Robot Uprising - Sex Robots

Wednesday, September 13th

The Robot Uprising could leave us without the Opportunity to repopulate. 


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I can't send more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. She hit ready to go out to your road blocks over Lawrence. The robot uprising this time. Well I think we. Have to induct this guy in to the man in town hall of fame additionally for what is going line. With his sex robot. And his wife. Yeah but there's a guy in England. Who did an interview over there. And is talking about he is the sex robot. Samantha yes Samantha and apparently. He and Samantha Morton and his wife are very happy yes and there having. Three Saddam's rule app free ran at three random now. This guy is by the way this couple has children yes. And during the interview. That they're conducting. On television the guy is with the sex robot hand the kits. Robot sits at the dinner table with ya. Samantha. Is what does she hot dogs the long wire well I'm on it's it's that it's having. I prefer to have a prayer twenty year old boy ill and I like to mix it with vinegar to ruin it. Are you. Now he's not a man you know not a jesuit goes on in the skies estimates. But what earth what's his name his name is aaron's squire airing a RR a and in case there was any airing Tehran kind of confusion there. And he and his wife. More on with Halloween film on I TV over an Ingle and polian fail all lay the holy in Phil's show them it morning film. Right cheerio. Happy day hall late. Kids. All right let's take a listeners. You can switch their over to the family united a more and have a sitting on the sofa amongst the family yes yes my children as they say what Samantha so she can be home. You just Oscar for example tell us about your children sure that's something that in an up and how old are betting on that targets it set and they also machines. Yes have a say on post in the car they really they really enjoy tennis hello. The mechanic and announced after a nice fit for man that died that he has Texas. And it's not just a plumbing. Is that not is another bit. Thanks. And I think the world's changing. Really don't the kids are kids confused when some on the catwalk the next morning because. Mean Jim. But it's especially rough night with ready. The great thing about sex and violence is there all the right airport I mean yes. That pretty thing is if you watch the video from the shell. The giants sitting next in the sex or Latin she's got her own weird little hand on his plane he'd get her hand his hand on her need. And it's just some weird. Bruise and toppled them. Thing I don't know I mean I got to ask. I want asked the married people who are listening. Not the eighteen did when he fired growth as we found out yesterday you don't date forward like sex but. EB. Would you. Have the sex Roma and make the sex robot apart. Of your feet and he has this couple that he can text on the text line you can call. Now if you have a sex robot at home you have to set the same kind of open relationship stipulations that you do with human like it or not gonna talk about what I do with Samantha and when you're in the room we have to make sure we pay equal attention to each other more. You're gonna watch what I do arise I mean yeah jealous of the sex where she. Can you GPS directions while you're having sex with a sex or apparently and in the end of the problem is that the robot only knows where you are. I noticed you and Kim went for dinner tonight without me I happen to pollen Hoover using my brain and I've wanted to Jain. Yes I'll have the steak tartar. Your reference. On this the movie Lars and the real girl who wouldn't mind Gosling. No wonder what he does yeah and he lives as parents basement and he incursion to date Indians of buying one of these real L'Oreal and doing. Exactly having dinner when they take driving around town and. Hope for that. Assists for the go rod dog with the six foot locker only that it's. Firstly if they read it it's one on one previous owner Kerry got and you don't want to I want one who get out of my one used this is you don't wanna wait for the price to go about it this thing used. Let's see here is. Several is 50 wait text absolutely non. I've been married seven anyone Texan married five years Amal set with a row blood humans are better. Here's a 508 Texan wife of twenty years here where can I get one. Well but would you what would you have the male sex robot at dinner with the I don't. Does this excerpt I kicked patty with a wife like if she if she knows she's brought into replace collectively recognize that the presidential like. Sex for about comes in the white brushing your teeth and all the sudden it's like. Hello Carol. You know I noticed a flicker in Europe I the other day I understand this was supposed to be neutral but. I think I'm finally getting to yeah. It's like Rebecca do morning and Hannah pops the great demo I'm nursing the dawn. That have wireless charging like he would like the iPhone so I hope so in case during the threesome that you can't charge we haven't act Clint. When the lights still on the exit they got exactly how it's a big guys finished Bryant is that it was hey hey that's my thunderbolt port you're going to have to buy me dinner at first. I didn't and wow it's amazing. Here is 617 text from a female married three years this is horrifying. Leave your creepy doll in the closet with the rest of your secrets and don't have it sitting out on the couch with the kids. I own and only family dynamic the family dynamic is changing in America and soon we will all have robots that are up parts of our family this is the robot uprising in this is Brian good morning Brian. Yeah Shiite. Yeah. Hey Greg I just bought my way I used dishwasher yeah article. About wrote it up set up. Opened up a little little water. And it dirty water leaked out of it. And Ed I'd hate to bring home use a. Gotten. Do it on. That you have to go. Yep LB he's not someone that you're you're right Greg this is the elimination of the human race between the sex robots and the I generation not wanting to end date perhaps sexism. That it does human race will just eventually die out you know some may be worth we're not thinking in the term were thinking like terminator and commander with guns and stuff. This is a much slower more missed it this way of getting rid of the human race. It's really it's that's there giving them what the serving the interest that I.