Robot Uprising - ROBOrdello

Thursday, October 19th

Today's Robot Uprising report comes from Germany where they are opening the world's first robot sex bordello!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Send more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. She did ready to bow to your road blocks over Lawrence. Robot uprising this coming cyber times systems. Terminator. Are around the water. What's the there's actually a couple robot uprising stories today and I will remind you. That I am the leader of the human resistance hash tag resist the robots they're coming to get us they're going to catalysts and I guess the first story is from Germany yes. He. First. Robot sex brothel. Is going to be opening in Germany with robot sex doll. How the place is called. Board all. Combination of bordello and doll. Our Rick Kelly it was just really an S NAND type joint. But when the owner started looking into buying the sex robots he found that there is actually a lot of interest of people just to do. Basic sex. It traditional now traditional style and invested eleven dolls different heights hair colors and breast sizes. One of them. She'll appreciate this is made to look exactly like a blue haired Japanese anti character. I'm on us. Now our older. No no no I'll know a Japanese elevate borne disease say blue Herron shoot I don't know I immediately think of grandma I understand it's so it's going to be a hundred dollars an hour if you liked this morning came with a sex or needs an hour right and we can be ten minutes. And them all sat and blessed a hundred bucks for a yeah. Get paid beautiful. Let me is probably not even a legal. I'm around me I could we have these brothels and in the US. I mean the fact is I yeah prostitution high rent. Amino insistent I would assume we're gonna open one metre great. By the way I brought the brothel me senator Hudson yes well. The brothels in Germany are awesome really yeah I do like pubs. Yeah you want to NN there's a whole pot Berrian Oliver cruises are on the bar and yet have a couple of cocktails Jabber checked out the man and we ought to think. How it works and all know is definitely a Corel is a legit question is an urban no problem in electrical Rowley area we say you mingle in and you pick one Angela yeah it's like you know it's Saturday it's it's really where'd you want him it's it's a red lightning and there's a red lights or you know she's a brothel yet so you watch him it's a whole public area I am. I am saying rooms upstairs reread. What was it like when you've got rejected you're the only. He checked the Baja yeah. The world did yeah it might not like you know you know never leaving Malden. I think when this sex brothel opens up in Germany. That there are gonna put all of the Germans from Germany. In jail. Well very very interesting genius yeah I mean I would think that this would be a thing in the United States sooner than later you bet. It I mean people would probably be. Outraged but it doesn't I don't think that's a crime the crime the crime prostitution is. Newman in human girl for sex later you'll be judged in the robot courts. Well yeah. I don't picket wanna be of maintenance man and then there's places as several techsters are saying you. By the way taxed it's like obscure reference it's like the bar and watch world. The saloon. Analysts world me with the conduct. If it weren't there was I think it was only I don't know to me you wait forever while and it does an excellent time. Our eighth and then. Continuing in this vein. There is. A warning that experts there are issuing with regard to. Packers. And I mean can you say the name of the the thing on on the show what about. I hope you just did this and so I think I'll get there there are our experts are issuing a warning. That that particular item. Is primed for hacking AL and they had you about life and in my out there who you right. You don't know I don't wanna back complicated isn't it really not it's not it's so it's Bluetooth enabled so that you can control the speed all the vibrations Jai racing because it's one of the ones and moves around. And tell the world you know how. But it could be hacked could be can't end that would be quite a surprise and no that would be like landing a drone in the Enron got there is as the code was mentioned earlier on the show so just and. An Italian security researcher named Giovanni Bellini and in a friend. Came up with the idea hack be sex toy as a joke like via their laptop though let's see if we can hack into the Bluetooth capabilities on it and make it move. And they did cowboy all right well be careful. If that's what you're doing this weekend room. Tires him out. Just please if you have feared that can Apple's least hit a focal estimates for virus protection Israelis doing anything inflatable that is really really a concern really and the state and.