Social High Creator Experiences Two Forms Of Bias From The Courts

Thursday, November 17th

Social High App creator and CEO Scott Bettano is experiencing two forms of bias while fighting for custody of his two children.  The all to common bias against Fathers in Massachusetts and bias against his business and efforts to legalize recreational marijuana in the commonwealth.  Scott's children were taken from his stable home and put into an unstable situation with their mother despite a court appointed psychologist recommending the opposite TWICE!  The judge in the case also injects his personal beliefs about legal cannabis and Bettano's succesful and legal business.  Please listen to this interview and let your representatives know you want a change!


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Okay so we're here with Scott the Tonto my San aren't you sure are awesome and Scott runs an app called social high. And what you explain what that is is I think this is a great idea and money and a perfectly legal business right absolutely okay cool so what is this what is a social ideal. Social hi is a social media and a very similar to FaceBook it is essentially FaceBook for the campus community. It allows candidates and who's used to connect with other enthusiasts in their area learn about strained skeet educated about candidates. Newsom and judge frees own to talk about their loved. For the plan and to get educated and medicinal uses. And and so they consistently can share information about this so 11. A question for passes. This is already set up so this is great you can kind of rate dispensaries on their product and and stuff like that right and it's it's a good and it's great for the consumer correct it's great for the consumer it's great for businesses. What people don't know which traditional social media FaceBook Twitter mr. Graham. Are shutting down advertisement for Canada's businesses. Because it's still illegal the federal level. I'm so with the proverbial ship in international waters you know we're just advertising. And we allow businesses a platform to reach the candidates consumer and enthusiasts. We will have. Dispensary listings on their very soon smoke shop listings. I wouldn't have a spot from munchies so you can find a place to eat. We tied in with Lee fleece or you can actually look up strains and download strained entering get educated on the different streams in its medicinal uses and again all of this is legal actually 100% legal we are a media company. I'm just like FaceBook we have we don't allow any illegal activity on the app whatsoever we monitor very heavily. If we see any type of illegal sales we knew warn people but they're violating the terms of service. We give them a chance to correct their behavior and if they don't we remove them from the community. Now now the we have a little background on that and what you deal and allying even do in this war. I know it we started this in the beginning of 2015. To write a figure of 2015. Is when the ID year started to take shape. All right. Now I wanna give you the background on what Scott does. Because it's involved in a custody battle that he's going through with his kids. So you you have two kids correct and right now or Bob sorry let's start. You you had custody of them you at full custody of them. That's correct I was granted full custody of the children in September of 2014. I it had them on full time from June of 2014. I'm that they were granted a harmful physical custody to me now on a temporary basis as we went through our divorce. In September of 2014. Now the what was the reason that you got full custody. The reason I got full custody you can talk about I care I mean at the time harm their their mother was going for some substance abuse problems. She had been sectioned. The judge granted me full custody at the time. And remanded her two only supervised visitation. OPEC announcement because of substance abuse prompt correct all right so and you. You provided them with the home. You got them to school you did everything apparent showed. And January and that was going five that was going fine I mean I had them 24/7 and it wasn't a traditional. Single parent situation where you know the mother took. Visitation over the weekend I had them 24/7. O'clock you were the single parent. Like so many others in this country of salute. And then. What happened the judge came back now what brought now what what brought the Specter court. Well this was in court the entire time Tavis this was this was a continuation of our divorce slash custody here. So at the beginning of the hearing at the beginning of the case you know. Somebody had to be given custody of the children I had to see the children when we started when the divorce was filed. And he granted me full custody based on the temporary orders while the trial was going. All right so there you have full custody and then all of a sudden. The judge decides that you're not fit to have full custody. Because you're running the social climb out. It's a little strange because. As we went through the the custody battle for went about two years. And we finally got torque trial dates which happened in this past August. Every attorney that she brought it short terrible for them tried to attack. And what I do for a living saying we would like to remind you that mr. potato makes his living by running candidates act. Canvass app that connects people on the campus community. And at one point the judge even said. Or suppose if you combines it with Chinese food delivery and make a heck of a lot of money. And he joked about it in at times actually defended me. In saying because they brought up. Me being on stage at the Boston freedom rally back right 2050 which social I