Stow 5-O - Prank Phone Calls

Thursday, December 7th

A look inside the terrifying crimes of Stow, Ma! This week a resident reported that she received a phone call that she was wanted by the police!


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always I'm. Pin on your schedule that's WA AF dot com. And now the terrifying crimes that have been walked in or Paul didn't. Following the man. And what that time of law enforcement callers from crescent street reported pepper chicken what's missing on the dangerous streets of Greg hills home to now. Very dangerous place that I have lived most of my fifty years this is still drive though. By the way there's I noticed that there are competing. Merchandise. Issues where the stuff about reeling and I'll mention a few weeks ago that there was a guy. Who is apparently he made his own stuff I've Loescher it's selling them at Russell's convenient. Now I notice that the still independent newspaper where I guess 050 from office has their own Richards they've introduced. Which says still has still public safety report on the top and then says all was okay. Because you need it yet royalties that are at the end of every you know thing mixes all they're checking something so we have come we have competing marginally efforts. Competition at the light of capitalism. All right here are the terrifying crimes that had been called in or locked in to my hometown security force the still police department. Courtesy of this though independent newspaper. On Monday November 27. At 5:32 PM. An officer advised the woman that when somebody's won by the police while calling him give them while the S if you think it was yeah that was a skin and so on Tuesday November 28. At 12:13. PM a caller from Aso will come way while new report. Reported that a car was parked on the side of the road. So that the individual could walk his dog the caller was concerned. Because the car was always there around the same time as the school months. The police at least and and we bonded and the man was a the only dog walker or the local him in the area so law yes all all was OK and came at the theater and everything that's happened to be the phantom of the school bus yet you're not trying to throw us a canister on your outlook your lap one. Com. Pat Wednesday November 29 at 3:59. PM. A caller from mall borrow road reported that lately and skate company was blowing leaves from one side of the road. Into her neighbor's yard. The. You gotta collect them and from a truck carrying the 59 up came landscaper to come down and blown back over the years and history. On Friday December 1 caller from Wheeler road at 8:43 AM. Reported that a landscaping companies truck was parked in the road and it was taking up most of the roads are on. I'm only in your truck go around it that people have nannies and panties to get serious during their lunch right once the social obligations Rotary Club meetings the ladies who lunch need to get there cash. On Saturday December 2 at 10:38. AM. A caller on Whitman road reported that there was glass in the road communities stop signs it's a very. Dangerous I had somebody like you who doesn't have a spare tire what are you gonna get you could just how about what you do this stop and pick the last up yet another and I don't think that ultimately I know they need is indeed need to be on there. On Sundays December 3 at 904 AM. A caller from Randall road reported that a large re Max hot air balloon was flying very low over his home and it woke him up. Out really yes. She did not want an officer to respond he just wanted to vent his frustration well wearing that being woken up at 904 yes that was who can sleep at 9 o'clock they're if I play these days retired people that that is them. For donors and then finally during still 50 this week on Saturday December 2 at 702 PM an officer on west act in Rhode. Found a bag of dirty diapers in the middle of the separate that I live at the ballot in they were disposables and we can't do it as dirty none organic healthy things in my town it's sounds like the highway department was notified that says here too removed via the uttered today also not the path who want after a night who has announced that it's a -- right.