Spazzing Out - K9's Playoff Predictions

Tuesday, January 10th

Former producer Spaz stops by for his weekly Spazzing Out segment! This week Spaz goes to Roxbury and meets a man named K-9 who gives his thoughts on this weeks NFL Playoffs matchups!


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And then. They Hill Man Morning Show present serious magazine yeah. And out is brought to you by job. And whatever you need. To be removed they can remove fat as though website says what is removed shall be removed what good. Job 84 port A Johns but I think John dot com and book on line on Vietnam for. Now whole way what kind of audio did you collect or is there interest and audio for this week OK I went out to Dudley square and in the rocks batteries yes I was looking for about eighteen that we haven't heard from and really want I hope you not 100 is okay I think he's out of prison because it was that we it's an area where I had to approach some people. Ask has anybody seen peanut and then he. Man comes up to me look if oh he's okay so California so you have heard just yeah. Now we are not trying to and I just remember the yeah generally you're talented African American and actually I'm not trying to talk about how we side and I was very nervous and steered the united Jenna and united Jenna Bush or anything on the nightly programs that. Analyst Jeff kind of defense is. And what we what did you wanna ask this guy that's what I was trying to do was get people's picks I wanted to do it picks for this coming NFL. Weekends I'll play excellent okay July I talked to this gentleman out as a confronting its life on his boy. I'm and I also has an idea and when what's his name was this guy that calls itself Tina. Tina Cain okay we meet we meet canine here and I asked and some of the general questions possibly Iran in the interview we have time we get we have to respect very. Interesting guy who I think you're asked to come back next week for it's really may be able to protect its managers brings mixed but you guys are like they'll meet. What we want me in my notes behind him. Is Dave and I love that Britain have. Roxbury man you know routes that result meant you know we in that reality airmen that Obama remember we ready to go straight to deter it means it. Let's go pats and they noted is. Ago that brother men on that he is still multi Edmonton street. Struggle in my life but I keep my head out and not do well have pushed but you know every day's a new day. Every these companies you know keep dictated a bit as good everybody. And anybody from BR. Men men's out so well managed are the street man. The blue Leo meant so tomorrow. Linux treatment resulted old Boston. You know we lived relied. My brother at the magnolia to you know put all the NC. Not to play on T. Going inside. Lot of shout out and analyze how I think a lot of shout outs and and who doesn't that they'll be shout outs that entire okay I'm sure yet everybody gets a shout yes it's like an acceptance speech now what did you ask canine about tax on the first question is according to a new study that number one US related historical event is why so what are we as Americans believe that number one historical event is okay. According to a new study that number one the US related historical event is what. The number line historical. Leave it would probably. See. Looked nice. I must say it's obviously sports. A good example on Thursday and and found him yeah. Newspapers. News articles. That moves you know now the news that basis these did that really that is gone did you know like I said. Once again is in come alive down right. They are very. Shut out the industry or that policy and all my all my six was seven I don't view watching the game what types of alcohol. Would you drink it got me more I've got me a fitness of and excellent book that again. On our like three of my boys and in a little bit McCalebb news. You know you got to keep the good medical brass. When the smoke enough last. You know. I guess it actually. You know blacks she you know eats. What do I eat I eat cheeseburgers French guys making though they are safe rides again. I hate all the good grub man you know. Everything out like is basically. Soul food acting C talk agent. You know other good food you know I'll read. You gotta you know these days ago. You know it is. A man smokes candidates about it. Exactly you may you may smokes and I wasn't marijuana like McEnroe yeah yeah I'm overvalued diet sort of you asked him Maxwell asked wanted to tell you I know the answer yet even Muster in at 9/11 Els it was. 9/11 now and then the second. Obama being elected new high interest and I would I would just admit that evolutionary what was coming out of the club and on yeah something like. That declaration of your and it's a it's pretty basic army spoke that we're really number or entities that the emancipation proclamation