was a sponsor corporate and they even brought up. That in the judge as all the manners in awoken to free speech so I can't condemn him for having an opinion. In this is the way the trial you know went in the case was on the time. We finally went to trial she brought in new returning. And they started to Har Borg mean more and more about the business. Really picking apart that. You know. Starting to ask intricate questions saying you know you drawing a salary how much money as the business made you know really trying to to to pull it apart and I answered all the questions honestly. You know did the at one point they said you know. You're chasing a pipe dream is what her attorney said successful actually misses are raised half a million dollars in funding so far. Prices were on the verge of raising a little warm point five million. Listened in I've already turned down an offer to buy the company for five million dollars so while that sounds that's a pretty expensive pipe. To him yeah and a that the it's a little more than a tight tree America and I'm kind of on to something. What what happened what made the judge turn around now you. Now we're sitting here and you don't have custody of your kids correct arm as this went on to judge had appointed arm. Court appointed therapist. To do what they called reunification with the trek from their model and that's a common thing correct yeah and what they were trying to do was they were trying to. You know facilitate the children interacting with their mother again because they hadn't had a visit with her in a year and a half. So we went in and it's started slow and then eventually she moved to supervise hesitations outside the therapist's office. We'll just prior to the trial dates. This doctor was ordered to make a recommendation. For the recommendation. That said. The mother. We have concerns about the mother's behavior change problems setting limits with the children. She is not truthful she puts blame on everyone else for everything that is going on we have surged concerns about her ability to parent. At this time we cannot recommend anything beyond supervised visitation. We think a guardian of light and should be appointed hands she should take parenting classes. Net again this is the court appointed cycle quart or appointed psychologist correct our. So that report was introduced. As evidence. We went through two days of trial. Multiple times my attorney came to me and said the judge trying to get hurt to cut a deal so that we don't have to go to judgment. In saying that he wanted me to sign off on me having full custody. Her being allowed to have once unsupervised visit on the weekends and I said sure I'll I'll agreed that she wouldn't agreed with. And we were back and forth with this with the two days of trial. And when all was said and done my attorney said the last conversation was. Pieces he held up the paper from the court says I don't know these people from whole mobile. That's why a point it's specialists. I need to. I can't ignore us I need to do they say. Oh my attorney also said he goes peaking Reynolds said he doesn't like you he doesn't like what you do for a live. He says but we have that's specials paper he can't ignore. So we went on misery with basically the judge Morrison the court appoint a judge appointed this doctor rebels are. So we went on our merry way and we're just waiting the final judgment to come in the mail and all things pointed toward. Things staying the way they work me having full custody she might have gotten some picture visitation which it was fine with you know with the children they're perfect world what the children to know their mobile. So. What about our business. We have the Boston freedom rally coming out. This year social high was one of the top sponsors along with found in Boston smoke shop the party consultants experience creative. You know masking and let us come in and really put a twist on the rally this year. And we we packed the Carmen was close a 100000 people. You know all in a large effort to vote yes on four as you know the question fours on the ballot initiative in November. For recreational legalization of Massachusetts. So that was our mission was to get as many people out so we could drive the message home that we need to get out and vote yes on four. Rally was a huge success that you were there yeah Sar with your eyes it was current there on. Monday morning. When I should have been you know lasting no social meteor in thanking everybody for their participation. The 10 AM I got a call from my attorney in pieces. We have a problem faces the judge gave your ex wife for custody. And our hearts and what was the reason for that. When you went into his. Decision. The reasoning was an extremely clear he cited the fact that I have a canvas out. That he felt the lifestyle wasn't conducive to the children. He cited that he felt it wasn't a stable business and that wasn't sure if I was gonna make enough money to support the children although she makes no money and I can pay child support. Her right none didn't Yuri establish that. Move the UN offer for what five million dollars erect for for your business correct. Welcome to a throw that just to remind people that a guy. So. We went through in it was weird because if you read his findings and facts. My attorneys like I have to pay to read this ten times she says because the findings and facts he hasn't here. Or actually my findings and facts. It went through and it talked about not disrupting the children's homes lives leaving them in the most stable environment. And that's where they work. Was in the stable invite. And then. You know. Let's let's be honest one thing that he brought up to was my past criminal history. I know what