Signs Of The Apocalypse - Kids Can't Tell Time

Wednesday, March 15th

An Oklahoma City Boys and Girls Club is teaching kids to tell time. Because 1 in 5 kids can’t tell time on an analog clock.. Will our reliance on technology doom us all?!?

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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. It is 755. And nine mentioned that. Because we are learning today. That apparently kids in the United States of America. Have absolutely no idea. How to tell time. This is now byproduct of the digital area yes again this idea and so. There is a in Oklahoma City. There is a Boys and Girls Club. Where they are partnering. Where is a discount to watch company. To give participants. An analog watch so that they can learn how to tell time I guess just in case. I mean when we get the zombie apocalypse or are. I mean these. Not really the robot uprising because I'm sure that it did everything do originally will be working fine but should there be some kind of a catastrophe. It would be nice is that that we all knew how to read and an analogue clock against our watch but also nicest kids could read script and they can't do anymore because again and that person definitely yeah but apparently only. One in five kids. And Oklahoma City. Why I know how to tell time while from an analog clock girl watch so they Siad they've decided to give them away with the Boys and Girls Club and my daughter learned they gave out like little cardboard fake clock yes. To do that in school and school area and and edit the question like why don't they just use the clocks in the road they still have the old school clocks Walt. 90% of those don't work Z that's made a project and now Oklahoma what would be priority number one as a parent what to teach your. About a time in I think if you think of it anymore you know I mean. I learned how to tell time on a sun dial. I wish was. And you know. Ice I I call foul on this is your shadow obscure the entire clock face and he. And I can't opposing did you expect that it doesn't I was jacked back then but I mean. I guess it is something that he used to learn in school but I can see why. If everybody I mean everybody has an iPhone everybody has and clubs parents exit I mean everybody has. The digital clock on this though over the job and then there's just no. There's like no analog clocks really around and we must not like not like everybody is. Turning in you know eighteen and saying to there to there are friends I gotta get myself a grandfather clock to put out a nine and the 48 united I was irate. This is Caitlin cards. Who works for the Boys and Girls Club in Oklahoma City. Every Wednesday insisting that building I'll have tablets and cellphones. So they don't really have to look at a clock very often. That's analog only about 20% of kids say it helped when I was trying out. And now is something that we Larry I don't know if that makes me old or not. Yes you're old at thirty year whatever you are talking niner I mean. If that we should focus armed. Some of those things in school thirty I think we should you do deaths come just because I just think Jason Gore I think things will. You know yes it's very easy to do things with technology these days but I think that were essentially creating a dummy society because people can't learn how to. Problems solved and reason BK that was a whole thing about when you learned how to tell time you had to reason and be like okay this is here. That's there it's it's just teaching your brain how to do certain. I just I don't live on your phone that's problem solved in your current crop I don't you hate it but that's. That just set the record producer reliance on technology though I think that you need to develop certain skills that it's not just about being able to read the face of a clock or watch an analog form. That skill translates into being. Able to do other things because you learn how to reason that we are not figures. Things cannot flummoxed. Like if you have a problem. You're not in the prone position right. Flummoxed and unable to to try to do do do anything other than threat all. Your parents or or or an authority figure and asked them figure it out for you yes right yeah. These things are all critical in India in brain development in learning how do you. Figure things out and then learning other skills on top of that assault assault. I mean I'd I just think it's. Why when he didn't wondering need to know how to use a Jack can change a tire because all you do is hit on stars sometimes have to do would form I don't know my wedding it's not something hightower but it but it seems like another good is that up and down a bad thing. Whether I can honestly break yeah. There might be kind of whether or not is there right Iran yep I he's still gonna be a approvals linebacker for somebody in the NFL tech. Knology is not Wallace we hit seen this with your multiple iPhone alarm failures we see across the board. When there's an outage on like Amazon. Web services just had a massive outage the week before last I think our website up affected him. Everybody's platform there and the did you go on how to fix it instantaneously. Know they won't give people they'll. You just you know being in India. Now I'm not you're so it then pulled will a lot of French class pull a lot of class that's about double talk about them like you understand. Now he don't but a. All this it's great I get that you would you want everybody be able to know how to do everything and gamble's kids without kids are gonna have the noticeable because of the other and and then when they see it don't well I know I know I'm sorry I don't. Agree that I disagree technology I'm not buying all of us you blush might not every other so it's okay for that. For the kids and let's don't operate until. Then it is yeah why he can you try to tell me that. Listen all I'm doing this and and being Smart Norton you know I'm I'm not your not inside. Yeah trying to do my well I'm not letting technologist I want you just think you might say only. I'm the moment that I'm making your point. Then your column you don't but you can't have it both ways I'm saying. That you