Spazzing Out - Protesters Be Crying

Monday, November 14th

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Get Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And then. It Hill Man Morning Show praise and magazine yeah. All right espousing out. Is brought you this week by Tate John call 8448. John for all your junk removal needs or you can book on line. To take it junk dot com and that is here. He actually arrived early. When he heard that LB was a notion that he's not currently enough I'm Jessica audience and lower glad I won't be tomorrow I mean I'm ready to go possibly if you need me. I'm always you don't think he's gonna have like a two day. Take just one well and we were called and suspended. Its. Suspend its like about it yet here they suspended me. Well it depends on and how intense the excuses like UPS to go into. Some kind of a major medical. Injury thing that it could be in my two or three victory marvel or like you know missing captured missing child and that. In on the remarks came back kids in neighborhood gas explosion and I mean there there's a lot of things that could extend that I am real time he's out I have thank you for those who might be new listeners. Years ago this is my favorite one. The man's claim yet that chicken pox and scratched its. Yes it's that the moto. Was not part of chicken pox. It was. You're actually here was hurt very quickly he was though it was like twelve hours or box. There was like a twelve hour chickenpox so I can imagine him somewhere right now trying to fallen pop has hit well. I thought well this is like lethal weapon or SA access. Said that the opposite he's having somebody throw it out for items not got you got hot. What is the audio that you brought in today's. I know last week I promise that I would get some drunk girls I just. I had to go to work I mean you're trying to rally rally yeah because it's been happening all week long. And there was one that was gonna happen or they did happen at the Boston Common on on Saturday I just had to go to get audio because I can't. Deal with these people and this girl. She is the epitome of these protesters she gets a little emotional day in the beginning on talks about how. Devastating this is gonna be for our country Yahoo! women you mean before he's even taken obviously done any thing. That enable people are sure that the this country is is that done we're finished we're all done that these are the people that believe. That the Electoral College is gonna actually vote against tropical items because some of the states aren't binding so they gonna lose their ability to go for Hillary right there just yet Politico yeah tons of a decent crop to an option to be there bargaining or there what time they were written when or don't that was the during the Iraq it was during the day was no guy who's never been to rallies actually came to gamma I didn't knows but I guess in the past eighteen years has been anti war. Rally that goes on. Every site every Saturday down common I know that's of these guys combined forces of about arch street and a sneak around and they got together and often enough. I interviewed this girl elects and that's a real name I know I normally it'd be strippers them lots of what's your real name and a we we find out why she's here once she's protesting whispers are her name is Alexa. Okay. My name is Alexa and saying here where anti term rally. I came here because I believe in America where everyone has the opportunity to feel safe and accepted no matter who they are rent it come from. And I also believe that everyone deserves a chance for their voice be heard. And I'm certainly worried that he's going to try to silence people who perhaps disagree with him. Or who think that maybe you think of ideas and likes solutions to things like maybe he wouldn't want to happen because he didn't think of them main. Our. I and it's really very bad play. It's gonna be his way or the highway on a flame. Pretty much attract them. Is. Was she getting emotional or whatever emotional you visit and couldn't. I see crime I go I thought he could have heard of but I know that's it's all right. It is I think I think it's just it was all right yes I have set I had to get it because it was a good. Mitnick in hunger force you got back some she was miss the guys differ in a radio services and actually. He was I'm really essential and and the next speech actually talks month. How she even cried when she found out about the election results. And this piece I just ask her how she feels a night out now which. President hasn't been. That it hasn't been his way or the highway. If I understand everything that's. And Obama has a record number of executive orders and yes if that doesn't say my way of highway I don't know what does yes yes all right so what would you would you ask you about in the just wanted to know how she felt when she when she heard the news okay and could you describe your feeling that night of the election. I was afraid IAEA has only. Voted for two presidents in my lifetime but this one made me feel afraid for my right to be human being. And for the safety and their rights of many of my friends and it's something that I never want anyone to feel and I never want to feel it again. It was terrifying I actually ended up crying quite a hit. Because I am just so worried about what's going to happen and that. The things that he was saying during his campaign are now. Validated. And people everywhere thinking that these things are okay. And that. It's all right to. Spread hateful things or to touch people without their consent. Orders. He just. Someone because they're different or because of what color their skin is or what they're wearing. Terrified and church bells. They how. Three yeah I just liked it deal with these people saying it now it's okay to to grab women. When it's not isn't what they think it can they give us an update if it is what are what are what is it going to what is that gonna happen but just forget about all the presidents over the years that have been accused of Stewart and Thomas Jefferson had sex and the and the White House sort of he had sex of the solar is convinced him that he yes it. Yeah bill Clayton. Milk that that yes and this guy uses words that oak trees anymore while there are harmful and terrifying words spells. There