is that just full disclosures and you you do it's in jail time yesterday from what was that for that was four. In 2012 I was raided by the DEA and caught with marijuana or kinks in New Hampshire and fifteen pounds of marijuana in my possession. And it's. Scott charged with and how much time do you spend in jail while I could extremely lucky. I did in ninety days incarcerated. And then I did a year on house arrest on electronic monitoring and the only reason I got away. The way I did is because of what do catastrophe. The New Hampshire district attorney's office was at the time the the DEA and teach the DA in charge was a gentleman by the name and Jim reams. Actually ended up being put under federal investigation around the same time I got in trouble so my case kind of satin. Whittled for two years. So now are you are you on any kind of probation now. My probation has done or prohibition was officially done April 30 of this past year. So you're you're done on probation if you had a stable home for the kids there and still this judge. Let you or X what was it is it's tax officially here officially ex wife Erica ex wife. Full custody kids now who she still how of it despite the the recommendations of the court appointed to what the doctor the judge appointed. So what so what does this is the sabaya is this the typical Massachusetts bias towards. Mothers or is this speak it mode did he say specifically was 'cause you ran the social high. Sort I think it's a little ball so we are an appeal right now. And part of the appeal process is you get the transcripts from the court and what's very interesting is. Multiple times he passed that myself from my ex wife leave the court. So he could address the attorneys. During those conversations now that I see the transcripts. The judge showed disappointment. In the fact that. The mother was not further along with her visits. He's like we've been at this for a long time my hope was that she'd be at its a point right now where could at least toward 5050. He says you know it's traditional to have the mother. You know in custody of the children. Is it's he said those words correct its traditional to have the mother and custody of the children yes. And then he will he says he looks at me in the courtroom. And sees that I have eaten my guys for my X which isn't good for the children but he he these are his work is were his words bunker. I'm but he also has he ever done a divorce before. Or as I know. I've seen the hate in the eyes of other series and I mean I'm I'm still marry but I'm just thinking of like the did the divorces that go through the courts here and it is that's the I would imagine a common thing. Well you know the thing uses. How to say this I mean. I try not to eat any you know rightly it's it's a wasted emotion to. However. When you're sitting in a courtroom. In your listening to somebody. Spew blatant lie. Lie have to lie about she. You know even when we were married. I took care those kids talked to bought from the day they were infants I was one I'll put them at night I was born changing the diapers. She just once she had a cute she completely shut down she has never been a model we figure this isn't something that just happen overnight. She has just never been a mother to those kids. And to listen to her. Lied to the court and try to tell them otherwise. You know you're gonna sit there and you're gonna make faces you're gonna roll your eyes you know. How we have someone running for president now it was a really good at that bright eyed and you know it happens. With supposedly the best of them immune system natural human emotion actually I mean how do you you know I answered my attorney s's I didn't know where the laugh cry or scream. You know races will next time we're gonna give you piece of paper and you're even that your head down and do America that are burned so. So now despite what the court appointed doctor said about her. Your kid how old are your kids by forensics okay and they had so they had to move in with the mother correct are taken away from. The home they've lived in for two and a few years aren't taken out of their schools. Taken out of their sports. Or activities. Taken away from all their family members their entire family lives in the in the area right do including her family so you you have a support system there too for a it was a family program all their cousins they have. You know six. Cousins that there with the all the time. And they were moved it's almost two hours a way up into the middle nowhere New Hampshire. And and not only that but home they were allowed to move into which was never inspected by anyone. Does not belong to her belongs to her fee amounts. Who this gentleman was just released firm. Jail or prison in July 2015 for cocaine traffic. OK so bill okay so. In all fairness you you spent time in jail so I did right. So there basically was that. Not considered by the judge of the judged not know this or is that something that you can't submit as evidence that was submitted as evidence it was brought up. In the question and it's in the transcripts the judge was made for where of the situation. And you know. To reach a room everybody makes mistakes I made mistakes. Our point was if you wanna bring up my past. Then the past of the person they're going to live with passed away in his. Right as they're gonna have contact would would that person. All the time now correct. Now how is that going can you comment on how like what your kids are saying or you know wanna talk about. You know I don't know you don't have to but you know they that the kids are strong kids. They're doing well. They wanna come home the express that every day to me. They express it to their model. Which. If she had the best