Sebastian Bach - 18 And Life On Skid Row

Friday, December 16th

Heavy metal singer and Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach calls into the show to speak about his legendary career, as well as his new book 18 And Life On Skid Row!

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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. But we have yet another guest on the show this morning and I believe. That our next guests. May have purchased a vehicle from Paul Geary of extreme. Sebastian Bach is joining us right now here on the show and I think that it good morning how real. How do you know. I believe it was we were talking during the breaker and reds it was back in the day was it was on cribs I think he's that is that right. All OK I may or may not be in my new book eighteen to type on Skid Row and stories now. Yes that a lot of and MTV cribs. I just got it. I can tell Leo listeners right now I'm in studio city California and it's six so the good. Yes or caucus Rolex. It's probably. A lot warmer there than it is here Sebastian. Yes I did raining and that that's pretty pretty rare occurrence it's like although we'll escalate what is that. Speaking of at a glance yeah. Enough next week the silly I wanna find out what kind of appalled your race car what kind of car was at the bottom. Well I would actually. Booed. Exact. Second car I ever bottle in my life. There's very cool car. I still Israeli nefarious skid well album broke an extreme weather. Around that I like extreme and I became friends with one of their first record. And pol ice said look at her car in Louisville my lawyer has the car as it was eighties. Seven iiroc. Bodies would that 89 Corvette. Engine. He. And you drove it down from Bob didn't pictures really and I bought at very. Exactly ten grand I remember. And it was used. That was 1989. And I have fond memories of that car. Think you know I give it credit in the book because you're honest and eat in and you you you talk about everything. And I you know it's interesting EEU. When you reflect back you think about. Dayton where. You you got to where Skid Row got two and then you talked about. Losing your home and all that how do you how do you get through law does somebody get to all that and lived to tell about it. Well. You know it's based dynamic in the book is for every good saying like there is kind of flipped sides do it. But I think everybody in life probably. Kids can have that same kind of experience you know everybody has that complicated life. But he had I was pretty awful after grunge. Is after getting kicked out of the bandit dropped idol addict record it and still Collins. Did I do AM TV it has still rock and Ed but then I get my house is straight they heard it. I like we're at right were really really easy. Area yeah. I have to deal now. But we probably are we are stopped to deal with that a lies that completely shock. So maybe that's why people are related book. Of policies that. Do you let do you run into do you run into. Like female groupies that you may have met early on and and now it's been awhile you don't remember them as is goes like this you know that there's a lot of the boxer in this book by the way. Well if they're right back thirty years. Worth of stuff in here. And it's been so long really and I've been. Like that that it doesn't happen very often if at all these days. It would be an expanded the egg as that it did. Just rode a forty weekend. Well you know I didn't so many. Concert that's what the music industry is these days. That's kind of like a Broadway true role when I'm on the road literally go on the bus. To this stage to. Does so is about to this stage to decide to because as of two. Opted to. Do anything else. So it's as much. I think it is the fact of government as the other is definitely had on the age. These wind you'll but when I know our. What are you. Already concert. It's substance over like in seven countries so as well but not including this in days. Book tour which is menthol. And when when you are recognized. Now you recognize more refers skewed rower for Gilmore Girls. Right at this very moment in time the Gilmore Girls. Let that in Canada. And air its Trailer Park Boys. And our guys who are amazing. Which is. Different completely different she. But their boat their vote by Netflix which is pretty odd. Let you know I gotta say you guys. Your guys and bottom of that option radio station. I'd be asked and a lot of air miss. History is in this book because we opened up the whole com tour. Thank you and got to include my own personal. Pictures. Today that. With all that he is Erez. They're not the best issue in the world. My I think moment camera. And it is just kind of put that out. Of stories about that that that aero co op. And I love. And. I tour I mean you think about Skid Row opened up bird Bon Jovi Motley Crue will. Sound garden Guns 'N Roses. And hey and you go back up there. Delgado didn't open for. Oh yeah OK yeah absolutely that that's out to be so let's look at that straight right now. That he did that story right now. Well blue book lit the book is called eighteen in life. I would Matt I don't. Remember if you addressed in an odd that you're speaking in Massachusetts there was. One ad goes like a famous incident in Springfield I remember where you get a camera what happened is somebody through its to a bottle like yourself like that you member of the. Well I certainly do and I. Certainly addresses that it is anybody's been station and edit. That is completely adjusted. Not the most fun thing to talk about them. The violence on about right now I say Greg to say good I don't wanna talk about a guy that I get the book. I've bravery. The idea is to read about it and I don't have to talk about. I clouds called eighteen in life on Skid Row and Sebastien markets great to have you on bull will watch you on Gilmore Girls. Trailer Park Boys endlessly on Broadway and I. Thank you very much these guys. I'm in thank you very much happier on his man it's 915. There's a guy who's led a very very interesting life.