Stow 5-O - No Soliciting

Thursday, September 21st

Greg reads the most recent police reports from the dangerous town of Stow, MA. featuring a report of an oil stain in someone's driveway, free furniture on the side of the road and solicitors in Stow


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always I'm. Pin on your schedule that's WA AF dot com. And now these terrifying crime. Crimes that have been walked in or palm didn't. Following the man. And what that time of law enforcement callers from crescent street reported pepper chicken what's missing on the dangerous streets of Greg hills home town. Very dangerous place that I have lived most of my fifty years this is still thrive. All right. Let's take a quick look. At some of the terrifying crimes that have gone on in my long time. Home continent of steel Massachusetts as reported. To the still Homeland Security force and as shared in the public safety record in the east though independent newspaper. That's a dating LB. Okay. Now that just summed up everything home. So sorry then. Aren't. We can get to that in this era and the current president nor those. Colors it was elected that dusty dating now and I was afraid now. And for our viewers the football because there has benefited. Are you ready here reading on Monday. September 11. 309. AM. A caller from Davis road reported eight barking dog yeah. I've done that and I did it affect probably keeping her up so well he talks as many experts are Japanese have Bartrum. At 3:55 AM a caller on south act in Rhode reported that house. From pilot grove farm equipment were loose. So again don't yeah it was a dole and I crafting your left Italian open at 10:45. AM on wakin reported that he found cigarette butts and cold medicine bottles on his neighbor's property what I was in his neighbor's property and he knows he asked society's problem we have some scissor hands on. Lebanon and its authority and ignited it with you neighbor. At 806 PM a caller from Hitler reload. Reported that construction noise from Foxboro code that was access. Oh okay nothing and nothing worse than excessive construct I don't know what yeah. And how dare they 806 PM. And has sleep and I got to put the surround surround reject it there. On Tuesday September 12 at 11:13. Am. A caller from Foxboro road. Requested to speak within officer. Regarding a construction truck leaving oil spots on his driveway. Well I crime is that a felony Tim. The drive we put in your home hairy Italian brick. We wish they are calling the line you're calling the cops over oil spots Leonard driveway. On on Wednesday September 13. At 806 AM multiple callers from crescent street reported that a girl and her pajamas was walking around no god. She looked distressed. The police responded. The girl was located she was out looking for her phone which she had dropped while on a walk earlier so obviously she she was losing a little Wal-Mart in Hudson. And the page on the Internet Federer. At 8:53 PM a caller neared Dunkin' Donuts reported that a man had been sitting in his car with the lights off for about three hours. He did this frequently and the police responded the man explained that he was waiting. I he was wasting time before he went. Love his brother Gary yeah what'd you probably still weighing down there. I mean I don't need another showdown. With Nikon might buy that guy can't hang out your total I'll keep an era. Third. They September 14 at 807. PM a caller from Gleason railroad reported hearing gunshots near her home. The police reminded the woman that the Riverside rod and gun club was located near her home and they had skeet shooting until 930 yeah. A little late for skeet shooting unity Avant his. Friday September 15 at 1008 AM a caller from last act in Rhode. Reported that a solicitor stopped at the end of her driveway soliciting driveways sealing all boys get out there that's right no solicit now I don't know. This is so you know it's in the door it says no soliciting solicit on Saturday September 16 since though at 10:50 AM. A caller on treaty elm Wayne reported that someone put furniture on the side of the road with me three sign on eighteen inches almost inaudible so yeah. And now Hussein channel see their stellar junior company. On smaller craft and Hudson fine. And it's jealousy you know it's nice and oh yeah our right to do and bay was probably like six months old and it had to get rid of it. I and then finally on Sunday September 17 at 3:40 PM. A caller from shell burned farms. Reported that a child death separated from her mother oh god and the the mother was located. And a mother and child were reunited suddenly she's which is good the mother was in the Spencer Pyle Andy child is in the Fuji section that the picture I don't know and a it was a cider donuts meant it seems to me that the the mother and child reunion to a packed portfolio emotional way. Simon and Garfunkel. Remember at 741 thing. It's a great year plus it's raining and. It's okay. Yeah.