when he's a little bit and that right up there yeah yeah buckets of that doesn't happen Obama's not president Barack Steelers you know. And sports is massive but seriously yeah yeah yeah yeah well and understand what was your next question so the American Dialect Society came away 2016. Word of the year and I'll tell you what it is that some of the question it's it's actually freeze its dumpster fire but the dessert I'm. I've run a fire that's the word of the year learning okay your career ahead. Yeah that's so I just by basically an up and I asked him what does that mean OK I don't. The American dialect society's 2016. Word of the year is dumpster fire. What do they mean by dumpster fire. Don't blow let me. Let me let me break. Dumps the it. Down pretty. Straight pool Adam I guess in it's dumps. Lou that gasoline in them that. Read our heads threats audit gobs of audit and audit that means we'll put aside this is that everything goes in the dumps. Advocated. Eight is closed. And alcohol bottles in the range is. On track by Ruth you know Israel. His room. 617 all the way stand up. Standup it's excellent seven standup I'm thrilled about it. And it's real. Stay put and you could put evidence and that's not well why wouldn't you put the evidence in the dumpster fire I would add that if they have the authorities are nearby that's what I would do. Immense and not fire when it actually means is that it's a metaphor for a situation that's got out of control. Or was Willy handled okay dumpsters classify. The basically if I. I was running the board and something happened yes it cluster you could say this is an ounce while some are already saying on the tax line this bit is they had dumpsters it's exactly that I understand that everybody likes to hear women but it's the thought that I might try to bring in talking a little bit I hope this summit is anybody like politics I I guess some people delays at one on Sunday some people don't like at some people say it's accidental or senate are not nice young man week 339 text says that this dude is the man they really like canine. One in there. Finally Texas says this is not compelling. You know I mean people you Berkeley people to fill out all right they've been the could feel that way about all of your stuff that's. Good well I got one more I think it one more question on my action to our politics so to be the same society came out with the swing word of the year which is well. You bring you won't get woke you're well yeah and bloke he's notes when they love yeah I'll tell us what Morgan's. The same society. Also came out what it's slang word of the year the word is woke what do they mean by woke. And mean. You may want you sleep. So I mean quote at all. You ready you did a wash of space. Rush it to the tunnels and fresh. Being deaf residue you don't you've got eyes bright. You know I'll come and I'll fresh cut pressed gates as close as did. Love going to go it's it. He's. I got our that would that. I atom. Does that mean it isn't the end zone as opposed from mobile boots on. And religions. I would come out with you know what it is in we're. And I and Israel. With like he's now. Allison does her real allied to pick up that he's got kicks you know what does his wealth hearing your. And I hear rob yeah yeah yeah when you rob. If you may well you're asleep. Yet while he's at it. You know it's like cheese and dance yeah yeah well lit up if you if you want is viewing woke you asleep and I love you know and I agree. Act as a statement just had to Wear these that's okay but a witness and it might not understand by it all on and Honda Civic is an upgrade to some of us yeah. And I got back on that and got the ball he's got that he's got Patrice he's got the true religion's he's got objects is gonna win it without an ideal and it's about one last one and then making it the Olympics. According to a new study the number one searched word. When looking for one is why so this year a certain worm was looked for now on it it's done by porn problem fine and according to a new study the number one word searched when looking for porn is what. All of his leg and if you'll look with the boot. Amanda primo. You know you go to big blue arrows today noted walking around them site. Made decked arguments. Sexy bras and underwear on right at us well I like the big got to look at the radar. They'll come rabbi do we knew we don't know at bode. Duke earned a boo will alone that long. Matt. Gospels. So you're a strap the you go game rat in manage these certain. See large circle we're out the door but. But I'll go out to vote that's not to where they'll miss me real risk. I haven't got wrecked Roxbury. Kate and I think it was brought home you know. I have been Barack like. Love it I live and I just two majors now and just being nice and I don't Roxbury gee am I think he's elicit the guy's got a got a going on canine