need to learn more skills an aptitude solid and just general lying right on and. Technology. That is prone to be similarly narrow when you didn't and soundly in Britain arraignment I think that you're making good point which is that. When you are just relying on technology. There are obviously things that go Enron and then you're up. S.'s creek writes if you can't figure it out for yourself. Right here like for instance if you email goes down. And ears. Liked 21 and you don't know how to open an envelope like dialysis that won't you don't not a lick an envelope and I guess you don't know always that way what the mailboxes that you won't be able to and that important document and right right exactly yeah. Yeah the way Lyndon. Don't think I forgot the you've been doing those brain exercises on that app on your films as loves so much and so don't sit there and tell me then I'm an idiot that. I'm an idiot I just about you you you you want you're taking you want to needed to yes because technically savvy you can't beat your tire been like yeah I can't stop but you can't be entirely reliant on. Kids now that are incredibly technology savvy now are stupid and and and Kent Kent. Live their lives happily and successfully I am telling you use a technology not just look out apple and it's not about being done it's about the fact that all these things. Are vigilant and therapists. You sound like and he entered the hall well equipped with full. The key thing hatfill had lost Oakland when he not even I can solve any problem any time goes let's do calculus two riveted shall we want what I need to do a calculus derivative start my car the but I don't yeah I might work what where when Jews calculus of outs here at Harvard there's a problem and here's the problem. You get kids that are reliant and technology so they learn. How to read digital clocks they learn how to be reliant on their iPhone and you Xeon started it to a company to come. The problem is when their car locks freeze over this morning when they have the push button that and treat I think when your key fob gets closer you get the button on the candle and they can't get into the car and they can't figure out how to do this sounds like you sound like your grandmother is 1520 years ago is it's all right now we'll I want I walked known my dear hey I'm middleweight. You're right yeah about nipple statue and what. This is. Why some people would say we don't need to bother what you're saying LB is. Is like saying we don't need to bother to teach math anymore because everybody has a calculator. On there on their phone cell. Though and too many wasn't. I think about that all the time because. In all be using that kid calculator on the I phone to figure something out third to do with so whatever it is. And I think to myself while this really known need you get who lulled into it. Saying there's really no need for anybody bother with a Matheny right because why would you ever needed but when it's EPS when it goes down you know what to do brightly it's like GPS. Regular people hated people don't know how to. Figure out where they harbor where they're going that if you got a few and far between India while other hundreds of millions and of other people of the world use it for a well see yeah but the numbers are not right for instance like who won only one out of five kids. Knows how to figure out in one time a few sediment and meet you at quarter six they'd go. Oh yeah wireless. In accordance with what. You. Oh my word to mean personal mobile or my moments of ours posted in mom hello John. What's up John. I would in that they've got guys. They have this seat yes if you people come out the other side you know what I've worked so hard how to get here. I don't understand why keep my phone has been working quite. At that doubt and that is basically what do you say you have to know how to get around even with the road start today yes although it could they're looking over. They're EPS for the boys and how to get there. Right there's that armed. Here's the text that says. I work when the 24 year old who can't make it into work today because he can't figure out how to get his phone to shovel is. Mara OK okay all right and it's is hitting back at her partner. Hello nick. They're good morning guys what's up. Not much I just wanted to point out that I gotta I gotta do without the on this one Danielle our futures stand by. LP that they liked it nowadays they're learning different things from what we grew up where when we were kids like they might know how to program from software that we don't know how to do but you're saying they come out a mock the cockpit of that stores trumpet. Unison you need to do you need to know how to do math in order to program software with its now I'm not ready to race. Understand that there were out these quiet that. I think what you're alluding to is that there are learning different things that maybe we don't understand nowadays yet there. Probably that they probably don't learn and I would guarantee you that if you asked. I'd kids of a certain age. Which you know which direction the sun comes up bin in which direction I got a text from or a Raj my I rash colonoscopy doctor. And he said that he works with the younger people now who have no idea. That the sun comes up in the east and center right that they don't need to figure that out for direction purposes now I. If god forbid. You're out on a hike with your with your beloved dog Kobe. And you take a wrong turn in the lower -- -- a man and you don't have your cell phone isn't working in your GP US so you're you're trapped out there without any trail mix it's going to be a severe problem an it audit trail mix I bring a giant vat of trail mix with me when I'm walking with Colby just sounds nice stuff that's just. And if you can stop doing your math you can realign your iPhone. I and the other preparers when the S it's the fans we'll be banging down our doors and I'm going to say no you cannot come. All right well interesting one in five. Of the younger generation don't know how to read a clock and Yuri watch. And tell analog time. It is 807. 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