine yet and the greatest American hero themes. He needed I'm not sure. It is an in home cleaning up massive. That the team. We'll take a quick look at the terrifying crimes that have been blocked in or called in. To my life long home town security force this though police department and these are courtesy of these though independent. Newspaper. By the way yeah the independent. Wondering about whether or not they're gonna continued to. The published as gonna puzzle newspaper thing Maria island. It's unfortunate that. Everybody is so expensive everything you don't know this but everything's gone on line nobody. People. People called people of Idaho and so yeah net there and so these incidents. A little minor bird is usually Sox people who get there information like you do from the newspaper and dying. All right it's on Monday January 08. At 3:27. PM. A collar at the still shopping center. Reported that dog was in a parked car and that dog appeared to be cold yeah. The police responded. A small dog was located laying down on the currency and it was not shaking in appeared to be 500. Smashed and NASA and the grass near where and I probably. This they probably way to do your job keep on Tuesday January 9 a walk in from Marlboro road. Reported that horses were being walked along the side of the road. She felt that it was not safe. An officer advised the woman that the horses had gotten out and they were being chorale. Seek god forbid we actually right or wrong. Soundness. And on and we're still we still on Tuesday yes on Tuesday January 9. At 7:58. PM. A caller on great road reported that someone in a car was following her while she was driving. The woman was advised. To pull into the still police parking lot when she did the car followed her lead in. The the individual who was following her wanted to teller that are headlights were not a guy. That Iranian woman reported that her daytime lights were on yeah however have played. Which means your tail lights where when you add a window and today he made. On Friday January 12 at 8:41 AM several collars at the center school. Reported that a fox was running around on the playground for. A shelter in place order. Was instituted. At the school okay and the police responded and the fox had gone into the woods where competitors. Whether boxes always go thank goodness in the actually got a I was sent the actual shelter in place notification from France. Simon and Ryan Hall who is a bit shocked that it's an official shelter in place you're a over fox but I couldn't rabbit and if I don't like being you know at the box in a whole other parents and I think that's. That's an intact. At 11:58. AM a wakin reported that she received a note from her neighbor that stated she was not allowed to park in a specific spot. The woman believed that the neighbor was harassing her. Him. At 12:38 PM. Caller from great road reported that she was hearing static noise coming from telephone poles. Well I'll credit him we'll have that Atlanta I don't I don't know there called dementia. Yeah. And on Saturday January 13. At 7:16 AM. A caller from Levy's literally will all these bloggers reported that up 526. Kids were in her driveway the night before and one of her plows states was now gone. Well the woman confronted the kids who said that they did not take the stake and they left and when the collar woke up the next morning. All of her plows dates were dying yeah. He doesn't man lady killer police yeah just asked if she wants just jealousy kids found in just for the record what our plows to you put this the orange state so will the thing with a reflective thing on your drive was to the blog I'd hazard a popular line yet know the irony. That is still 50 they'd brief look at. If that the dangerous. Community that I have lived in for most of my life.