Stephen Graybill - Big Little Lies

Monday, April 3rd

Stephen Graybill from HBO's Big Little Lies checks in with the guys to talk about the big finale last night

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We talked Indians 37. Podcasts are always on him. Mind you schedule and WA AF. We have actor. Steven Gray about Stephen are you there. Yes that's true you do have round alive and well embody. I could have grave and how are you also. Well it was such a thrill to see you pop up on big lies and HBO. You know I met. A long time ago during a commercial. So here haven't ten years ago to these movies. And old Sabine maybe ten years ago I think ten years ago anyway and that's actually it's funny at Todd went backwards from time to time it was the easiest. Either go hit it was about a guy nick who. Dreams about playing golf. And then when he wakes up from his dream he's on it's he's at a map to stores the reveal where it was this commercial about you literally. Hits African sides while. And straight is actually what is this series and at all about matters. I was at quiz. Stephen this is that is those that. Pretty much everything at the sheriff how everybody is a very good chance that we audition for a voice over two together that we have and we had no idea who each other was so. Our way no doubt I have no doubt a 100% odd way of meeting you but at the same time very glad to have you everything is I'm sure you know from having been a friend and working with Matty. Is either today about golf or be about Matty and what a famous actor he has a ten. I said if it didn't start ten years ago then. I believe it from your your. Not because he's. So it's even. You played a part of Saxon banker who we believe we think and and seeing you have you have you seen the finale last night is that correct. I've been in the finale is never very tight and scripts so he. I haven't read the finale and you know what happened to read the book choice but I know what happened. But I haven't seen how they've revealed it can they are doing different things would you be sure to super excited. Well it's brilliant out of reveal that and I will give a spoiler wakes it's only been 24 hours since and I'm sure some outings. For the rest of your audience that these unique. Streaming people need to enjoyed it showed it to my execute it. Aim at what choice did what what your thoughts on the what's the hour window like when can we start talking about what's that what's the timeframe of the spoiler. I don't know I mean I thought that would late game a ground breaking bad and someone said like if you haven't seen breaking bad by this point I think you'd you know like carte Blanche and anybody wants to spoil anything. Became a threat that Kelly Packard I burned through gains on the first season preceding the game turned out of course from Camelot. And I didn't know anything and I think by the end of the week. If you haven't seen it and it's like a really big hit shelves if you haven't seen it I can insert argue about it especially on radio show. But are we find a good thing whenever I'm listening to like podcast that we're dealing you know like talking with the industry here what's happening and entertainment. They gave when they're saying hey there's foreigners that are coming out you are on now what's next thirty seconds or one minute or fast or whatever I appreciate that. Yeah well we want to expose me about your character sexson baker we think. We think sexy assaulted possibly the character Jane Chapman played by ceiling would these are facing a name. Yeah yeah so we think you assaulted her. And you have a group you have great scene with her. At your office talk about what that was like working with with her and a cast and he might Nicole Kidman and and Reese Witherspoon investments a career clear highlight probably. I've admitted that bevy of religion that has an extra particularly. Really quite amazing. You're part of the show is just then. I dipped and I'm so thankful to be to be able to say that I'm part of such a one might very popular show is great but also assure that I really believe and I really think it. And an amazing for female voices and you know stories and I don't think they're being told and it is father's five emails that are leaving that show. And Reese Witherspoon Nicole Lee produced it together. I'm barrage on mark Riley I think of all the stories like amazingly. That. Editing is sick on this other way they do things out of sequence it's amazing. It's it's amazing it's really big they've really built detention talking about that a film festival as you can and as part about it with someone mass. And I do an incredible job of keeping the tension alive wit. All of this who killed who and what not from the beginning. And then pepper and some really significant story lines and keep everybody sort of entertaining and on their seat five. The fun I'd respond little. Arguing that we. Basically run out of line and oh. They do a great job of like you know keep him out like this trauma life. But talking about insignificant story I'm gonna need that and also the tension of you know the reveal at the end. Underneath that which that it is incredible that editing the photography or would deny that watch the premiere I thirty