Stiz Quiz - Star Wars or Star Trek

Thursday, May 25th

Matty came up with quotes from Star Trek and Star Wars. Then Stiz read those quotes and made Nick guess which franchise the quote is from. Can Nick go 10 for 10 or does he need to go back to dork school? Listen and find out!

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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. It's always and deli man. So speed classics we have had our Star Wars fight yet net but I think I wanna grab audio what will happen tomorrow. Because I wanna grab actual audio of the scenes and talking about the the when I just thought it was horrible acting. In in a couple those Star Wars movie so will have an animal that but it that's not do that today because the anniversaries the forty anniversary of the first Star Wars which is the fourth. And so we wanted to just thing in the world how does it not confuse everyone else in the world except for you. I guess because it's it's like a return on investment as soon as this. Soon as soon as the work to understand a movie franchise are now so it's a tough little listen though enough. Bo and do some ticket I'd go to cholesterol bull reached right. Right now I'd react cracked a book Poindexter know until it is going to be out of math quiz and watch these but I was told that there would be is still is who is this does is. So you're doing your mr. expert on Star Wars and if you're listening. You feel it yourself one this is a Star Wars Star Trek quiz here's how it's gonna work. Sting is is gonna read you a quote neck and you have to tell us whether it was from Star Wars or star track. There that we have Mike Hsu. God that would have been good. Here guys guys please that would involve producing images. Ticket to watch our guys this as you got guiding thought eyelash I will say ten quality and let me know Star Wars style attack here we go first one. It appears that you are to be done name coolers. What don't as a banquet that night on you do the volunteers have boycotted a little voice that is. Arnold but I have no idea and I know. That's what Vader says to Hans solo when there when he takes him prisoner and then that's been in the empire strikes back Isaiah style was asking again. Yeah it appears that you are to be the main course at the banquet in my honor what's the empire strikes back Star Wars. Matting. You're right it is Star Wars yeah but you're wrong on who it is Iran on the film you know is that it is an agenda. Its return to the dead guy is actually on the 30. It appears that you translating Norris yes yes during my policies which we all want to know assets are Laura. And I thought ID AA our eyes to simulate what a five gitmo plan I give you a point five. Some blue on the way home after undergo a hoot what I'll prove his point 5 o'clock. A little Stockard a dinner went up traffic. Anyone is in the okay what is actually looking. To protest Mehdi. I. I edit and Emmett Till nearly out. You came in that game went your brain very then I saw its. That Star Wars structure that you came in and then you. That starter dot Jack yeah that in. And he's one for two ladies on that is Star Wars a new hope. You came in I think you're braver than I thought it was seen as good. Mom you want to do that there's ten of these utility is an excellent going to be people so mad right now I don't know tenant I hear is so little pissed actually I love playing this game with friends the movie trivia game we just go okay. Just tell me what movie this is from. Hello. I really you're heading out on the Larry he's going to stick that the question. We have then just to win they want to us. Troops. Starter. Correct. Kirk. You're too emissary that did send Turkey and yeah somewhere Mike Hsu smiling probably because he is watching a Stanley zones doing it. Yeah people. We scheduled for plans of that. To bring underneath what of the where we learned yesterday. The Milf you're addicted to move that's exile. Of I write them before yes. He's holding a thermal. And made that's the return of the agenda while we eat and he had no current act so. Yeah every hole our Star Wars return of the jet fuel. Blue. Yeah. I really. And I don't know the number of five. The bureau crashed take name talent he is the only constant in these you know various. That has to be one of the Star Wars preschools. Finally answer. Star Wars prequel. Three this. That. Was here I'll do the voice and Helio yet about that haven't done this I don't think we're done some press material. The bureaucratic mentality is the only cost you reverse damage. Bones bones Star Trek. I added the damage he gets it. Three for five not bad then come on I mean to you and you can follow my progression of logic right. Sure now. And rate our number six. Improve if there's a bright center to the universe. You're on the planet that it's far this from. I would stake. My life to that being. Star Wars. Manning. You're constraints have gotten Juba. Star Wars in Newhall well done. And I think you're actually even more amber says that talking about between 4%. Stiffness tattoo means overs are these does yeah I did we why we're doing this quiz I was gonna go to touch station to pick up some power converters. Don't know that means I can implement. Our number seven. Based travel sounds rather pair will lose. But it. While where was. The west village discotheque remember costume bar. I don't know these voices sound don't remembered James of a bullet bring in the Star Wars franchise but I'm gonna go Star Wars and home a's battled on the other. I horse. Star Wars phantom menace just if you're let me five for seven. All right number eight. Things are only impossible. Until they're not. If that doesn't. Come from a Vulcan mind than my name is not set DL for five that the or. That was Jim bottoms to me saying you're wrong why does. It was stopped him next generation gap at the top tips yeah he had at least I think that's all I'm sorry I say login so I laid the winds are Star Trek yeah. I knew that on America. Oh again number 96. For eight. One thing institutional order where all going to be a lot thinner. That is Star Wars a new hope when there in. The garbage that we know she got all the garbage and it should just level you have a wife soon one thing's for sure. We're all gonna be about an hour. Correct I'm sellers of force ours do seven for nine. If you don't fire all right last one. I think you're both going to be infill probably pleased with yourself or at least a month. I think you're both going to be insufferable pleased with yourself for at least a month. PP PPP Lou. That's as their brain working overtime. By the way 541 says you came in that thing your rate than I thought it was princess lane getting rescued from the death starts speaking of the falcon. You know what her blanks and giggles I'll say Star Wars when my instincts tell me to say start Terkel says Star Wars. To go right to go either eight for ten to get want to get a B minus 47 for ten seven for ten at the stage. So he provinces and territories seven of nine was a Star Trek character at least I'll I was at seven of nine seed bonus points for that infants. He says Star Wars. Star Wars. I'm afraid. You didn't use logic. Poor I think you're going to be insufferable and please you suffer at least a month. These Star Trek so in my spot that was stuck that was Spock sucked long and prosper nick. 7%. Do you mind if there was an adequate if that's the material back to dork school.