unit out booties yeah. What was really what I didn't even it's that the woke well just means you're socially we error enlightened via. So apparently yeah yeah yeah yeah you received it and now the lights okay and step mom. Let's were warned they always searching step mom was pretty. I'm that was number one step mom number two was lesbian and number three was steps that's that are young and not know before. It's now so I'm. Really late on your trip on extracting hard. Incidents that. All right I'll now we're gonna get we get we get through its picks and his picks for the weekend for the games are every game television is rob this world and Nancy he's going one for four okay the first one it's not with isn't Valencia OK Lindsay hour. Who do you think's going to win Seattle or Atlanta. I'm go I'm bill would add live America's Seattle played good last week almost straight quick. Outs of the ball. To the downs out. Dot dissolves then shot the broader credit jot them ourselves out to all my age now boys you know I'll be coming not Iraqis. Well and values and yeah Atlanta yeah. It was eighteen got you where they TO when they deal can we do right Dallas Green okay. Green Bay vs Dallas. I old. Now that agreement diverse. Oh but that's a real good game and oh and kind. Look we've talked about my decision. That's outlaws and rod spoke before on the yards. So you know. Who just live wherever they. Dallas Odom plays data. Note let the good. The good rookie cornerback. That the act and that rookie you know so does doing pretty good. Like you know. How would it gives him ride yesterday night Yahoo! ID lost one dollar. You know what I would go to three mile las Mumbai and wearable straight agreed bail out the way. You already know. All right greenback in the bank canine is picking marine bag and I am Pittsburgh Kansas City yes. Pittsburgh Kansas City. This very agency you know. Beer bought this by these and played pretty good though in my Amanda led mom bell he's been. You know but in the ball like it should it elect he's been doing you know also. You know kids in that they've got a good defense of mine Iguodala as you know. It is still live in you know like I declared a broad street will straight would victims didn't lose there. Can't believe Obama's do Labonte leg arm bell and the men have brought this vitamin of rocky which human you know we and I hope we play out. He's got a next team play we already know going to willingly. So that'd be on down there about his brother get ready Tom Brady in the path to become a hog every time like this domain never brought stuff. Knowing them all away. I can't tell who chose in the game I was at the battery and think yeah I think this is I think it's okay. It sound like at the irony is that mine. I'm we do I definitely say doing when we actually get his thoughts on the so he spent. Houston personal England home loan that told you already you'll cool. Tactic I've sewed it was. DB two the one of the best cornerbacks are at you know that we got. We got I don't Ramsey. Jim Jones. No we couldn't. It is got a little package. Our legal guys we've seen the past couple years that cute. So arguing that Matt dot atlas. Fox brought together had to stand tall man who talked about him at salt all mud Roxbury guys out the old man now we garment is not doing that. It wants them to stand up a goal of New England he'd be well let's go give it met. Didn't do it meant everybody else think they'll be good we go where does it mean to regarding the way you already know. Aren't in the paint completely or no part in the paint it laid an equivalent of Plato. Obviously Amanda I don't believe it. Has is Janet Chandler Jones has he been as Bill Belichick have in my playing wide receiver. America okay he's got to see how he's going out of necessity or what could earn those are keeping tabs I believe he picked. Italy and a Green Bay Pittsburgh and Pat's right yes absolutely we'll see absolutely shout out Foxboro you. She. Shot on anybody it's not diminish let's yeah Holland could push I don't want their job to 29 separate suburbs one in an advocate and I couldn't tell you that I'd like canine can he do the team's next weekend although I am I acting even if you wanna bring its you know so some of the stuff and but also get via expediency. And NFC team being punished them excellent in China more shouts from. Now around you know you know if you want to act as I didn't play this week. I am his comments on Donald Trump well and so I mean in an area for a Uga. Seems like you're gonna do you know these are there but I do like the tides about high school nice job great to see it just bad that is bad guys. Estrada wrote down to about food downfield John Latina as you shout outs and the revered. After repeated the yeah. Wasting town and counties all of them on. Oak island. See me and I don't in my time. First it's that he's got the out.