interest of the kids in mind you know I don't know mother that would keep children in an environment they don't wanna be an arm. Their school that they've moved to. When you look up the readings of the school the school the room before was you know number 34 in the state at a seven to where was this this was consumed Hampshire welcome. Had a overall rating of 78 out of a possible under. Schools they move to now is number 111 in the state and has an overall rating go. 41 or something of that nature. Do literally living in the middle towards you know and they they don't like. They they don't wanna be there. And so whatever the kids say. That doesn't that they can't what are they say isn't considered in court not not at this age. When. Or guardian ad line item is appointed. At that time the guardian ad line item will speak to everyone involved including the children and they can sometimes take. With the kids have to say into account. I'm however that was one of the recommendations of the therapists as well. Let's look a little deeper into this what's appoint a guardian of light them if you have concerns about it and they didn't dish gentlemen and they didn't go for a single for the on the one of the last things the judge said. Arm on the record was. Call me old fashion. And I'm quoting Paul meal fashion. What he does being a conduit for marijuana users. Flies in the face of custody. He says you know what he's doing is illegal some not telling him he can do that. He can't do that but you know. It's it's a personal it's a personal. Creation rights of it's it's his personal. Feelings is rehearsal which is supposed to keep on the correct. So especially when you have that many facts and premium. Yup summary faxed to the to the opposite are now. So what so you're an appeal now we are an appeal now. So with appealed. You know there is a single person I've spoken to this turnaround said to me. You know. That this was a right decision. No person seems to think this was the right decision was my ex wife and did you try to right now you think that it's because of your. Do you Temps or do you think it's because of sole figure app social by being involved in the freedom morality. 'cause you you kind of miss some like after you go back from the freedom rally he came to this after the freedom rally happened he came to this decision. Something happened. From that last day of trial. To date he made the decision. And it's. You know. Osama Wiki conspiracy theorist. You know I've been very vocal about my support of yes on for now. Social hi has been my entire team has been. You know we fought very hard to add to the point where you know have gotten involved with some debates with high ranking officials on social media. Both Charlie Baker Mahdi Walsh. We've gone back and forth with a ball. You know in logical arguments you know they. In the afraid of getting into virtual console console and alcohol doesn't destroy families now inaudible you know now. Well you know to be fair alcohol doesn't destroy families but people abusing the people abusing alcohol destroys families right you know I've never heard of me. Enough enough and you know what to be clear. Legal or illegal you can get access to anything you want. Heroin cocaine destroys families I have never heard of family being destroyed because somebody smoking too much marijuana. Right. You know as as a father. You know I I don't smoke it like I used to. But I still do I still partake in. But I still support question for. And you know wall sometimes I fear my child. Because she's a little crazy you know it's just. There there are parents out there who do. Smoke animus or consume candidacy and can still be responsible parents. Absolutely and now you you were mentioning that in there and questioned for there is something that that it will help you. We their situation. That because there there's verbiage in question for. Which goes on to protects. I Canada's entrepreneur wars people involved in the Canada's industry in even patients where your children. Cannot be removed from your custody. Because you were active in the business you have a job in the business or because you've plant growing at home right. Because. It's it just feel like somebody that works at a brewery or. Owns. Alcohol distributor write it believe DC if coming into your house of being able teach your children because it was a Paul wine on the right right yeah. And in this story equated to a lot of time optional lot of parents like myself. Now I have since been smoking because of child costly thing they have drug tests and mean numerous times and I've passed a retired. I'm. Look for me I you know I'm not a recreational. Let me smoke every day kind of smoker if and when I smoke. I have chronic insomnia. Every sleeping pill would have given me doesn't work. He leaves me dragging the next day. And you know a little in the current night helps me sleep. In a same remain for the for the parent who did. They'll shut the voices off long enough for me to get the sleep. Browsers if that's a lot of people go to bed at night and it's anxiety it's like it did I do this they do this right I'm thinking I'm thinking I'm thinking you need to shut that off because you need sleep. You know to get obsolete whatever you gotta get done for the day and so yeah I use of for the same exact re. Mostly so in why is that. You know in my book because teaching is fat soluble. You know. You use your smoked three nights ago you know 10 o'clock at night when your kids are in bed and annually down to go to sleep right no harm no fault anybody. However you're drug tested by the court two weeks later that teach she shows up in your system right in your deemed as an unfit parent. Whereas there's probably parents out