Ryan Newman 2017 Season in Review

Monday, December 4th

The Cup Veteran earned a win early and made the 2017 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Playoffs.


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As a front for the final five. Five to garlic season in review for Ryan knew minutes. Was it a successful 117 seasons for the veteran but tell us that fell off I felt O ever Richard Childress racing. I am look. I'll tell him like Camping World 500 at Phoenix raceway I'm Tyler Burnett in the contracts from remotely networks race fans. Visit camping world of Concord for complete your one stop shopping on Al Gore accessories top brand RVs and quality service client RB and enroll in the good Sammy elite royalty program. Hopefully incidents valued at over 2000 dollars. Browse over 101000 Camping World products and accessories in America's largest RV dealer network plus shop for top manufactured statistical monkeys don't newborn Ford Motor coach Winnebago and many more America's number one RV dealer has something for everyone hit the camping world of Concord today to see you perform these deals and disclaimers. Drug cantor and NASCAR USA is giving one lucky listener a trip to the 2018. Daytona 500. We'll tell you the country music artists to perform amateur driver who won the Daytona 500. You tell us what year it happened if they Daytona 500 re why you log on Ameren dot com. Flash NASCAR USA we hear it. The entries like the deep tailspin for tickets for the Daytona 500 call 1800 pitch up or visit Daytona 500 dot com. Ryan Newman won early in the 117 season winning at Phoenix in the spring to lock himself and the one in seventeen playoff. The winds snapped a 127. Race winless drought. That stretch back to his brickyard 400 win in July of 4013. He just completed its fourth season with Richard Childress racing and believed when he seventeen it was a pretty. In year amid successful for us to give Victory Lane weak spots along so close especially by 2014 in the picture we can we had there. So yeah it was that was successful relative bystanders. What I wanted to we're being successful with a definitive head that's bright lights and and definitely more of lectures. Sometimes you gotta have those years of small games that are nor they have years of victories and future human who turned forty on Friday that he does play a factor in the success united as. On the racetrack I don't think that's the case I think I mean I understand and map room. Mentality but I think. No matter couldn driver is whether it's based solely had her rambling. Eric Jones. Those drivers have so much experience driving. That they're not just young they're young in expert. Granted you know being four years older even older. A little more experience. I don't know if that experience. Is exponential moving system. Wartime. And how you learn how fresh this times is equally as good if not better. Newman win in a playoff berth only has been more motivated to return in 48 team of the Purdue graduate from South Bend, Indiana is hoping to win what would be his first career cup championship. Next season. From Concord, North Carolina I'm proud of that. In his contract. The most recent.