CNET. And on my friends are all abuzz naughty industry says there. I don't know what we're here. A part of the industry and watching something that's the part of the industry you can. Our little bit later especially now around a friend and ensure that later watch you but everybody's silent in the beginning. The opening 45 seconds whatever that is it's flashing lights and it's just so quiet. Everybody in the room just. Quieted down so fast that it really impressive. We're talking would act character and on its actor Stephen Grey bill from the show they pretty little lies on HDL here they are really sorry that I've I get my Stevie and I get my Stevie Nicks sounds in my talk show us your thoughts on obviously I have not seen the show Stephen. And I need to. But I'm very curious how this how you experienced this on the end of being involved in the show and writing this huge wave of buzz on the show. There's such a strong female presence the empowerment the these enormously popular. Figures like Reese Witherspoon Nicole Kidman the show. Yet the buzz amongst guys this is not just to show that women are talking about the office that you're seeing. Women blog about I'd say this is being talked about unilaterally by men and women. Ever why do you think that's the case. At the very active really good question. I guess I can't think for people what they thought blood in the water cooler that's just not my lifestyle however I think that. I think it's just a really entertaining show when there's a lot of things externally when I want to show because I. Have only read particularly read scripts on the first six or both of those and I didn't leave the old series sort of know quite what they were doing. And how they were putting it altogether it is it is all book in his seven episodes. It really significant here is Libby trial of a lot of story lines are being talked about like marriage difficulties and marriage views and the race culture and story lines like you know that everybody relates to. Men or women they are everybody release generated can connect to just no one's taking the risks are to speak. You've got lightly. Don't think you have this in telling those stories which are really compelling stories and really important stories yen. Society that I think everybody can relate to that you can even. Like I can't start. I can't relate to an abusive relationship but. I've heard so many stories about it 200 to nothing talked about it okay. And but it has said that that's being talked about in society and how will be a change that and you know the violent societies being revealed and the question. And it's really the first cabinet announced. And an artistic venture let's say at the first sign that like the potential lead and I've noticed an artistic venture well I'm like oh my gosh I don't know if he's gonna hitter right now and that's really the emotion that someone's gonna. Someone would feel and that's an area and suddenly I can commiserate with that suddenly I'm feeling more vulnerable watching the show that I ever have been in another's experience and that really. I think everybody can relate to that everybody. Yeah just like he had everybody created him as an amazing job. All right everybody and experience of John Mark a lot of editing a lot of distracting is very visceral. Very experiential or. While it was like. Dallas buyers club demolition and all that bad movies work. Uses all the senses whether it be you know quieted everything down here just suck Reagan did immaterial. Or. In my seen you do a lot of experiential stuck using it from. She leaned urging perspective where. It kind of blurred in the background slow motion and hold kind of sound it's incredible that they get dry they're ready and he's just really amazing story. Yeah like Adam Scott's part about it deals with issues of masculinity feeling like you're in enough demand for your wife were in on jealousy so I think there's something for everybody including men. Induces women's issues and men's this is your doctor Steven Gray built Saxon baker. From HBO's big realized thank you so much for being with us Stephen I'll I'll leave you with this very important question because revenues highbrow film and television discussion. We did a ranking of greatest cookies of all time. What's your favorite cookies of all time Steven rebel. Forman. Added that everyone's sons are. So mean minute. I think I think definitely guys just called and asked about Girl Scout Cookies and why would they not ranked ever. Apologies just cookies I think would be your ranking or was it somebody it was somebody else that we can bring them up which is terrible. All the bars. A group of you should. About. You don't run. Which it's girls argued before before the end and I actually did when I've indicated go. Looking for another waste. Say yeah one. Yeah I would want to get a bit results may use some Stephen I'm scared I'm so thrilled for you man we will continue to keep trying to feel revenue wanna promote. You're you're you're on our list of friends of the show so we'll have. Moving that it's so that he gives you get against such a great job and so it had to be theirs except. Leon thank you Stephen congratulations continued success my friend actor Steven Gray bill. HBO's big little lies.