are terrifying words this the next few stairs just what does it mean for women Greg hollow what's gonna happen this country you're a woman. A businessman was elected. And what do you think this means for women in this country now that he's like it. I think that a lot of women are scared especially after scared. There where accusations. Of sexual assault against him and after the video came Howard Dean said. Disk or I'm mad at me and IA I think that. Like I said I had validated a lot of people who think that out because the president has gotten away with it I can get away at all. Because. This has happened and because these statements have been validated by. By a regiment winning. That. People are going to be a lot more frayed especially when mentally be out at night plates and I was afraid before but now I'm like twice the upgrade. And I don't think that is. Necessary at all like no one deserves to feel unsafe in their country it's never okay women are not objects EnerNOC property. Women have. To have the ability to consents. And it. Everyone deserves to be treated that way no matter if you're the president eat or or if you're likely king of England you need to respect that women have bodily economy. Pool there isn't a one bodily autonomy I don't I have an amateur is that on does that mean I'd island at I I think after running through so I don't like where like that on I don't understand how electing this man means that you can't. It's just it's the purge. If you walk out on the streets she's W bridge Dublin for a free she was afraid before but she is now doubly different. Yes attacks yet the next one is what is she willing to do how far will she go. To make sure trump gets out of office of identity doesn't even getting anything get a does that what are you gonna get an. What are you willing to do to ensure that Donald Trump is kicked out of office. I am willing to do anything. And fire is spreading peace and love IE. I don't really believe in violent. I think that spreading love and peace is going to be stronger. And if we all stand together we are stronger together. And we need to. Showed that we can be unified in peace and love and harmony as opposed to being unified in their bigotry and violence and what are your thoughts about the violence that has happened thus far some of the protests. I have felt pretty sick I'm actually. I am. I don't think it's the right way to go. And I don't think that it should happen I think that we should all have their rights exercised. Our opinions. But I also think that if your opinion disrespect someone else's existence or disrespect. How they are living their life and it. Then it's not great at knocking an arm. Not. The spread love and peace that does that do you to sign it sounded touted her familiar today so it was difficult not laughter. First I want you are well obviously I can deal with I have been some really Afghan people yes. And I and I'm pretty try to keep a straight face that you should on this front pocket this morning I just wanted to laugh on her face of the U people serious well they're terrified. Amid murderer under there cabinets and the and the man and I hit it hasn't served the single day yet. You have for this economic someone different if you don't like if it doesn't work how. Uncles the way he doesn't get by all be viewed as a powerful early this is he going to be like the king of Engel in. I think is he going I mean. This checks and balances that our government that's why it's battery that if the if that happens is that they're crazy. Everyone laughs these audio doubt I asked about Donald Trump's immigration policy and then halfway to ask what she would say. To Trump's face okay see that this is passing out you're listening to. Spaz attended. Women and minorities yeah. And I and then awful group of older white dudes OK he hit the type guys yeah I don't wanna profile you. You know what I'm talking about guys get along here look like their update it higher certainly excitement and now is Alexa is the woman that value we have been listening to this morning are. How do you feel about all trumps immigration policy I think the whole thing about. Immigrant stealing our jobs is absolute bull crap because. They don't really feel jobs like American employers. Give jobs to be immigrants that no one else will down and they can do it for cheaper. If you were able to sit face to face with the president elect Donald Trump what would you say to him I would ask him at. This is really the America that he was gunning for if you wanted everyone to be divided if he wanted to. People TV invalidated in their hate and their violent or if he lives just doing this because he was Gordon. And he wanted to prove that he could be Pratt and. And it's just. I don't billion dollar business and I'll act you know around Oprah's. Payloads. We wanted people to. Feel validated in there patent and their violent. I voted for Donald Trump says that kind of guy to avoid it and wanna validating my hatred and it's. Other groups of people both. I'm very impressed that is very interesting they're all like that you know the whole lot of them yeah I interviewed a few people basically same answer so it pointless to play at all. But I are out there and do it every single one of them. Just think that he is. The dabble. Period that's the best way to describe it they think the guys into Christ did it wrong gonna go down than they ever figure out that you weren't one of them are did you do you keep that to yourself talk with. I gave myself that because I don't do that but we're usually up they're screaming I'm not my. It's just not my president not by president I got statement the biggest one that I did that was a few hot Longo to reduce the in the opening round. The few we don't want the City Council president I don't know that I would vote for Hillary Clinton for the 'cause I didn't want her to it isn't it. The question I was asking yeah does not just so you know the I'm I'm all about Hitler's mind if we give in on. Try to the people know how you feel. How this rising years that are rights to go next week I promise I know I did last week. I'll get some funny spot my aunt Ella the very competitive stuff like its present myself it's interesting to hear from somebody who is terrified. She's this double. Double scare our rights and ethnic.