there who were taken some kind of pharmaceutical. Exactly you know that's that's. Just you know nod but not as bad for their bodies but their mind you know and it did they wake up with a hangover ball like that but just even apparently you know. Just the parent that sits down with a glass of wine at the end of a long hard right you know which there's nothing wrong nothing wrong with that it well you know arming anyone now I don't judge you for. The court certainly don't judge for. But imagine that I mean if you're out there do listening to this and use your on the fence about questions for. Imagine you're a glass of wine after kids go to bed right and then two weeks later he can be deemed unfit parent because you read that class or you come home and you crack a beer and have a would dinner and frying your kids. On the outs that's nothing to you know. I've had arguments were people who like we'll teach or pocket for your kids and when Miller actually not now but I've seen you. Drinking and having beer pong tournaments or for your cute right here. Fourth of July party right alcohol has become whole slam socially acceptable right. If you know is as part of our culture and we think nothing about exposing our children's at a young age. And they are though there I mean that they are from you know. And not just in person but an advertising and in media movies music stuff like that so. So your appeal now. Obviously there's the Booth via all too familiar bias against fathers. And in Massachusetts say you're dealing with the new and then now. You've got a bias from this judge. Because of the business you run social high now let's mention the fact this judges retired. He retired he was there a time in a week to week after the decision does that have any effect on your case. It does not. You know it's going into appeals the only thing that may factory in is. You know mr. torn what do bank apparently I'm not the only victim of his bias. Towards father's I mean I have the candidates thing to deal with on top of it. But I know a number of people. That there have been a plethora of appeals wild and his judgments over the last. Last sixty days of his ten year. I'm so maybe I get lucky in the appeals court sees like okay this is another one his cases maybe we need to take a closer look at us. You know. It just there is just such a clear bias against the dads and race him point. Two and a half years two and a half years and it's all physical Kosier those kids. Do you think she was ordered to pay even a dime in child support. Not a dime but they won I handed over the kids you over every week. That's an Armon story. You know it's so it's such a double standard. Well I. You know I. I wanna help. I wanna help you. But I don't know if you can't visit legally people can't really can they help you in any way. How does that happen. Oh you know legally we're dealing with the court system the appeal process is is is going to be the best avenue for me however. This is far bigger than me this is such a problem in our society. With father's at deserve equal parenting time. It sets a dangerous precedent for anybody in the canvas industry not just here but many others. Thankfully there's verbiage in you know question for that addresses this right so that will help people going forward. But if there's anybody out there listening. I urge you friend reminder that this morning. Yes similar custody case I'm bias against him. Pays the mother 18100 dollars a month she refuses to work she uses that as a paycheck which dirty clothes on the kid. Lives in a basement. In her grandparents' house. Spends all her money on. Ridiculous stuff in the cute it's not and he wrote to senator this morning and he got a reply. And if you write your senator and say hey listen I'm an advocate for equal parenting time. I'm an advocate for equal rights for father's. Maybe just maybe we can push 2% change in the state. All right. Discovered Tahoe is he runs the apps social high. And I really appreciate. He's taken a time this is this is an important story get out there not just for. Pro legalization people in the bias that. You know obviously the quarter showing you but also for father's here in Massachusetts as of all it's just of unfortunately an all too familiar story. Was a lot of. Custody cases in honestly emotional lose sight of the fact that. The children are really the ones suffering right children being taken out of good homes. Being forced to live in sub par conditions. Because there's this fiction that. They should it's live and stay with the mother. The majority of the time. When they could be living in better environments that could be living and missed the can be going to better schools systems. In a lot of this is you know in this is at all case you know right there there are some. In apps leaf fantastic single mother so there ya want Sulu on soft yeah that gave no help from anybody that I tip my hat to every single day. In and those women are to be amended they are they're up there with some of the finest people on this earth. But more and more. You know you're seeing. Kids support in awful situations. You know just a few weeks ago we see a woman. Owed. Wal-Mart it's all over the news and two weeks later shares or child packed. On their states of its disgusting article shared from New Hampshire last week. Where the grandparents got custody of two children that were being. Sexually abused by the parents. And New Hampshire actually has the came know in their DC way apps and what we feel sex offender should get a second chance. I just have no words aren't. Well Scott I appreciate coming and telling your story. And discovered tomorrow against runs a social life. The app you can check that out through excellence they cubic.